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  1. Do the additional FOST dice count as character dice? For effects of Pacify or Vandalize? Also, if Phasma or megablaster is removed, do the FOST get removed? Thanks!
  2. Now in second edition, can you spend a focus during an attack if it does nothing? Asking for Garven. Didn't see anything in the rules saying no, but for some reason was thinking that you couldn't. Thanks!
  3. So if Lando lands on an asteroid or debris, but fully executed the blue, he can still do his free action, right? Second to that, if Lando does a blue through or onto debris, does he get his free action before the stress? It looked like yes based on timing, but couldn't tell for sure. Thanks!
  4. Does Teroch's ability still work at range 0 of an enemy ship? Assuming no, because it's range 0 not 1.
  5. And what if ISYTDS didn't change? That could be a good chunk of his pricing.
  6. Right, but unless we get a FAQ overruling this, the adv sensors card also says "you may not perform another action during your activation." Which supercedes the RRG as per ye Golden Rule "If the ability of a card conflicts with the rules in this guide, the card ability takes precedence."
  7. https://tabletop.to This site is a godsend for X-Wing, and it supports Legion. Curious how it handles a legion tournament, always nice for x wing cause people can check the clock, pairings, standings, etc on their phone.
  8. A possible way to save on this that we used in college: in print option pick grayscale and chose the 'fast print' or 'first draft' option. Prints it with about a quarter to a third of the ink used, and grayscale saves using the color cartridges. On topic, I second that accepting everything won't be painted is a good strategy. I finally found a white primer, Rust-Oleum white satin, that gave the Stormtroopers most of the look I want. Saved my sanity just having to do black detail work.
  9. That was the inspiration! Someone linked that in a Facebook group and it seemed like fun paint scheme to try and replicate.
  10. First attempt at an X-Wing repaint after getting hooked on painting IA. Thinking this may be the start of Freedom Squadron!
  11. Agreed. These are meant to fit our full collections that we didn't buy all at the same time. And I wish we didn't have to buy a core just for the damage deck and templates. That could've been elsewhere easily. Looking at it overall, might be simpler for new players?
  12. Is this not what the forums have cried for for years? And now the same group is crying about the cost for it. Was it supposed to be free? You bought a product from a business, and you had a lot of fun with it, now the same business is offering you a new, potentially more fun way to play, and they're evil. "How dare you spend a year developing/manufacturing this and not sell it for even cheaper." "Why doesn't the box have exactly how many b wings I bought??" Being frustrated at a mechanic, tournament structure, unbalanced gamestate, those are fair to argue, because you bought in with expections of that being continued or maintained (Maybe). But please don't be insulting towards a company or individuals when discussing their new product, because it's fair to say this is a new product with backwards compatible parts.
  13. Is there a timeline for when the official X-Wing 2.0 rules reference will be posted?
  14. They said in the stream that they're putting the 2.0 content so that people don't have to worry about buying an obsolete expansion. Which I'm grateful for lol
  15. If that ever comes up again, that's actually not legal to do. When there's time left in a time limit game, you automatically start another round after the end phase, and when you hit time, you finish the round you're on. In that case, you were already in the planning phase of the next round. Someone please correct me if that's incorrect. Any TOs have a good strategy to talk to slow players when you notice it? I havent ever run into in our local meta.
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