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  1. Ronin Games in Castro Valley, CA is holding its "Sword Tournament" where players can win not only gift certificate prizes but some traditional Japanese-style swords as well. Come and join us for another great tournament in the San Francisco Bay Area.RONIN GAMESLocation: 19601 Center St, Castro Valley, CA 94546Sun, Jan 28th, 2018 - 12pm-6pmEntry Fee: $10Format: Constructed, Swiss, Keeper/Seeker Roles enforced Prize(s):First Place - Katana SwordSecond Place - Wakizashi SwordThird Place - TantoGift certificate prizes will also be available!Hope to see you there!FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/156425625011599/
  2. Quick Update for Ronin Games in Castro Valley: Event: Imperial Summons (Part 2 of FFG's Official L5R Launch Event series) Date: Sunday, November 12th, 2017 Time: 12pm (noon) Tournament decks (i.e., non single-core), official FFG prizes (more full bleeds, Imperial favor cards, et. al.). Expect Part 3 to the series to occur in early December.
  3. Greets. Saw you log into the SF Bay Area Discord server earlier. Right now, as Klawtu said, there are a few weekly places: Ronin Hobbies (Fridays, Castro Valley), Game Kastle (Fridays, Santa Clara), Eudemonia (Mondays confirmed, possibly Saturdays as well, Berkeley). Big hopes for the 3-store (hopefully more) league play.
  4. Another great vid from the Chronicle. I've been considering printing out a single copy for use at my FLGS.... is there a high chance the RRG will be updated for release day?
  5. Looks like all points in the SF Bay Area are getting launch coverage. I'm playing at Ronin Games in Castro Valley; they have a complete launch event and are taking pre-orders (FB event page) Galaxy Games in Dublin is having a launch event as well.
  6. Castro Valley, California at Ronin Games & Hobbies
  7. Echoing the praise. Wow... very nice. Love the 'swipe' mechanism if simply for the physical aesthetic.
  8. Here's what I believe to be the most amazing app for AHTCG at the Play Store (apparently, only available for Android at this time): the Arkham Campaign Guide. It basically replaces the printed campaign guide(s) and automates everything for you (resolutions, story card assets adding to decks, XP earned/spent, et. al). You can keep track of an infinite number of campaigns using any of the investigators and it will even link each investigator to any deck (via URL) at ArkhamDB.com. Saves all the campaigns to your device, allows you to do side quests (PODs, etc.) AND features a virtual chaos bag that is robust and easily adjusted. The dev has kept up with every single exp pack, updating the app within days of release. It used to floor me that so few players have heard of the app, but that's because you can't find it very easily at the Play Store. Search for "arkham horror" or "arkham horror card game", it doesn't show up. It will show up if you search for simply "arkham", but I feel that most people don't do so in order to filter out all the Batman hits. Searching for "arkham campaign" brings it right up. Anyway... here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whitdan.arkhamhorrorlcgcampaignguide Even if you only use it for the Chaos Bag, it's great; but I imagine some peeps will find the entire app really useful. --> My first post here (and first LCG, too!)... fantastic community. Just thought I'd finally chime in.
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