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  1. I would say no you can't discard it from your hand. I am no rules expert so take it with a grain of salt but I believe that an action on a support can only be used when the support is in play.
  2. The title says it all. The guys I play with are all trying to figure out how exactly the piloting works. If someone could explain it that would be great thanks!
  3. I'm looking at shatterpoint a little bit, but yeah vandalize will be used.
  4. ok, thanks everyone. I might have to start playing wookies!
  5. yeah, but if it was unique it could not be played at the same time. On swdb it is listed as unique and if I'm not mistaken (which I might be) I wanna say that they said it was unique during the worlds spoiler preview.
  6. The title says it all. I got into a heated debate with my opponent about how I thought Fortitude was unique because he was playing two on the same wookie and plus eight health on one character is way to powerful.
  7. I believe his point is that the game is still around because of the community.
  8. I loved playing destiny. That is all I can say, FFG you have lost a loyal customer.
  9. Wookies seem like they could work, Maybe a Tarfful and Scoundrel Chewie? I know thats what I would like to test. Also I don't know about entire decks but with all these new ships and piloting, I bet Admiral will become even more popular now.
  10. Can a player attach a downgrade to their own character? I've had my eye on using the dynamic with 0-0-0 and the downgrade shadowed. Shadowed reads "after attached character uses its action (including Power Action) you may deal 1 indirect damage to its controller". this would then allow 0-0-0 to ping a indirect at the opponent everytime the characters action is used.
  11. To make it more thematic, I think it would be cool to add a bit more synergy between Mission and Zaalbar. Maybe like when mission takes damage, you may immediately resolve one of Zaalbar's character or upgrade dice. Overall I like the concept, personally I am not a fan of all the discard an upgrade from character thing. Omens of the future I think needs to be unique and only 1 unblockable or draw one card. Revan and Bastilla's specials personally are way too powerful. I would limit Bastilla's to like character dice only or upto 3 other dice. Revan's is way too powerful. Say you run him with Malak. turn one malak rolls his two 3 damage sides and then you roll in revan with his 4 damage and the special. Thats a ten health instant kill on the first turn. I think it needs to be limited to Revens own character dice so it can only be 4 at most or 8 with moxie. For Jolee I would like some sort of healing mechanic. Jolee is known to be the healer type. Maybe add a "you may remove this characters character dice showing melee to heal 1 damage from a character". Another thing you could add is Bastilla was known for her legendary battle meditation. I would like to see that employed somehow. Maybe a power action like "Resolve a character dice. (yours or an opponents) If that die is a Sith die resolve it decreasing its value by one, If that die is a jedi die, resolve it increasing its value by 1." The force drain should also read "heal Malak to full health" that way it is more specific to Malak but still a really good upgrade with all those shields. I am not a fan of the battle field at all, I would suggest making it clearer and not as powerful. Just some thoughts, I hope I wasn't too critical.
  12. Can you discard a 2 cost support in play, to play a 3 cost for one resource? If yes, does that support start ready or exhausted? does the original support have to be ready or exhausted? thanks
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