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  1. Any chance it’ll come to IOS?
  2. I am very sorry about that! I myself are very cautious about not being spoiled. But honestly, I didn’t feel like talking about figures included in the core pack, was regarded as any kind of story spoilers.
  3. Don’t worry. In the app it registers the pack having 2 figures, and since Terro also comes in Jabbas Realm it shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. It says beforr you declare an attack. It’s before every attack.
  5. You can’t spend Surges, while defending?
  6. I’ll try randomly look at win/lose rewards and then the players will get that amount. I will report our results
  7. I’m gonna give this a try! Glancing at your hero setup, they have 12 xp each, but only Mak has tier 3 equipment. To distribute fairly amongst heroes, whilst keeping it “balanced” how much tier 3 and 2 equipment would you suggest?
  8. everytime he gets table time in Skirmish, he’s a disappointment . In campaign, he’s a bit more playable to make heroes waste actions on removing harmful conditions.
  9. 1+ I love Dengar, the character. I would love if he actually got table time!
  10. That’s why it seems to be worded incorrectly. Since there’s no specific timing n
  11. That’s awesome!
  12. @Stompburger @Deadwolf you might be right. But as you also point out, it seems like it should be elaborated. Especially since there’s no specific trigger, nor the wording interrupt.
  13. Some members from Boardwars, and me have noticed some wordings on the new cards, that seems to be errors. Nothing gamebreaking, but I think it would be good to make FFG aware. Drokattas Demolish in campaign: since there’s no trigger, and its only restriction is “limited to once per activation”. It technically could be used, at every heroes activation. I’m sure it was supposed to read “during your activation”. Jax Supporting fire: since there’s no, you may. You’re technically forced to use it, first time possible, even if you’d like to save it for another attack. Palpatines temp: again there’s no you may. This might not be an error, but seems odd to me that you HAVE to use it, everytime it’s possible.