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  1. DKNecrosis

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Smooth and considerate trade with @Masterchiefspiff
  2. DKNecrosis

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    The missions themselves are different. The story beats is the same.
  3. DKNecrosis

    Line of sight and massive movement

    There’s a a lot of good pictures in the end of RRG demonstrating LOS. Basically you have to be able to draw 2 different straight lines from one corner of your character to 2 corners of the target figure, whilst the lines don’t overlap. For massive figures you pick up the figure and move it like it’s a small figure (one space at the time even though it takes up 6 spaces) up to its speed.
  4. DKNecrosis

    *Character Tracker App Update* (Pics)

    Any chance it’ll come to IOS?
  5. I am very sorry about that! I myself are very cautious about not being spoiled. But honestly, I didn’t feel like talking about figures included in the core pack, was regarded as any kind of story spoilers.
  6. DKNecrosis

    Multiple Expansions in APP

    Don’t worry. In the app it registers the pack having 2 figures, and since Terro also comes in Jabbas Realm it shouldn’t be a problem.
  7. DKNecrosis

    IG-88 focus on the kill with Assault

    It says beforr you declare an attack. It’s before every attack.
  8. You can’t spend Surges, while defending?
  9. DKNecrosis

    Custom mission : Gall spaceport

    I’ll try randomly look at win/lose rewards and then the players will get that amount. I will report our results
  10. DKNecrosis

    Custom mission : Gall spaceport

    I’m gonna give this a try! Glancing at your hero setup, they have 12 xp each, but only Mak has tier 3 equipment. To distribute fairly amongst heroes, whilst keeping it “balanced” how much tier 3 and 2 equipment would you suggest?
  11. DKNecrosis


    everytime he gets table time in Skirmish, he’s a disappointment . In campaign, he’s a bit more playable to make heroes waste actions on removing harmful conditions.