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  1. Smooth and considerate trade with @Masterchiefspiff
  2. The missions themselves are different. The story beats is the same.
  3. There’s a a lot of good pictures in the end of RRG demonstrating LOS. Basically you have to be able to draw 2 different straight lines from one corner of your character to 2 corners of the target figure, whilst the lines don’t overlap. For massive figures you pick up the figure and move it like it’s a small figure (one space at the time even though it takes up 6 spaces) up to its speed.
  4. I am very sorry about that! I myself are very cautious about not being spoiled. But honestly, I didn’t feel like talking about figures included in the core pack, was regarded as any kind of story spoilers.
  5. Don’t worry. In the app it registers the pack having 2 figures, and since Terro also comes in Jabbas Realm it shouldn’t be a problem.
  6. It says beforr you declare an attack. It’s before every attack.
  7. I’ll try randomly look at win/lose rewards and then the players will get that amount. I will report our results
  8. I’m gonna give this a try! Glancing at your hero setup, they have 12 xp each, but only Mak has tier 3 equipment. To distribute fairly amongst heroes, whilst keeping it “balanced” how much tier 3 and 2 equipment would you suggest?
  9. everytime he gets table time in Skirmish, he’s a disappointment . In campaign, he’s a bit more playable to make heroes waste actions on removing harmful conditions.
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