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  1. Ya I'd love to see what you did put in there. Not sure if my attempt at Phoenix was my bad luck string or the deck.
  2. Ok I have played 2 games as Phoenix with Crane splash Voice of Honor and Noble Sacrifice versus Dragon. Now my experience was I played only one Voice out of 2 games and I drew and held them in both games. They were just dead cards in hand. Now again I didn't see any Asako Diplomats in either game either. But i did draw Court Games fine. It seems the Phoenix cannot reliably honor more than one here and there. Not enough to run those splash. If your opponent denies you the fire ring it can hurt. The Kimono is good but it is only good on someone with fate. It doesn't help you win a conflict. It is an investment later. So you have to win conflicts with the Kimono, Asako Diplomat, and the Fire Ring to get honored. The trick is getting on that positive side. I think keeping Phoenix on the ropes will be key to beating them. To that end, I think Phoenix has to drop some of the ring tricks and play more "win conflict" cards. Less Know the World and maybe not 3 Way of the Phoenix, and run Rout and For Shame! that you didn't have room for in your deck. Even Display of Power might only need 2. After you lose 2 provinces, not defending a 3rd doesn't look like much of an option. Going back to splash, I am thinking after Crane not working so well that I agree Dragon would be good. Mirumoto's Fury is amazing. Let Go helps remove pumps so that wins fights. The Tattooed Wanderer is good too. Otherwise I think Lion to counter For Shame! And Mirumoto's Fury with Ready For Battle and Honored Blade for more pump. Just my thoughts after playing them.
  3. I think Phoenix have the tools. If it was too easy to honor everyone for them they would steamroll. They will have to just set themselves up. Scorpion's Young Rumormonger looks better and better vs Phoenix. They might not be able to honor whom they want or dishonor whom they prefer in the case of Court Games leading to choices more in the favor of the Scorpion.
  4. I think this would be fantastic question for the next L5R Live! The quality of this card I think hinges on does it stop effects like Charge and Kitsu Spiritcaller. If it does as I think it is intended, but not worded probably to do so, then the value of the card is much higher. If all it does is stop Shinjo Outrider and conflict characters, which would just be played during the pre-conflict phase anyway, then the value is much less and may just not make the cut right now for the decks.
  5. I just hope FFG is not grossly underestimating the demand.
  6. Sense I didn't get any tickets to L5R tourneys I am not going to Gencon. Hopefully the release to game stores will be quick. Either way for me I'll be waiting for a person with a full set to scan it in for me and everyone else waiting to make a full set of proxies while we wait. Cause no matter how long we wait it isn't like FFG is going to miss out on my money.
  7. Doesn't say "each honored Crane character you control has Sincerity." To me that would be a continuous check.
  8. Questions: one of the text lines on Asahina Storyteller says "Each Crane character you control gains sincerity." So does a Crane character gain the Sincerity trait upon getting honored? I would say yes. Does it disappear if it loses honored status? I'd say no. Does Sincerity disappear on other Crane characters disappear if Asahina Storyteller leaves play? I'd say no. Checking rulings.
  9. There is nothing stopping the Crab player from going for the Fire and Air rings. I bet you'll find on Wednesday your starting honor is 10.
  10. Good reviews of Guest of Honor. However it just makes people play events before the conflict. It doesn't stop very much imho. Then really only useful in half the conflicts. I think what would have really helped GoH would be if she had a Glory 2 and not Glory 1.
  11. Just with as difficult as it has been to gain honor in the new game. This seems very strong and something you cannot let you lose 2-5 honor a turn.
  12. I don't see how we can't use a Let Go on it. Unlimited uses seems a bit overpowered.
  13. Ouch! 1 honor loss for every card you play against a character with this attached. My Crane cries.
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