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  1. Nope...Terrorists are always at least a threat level 2
  2. As someone who has not watched rebels(yet). What config would it have?
  3. Am I the only one who read this in Mike Tyson's voice?
  4. Well, I still enjoy 1.0, just not as much. But until august I have a church function every week on my X wing night, so I wont be playing a whole lot. Planning on going to my Store Championship in August, this will be my last hoorah with 1st edition. Really looking forward to Defenders and E-wings in 2nd edition.
  5. CasoPrime


    beat me to it
  6. This is total speculation, but I would assume blisters of rereleased 1.0 ships in 2.0 will include the pilots from the conversion kits. With the Devs stating that there is an upgrade path that doesn't force 1.0 players to buy new models, I would believe that the packs for 1.0 players would only include new pilots and upgrades. While the complete packs would include that and also the pilots from the conversions.
  7. It does include the wave 1 blister contents, but it is not counted as being part of the conversion kit. All the parts for the wave 1 blisters are in their own separate bag, with cards and cardboard, pertaining only to those ships. While it is physically included with the conversion kit, it is not part of the conversion kit.
  8. Wheres my Store Championship news?
  9. I hope this is true...and a FGS close to me got one....
  10. I really don't want to have to travel, I have a lot going between now and August and my Local SC is going to be last/only tourney I can hit before 2nd edition. Help me FFG, you're my only hope
  11. Yeah, I asked them on Tuesday. No kits have been available for purchase yet, I am just itching for some type of news.
  12. Anybody have any insider information? Really hoping my FLGS didn't miss the boat.
  13. Swarm Leader Vessery is awesome! I think that card, played right, is very good. I really thought Sat Salvo would be better than it was, know its a "newer" card. But Meh.
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