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  1. Yeah if that happens I'll grab the torches and pitchforks myself.
  2. From what I've seen anything that can be played from discard specifically mentions it.
  3. Then explain this. She is neither an event nor a role and would not be in play when the trigger would need to happen.
  4. You do realize that they're probably talking about the stronghold, role card, and another one of card right?
  5. It could also be a keeper/seeker role with a different effect seeing how they went through such a huge effort to make keeper and seeker matter.
  6. For those in the SF Bay Area or planning/able to be there around Memorial Day Weekend the Kotei for Kublacon is taking preregistration here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kublacon-game-convention-memorial-day-weekend-2018-tickets-37321537724
  7. True but they (developers) have said that like Pit Trap it will get errata to fix that.
  8. So reading the release article for the new pack I came across this line for Fair Accord. However by just looking at Fair Accord that's obviously not true. This isn't even one of the weird multi card interactions that seem to keep being made in error it's just a basic reading of the card. So can we please just get someone to actually read the cards before they post an article giving advise on how to use the cards?
  9. Seeing how 2 of them are already released/previewed in the current set and the holding references the Imperial Favor which is this set's theme I'm doubting that.
  10. Yeah I've been the cause of that pain more than once. The look of hope being slowly crushed when I say "wait just a second" when they are just about to grab their discard pile is truly satisfying.
  11. I thought the best place for them was sad and in the box right next to my Wandering Ronin?
  12. I believe that your desire to see people argue is fundamentally flawed and we shall now spend 20 pages arguing if conflict on the internet can ever truly be won or if it is in fact just a futile effort to prove your own relevance in a world that cares little about your own self imposed belief in your self worth. Also we shall duel with swords that are curved.
  13. I don't think you're crazy but I'm also not really looking forward to something like that. I've already dealt with 2 packs that I just don't need the cards in for my decks and finding that out after I open a pack would be rather disheartening. That said the idea of no more leaks holds a bit more promise but even then I like speculating about if X new card will be usable in my deck and the earlier the spoiler happens the earlier I can enjoy that. Guess I'm just weird that way.
  14. Mostly correct, if the target is honored they can go to neutral as Steward only prevents them from going from neutral to dishonored.
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