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  1. Wait, I thought this was open today? Did I read something wrong? When will it come out? I want to see it! *whining used to add emphasis, and not because I am sad*
  2. Would someone want to make an L5R comic about the Scorpion fables and then just keep going forever?
  3. It means that the tournament will be held and treated as if it were in Dragon territory, hosted by the Dragons. And I think they have even mentioned that the prizes will be Dragon themed.
  4. In L5R there is a story element to a lot of the game. Dragon won the first tournament so story wise they get to host the biggest party of the year. Winter Court, or the world championship.
  5. I have heard about your deck and really respect you playing against the meta. I personally feel that most clans can't pull it off the same as Lion. Which is sad, because I want my Dragons to duel and steal all the honor from people expecting me to murder them.
  6. If they get rid of the random supplies and recruits, and limit the number of elections... Add in a five turn limit... This may fix all of my GoT complaints.
  7. I like the set bidding gain. We played in Ivory edition where honor was the victory points, they could be traded, gifted, and most importantly stolen. They were stored in provinces so if a province was broken than the attacker would get all of the honor there. This made Crane and Phoenix very wealthy and Crab and Spider very mercenary. The game would go a certain number of rounds. Last round removed all gifts and trades and then it's a fight to gain the most, or lose the least through combat.
  8. I have loved the duels in this game. My only problem has been that Dragon can't pull honor or dishonor as well as Crane. So far as I have played. Cranes don't lose duels. They win by bowing their opponent, they win by gaining honor, they win by sending their enemies home, they win by taking honor and going home. Played right a Crane never loses when they duel. That is why I like dueling in this game. Now Dragon just needs a few cards to match.
  9. The biggest lie is that it needed the frog. By pretending to need the frog the frog helped the Scorpion to the middle of a secluded river. And the Scorpion could safely leave the frog to die.
  10. Blackfyre games in Pleasant Grove Utah for people in Utah Valley. Someone may have already mentioned it.
  11. I read the coi pond, why is he thinking so much about omens and changing the future? Why would he care unless he was trying to change the future?
  12. So... Shugenja? Box? It would make sense with the Unicorn and Phoenix story.
  13. The talking at the end felt more like a nod. The part that felt most like a scorpion coup was sticking his hand into the coy pond and talking about seeing the future.
  14. When I played the RPG I was brand new. But another player was a haunted Matsu and she was amazing. I really want to see some likable Matsu.
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