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  1. @clontroper5 I’ll have to sit this one out. Got too much on my plate right now.
  2. @GhostofNobodyInParticular Thanks for the offer, but im pretty burnt out from last game. Ill pass this time around. Have fun tho without me!
  3. @Bertie Wooster congratulations! Now go take care of your family. And @The Jabbawookie, many thanks for being an excellent GM. You deserve a nice long break, (and a beer if of legal age👍)!
  4. @The Jabbawookie Thanks again for the extension. my orders are in.
  5. @The Jabbawookie can I get a 24 hour extension? Busy all of tonight, and I am already exhausted, so there is no way I can get my orders done...
  6. @itzSteve vs @idjmv @itzSteve won, 480 - 203 Contested Outpost was the objective, he had iniative.
  7. Sorry all. Caught up with work, and the stupid aspects of life. I’ll throw in my orders now, if @The Jabbawookie hasn’t already.
  8. I'm sorry all. The site didnt work until now. Ill get my orders in, as soon as something gets clarified
  9. Sorry, working and doing stuff with the fam bam. I’ll start on them now.
  10. The probability of us attacking A3 this turn is high. Very high.
  11. Thank you @LTD for deciding to GM this. It was pretty well done. sorry @clontroper5 and @Bertie Wooster for being useless pretty much, but that deployment screwed me over bad.
  12. Ok. I will get them in within 2 hours or so
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