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  1. @clontroper5 I’ll have to sit this one out. Got too much on my plate right now.
  2. @GhostofNobodyInParticular Thanks for the offer, but im pretty burnt out from last game. Ill pass this time around. Have fun tho without me!
  3. @Bertie Wooster congratulations! Now go take care of your family. And @The Jabbawookie, many thanks for being an excellent GM. You deserve a nice long break, (and a beer if of legal age👍)!
  4. @The Jabbawookie Thanks again for the extension. my orders are in.
  5. @The Jabbawookie can I get a 24 hour extension? Busy all of tonight, and I am already exhausted, so there is no way I can get my orders done...
  6. @itzSteve vs @idjmv @itzSteve won, 480 - 203 Contested Outpost was the objective, he had iniative.
  7. Sorry all. Caught up with work, and the stupid aspects of life. I’ll throw in my orders now, if @The Jabbawookie hasn’t already.
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