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  1. P is the system at the very bottom, without a visible planet. At least we cannot see the planet, but the system is there.
  2. Thank you. We wish to not cause any troubles due to miscommunication or lack of communication.
  3. @FortyInRed Which systems do you control, and which systems are you going for?
  4. Understood. We will begin our expansion, without interfering with your planets. As for swaps, we will let you know.
  5. We do not see any reason either. At this point we are willing to form an alliance, if you so wish.
  6. As long as we can avoid talking to as many people as possible..
  7. @FortyInRed Is the League willing to consider extending the non-aggression pact?
  8. The Z system does not have any known owners. As for the cause, the Union of Random AntiSocial Creatures are willing to join.
  9. So can Jabba bucks from multiple planetd be combined to one planet or no?
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