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  1. Destiney Roll: 1eF 2 Light Side My sincere apologies regarding my slow response time. I haven't yet resolved my home computer situation.
  2. As it says in the article, they still have prior commitments to uphold.
  3. What's different about these than the currently available Blus? 4k?
  4. Eeek, sorry about that! I must have had it in my head that Gearhead did that while I was looking at that bit. No need for hand-waving, I've removed one of those mods. Added the equipment included in the Utility belt. Also, thanks for the tip of the Sense Emotion talent, I was able to squeeze in another rank of Grit.
  5. Link to sheet added (changed species to Tognath, crafted sabre, not much else different). I'll get the rest very soon...
  6. I think I need a print of that for my media room.
  7. Apologies, it might be a bit for me. My laptop (that had OggDude's on it) went down this weekend when I was about halfway through my write-up. I dropped it at a repair place last night, but I don't have a timeline yet. I'll attempt to throw it back together during my off time at work.
  8. Korren Mayvus, Tognath Guardian. http://demon4x4.com/sw/chrsht/KorrenL.pdf
  9. I've got bootleg blu rays of the original versions that look pretty good. Might have to start looking for the same thing for The Resistance and Freemakers II here pretty soon...
  10. Apologies for the delay... I've been hampered by having left my entire FFG SW book collection at my GM's house while I've been moving, and his slow reactions to giving me information from them... hahaha. I plan to pick them up very soon... I was also considering working in Force Adherant into my build because I like the idea of stacking Resolve with Parry/Reflect, but then realized I was reading Resolve (and in particular the voluntary part) incorrectly. Also considering Species swap to one of Drabatan, Tognath, Geonosian. And I'm rambling....
  11. Not sure how that's more important. You can at least import this other version if you want. Meaning... if The Resistance [and Freemakers season II...] were only on Blu Ray in Canada, I'd find a way to get them. lol
  12. It's called Role-Playing. You aren't playing yourself in another outfit. Do you have this opinion about actors who play bad guys in movies? lol
  13. I thought about a sidearm, but then I ran out of encumbrance. I have at least one copy of every book (going back at least through both versions of WotC), save for Gadgets & Gear. haha I may have to take you up on the lightsaber crafting attempt, though
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