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  1. Demon4x4

    Books from the Other Lines

    Primary or otherwise... I only asked one question, and it said 'third party' in it. But ok, thanks for your input. *goes back to looking at my WEG books*
  2. Demon4x4

    Books from the Other Lines

    I wasn't aware that those were made by someone other than FFG.
  3. Demon4x4

    Books from the Other Lines

    Then maybe you'd like to answer instead: which third party books would you consider viable/compatible?
  4. Demon4x4

    FFG Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook???

    This is STILL the only book I'm missing from the WotC line.
  5. Demon4x4

    Another Character Generator

    I'm probably just missing it, but is there a place to enter a new quality?
  6. Throw in a Gungan Energy Sheild while you're at it. Don't laugh.
  7. Demon4x4

    Podracing Worlds

    This looks awesome, looking forward to more of it!
  8. Demon4x4

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    I've been working on a Resistance squad to hopefully take on our guild's first HAAT attempt soon (JTR, Rose, BB8, Trooper, Rey Scavenger). Aldy have a team that I can currently beat AAT phases three & four with, and I think between the two CLS's in the guild, we can do phase I. I just need to make sure I can escape CLS from phase one, and BB8 from phase 2, since I need them both for the 3 & 4 phases. lol
  9. Hateful 8, with bounty hunters.
  10. Demon4x4

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    ok... so who's is the fifth ship?
  11. Demon4x4

    Clone Wars Questions

    Why was it necessarily post-Battle of Naboo that Jango was selected? I don't recall.
  12. Demon4x4

    Any a member of the 501st and play?

    I'm in the Star Garrison, but mostly just play the RPG.
  13. Demon4x4

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Ah, I missed that detail, thanks.
  14. Demon4x4

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    1 Force rating? (IIRC) Similar to both the Force Sensitive Exile and Force Sensitive Emergent universal specs. Leaving those three specs as the only way to get a first Force Rating point, without either starting with a F&D career, or descending to the bottom of a spec tree.