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  1. Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    We ended up acquiring a Darvro-Class light freighter. I'm pretty excited about it, and will probably be jumping over to Rigger fairly soon (unless Fully Operational looks to have something even more enticing).
  2. Strong work! Now get that thing scanned for @melminiatures. lol
  3. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

    I think I pre-ordered the steelbook with 3d from Best Buy... but I've had a beer since then, so I don't really recall. lol
  4. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

  5. Starfighter master modifier

    Do you mind expounding on the cybernetics bit? I guess I've always glossed over those sections. lol
  6. Nice, I'll have to check that thread out. Thanks.
  7. I've been toying with the idea of some one shot (or mini-arc) horror themes in the SW universe - which is something that seems to be largely avoided in the setting outside of Dathomir, so I understand any hesitation toward its inclusion. A lot of horror themes are present, really, but usually in a detached, fantasy style way, IMO. What do you guys think of the horror section in Genesys system (mostly just light rules for fear and sanity), and it's portability into SW? I might be better served waiting for an eventual Arkham Horror Genesys system setting book - though those might be too intense for the overall SW vibe, which is why I was thinking more of implementing something on a shorter, serial basis. Some random thoughts that might fit: Rakghoul infestation/contagion on Taris (and perhaps a finding a cure arc for infected PCs) Possession/essense host transfer of some dark side sorcery well, dark side sorcery in general Derelict ships floating in space for reasons Parasites (like those brain worms from the Clone Wars series arc Some unseen aberrant creature (existing or otherwise) that is fueling a population's short-term decision making, or is perhaps slowly taking over individual wills The virus mentioned in the Red Harvest/Death trooper books, etc Also thinking to maybe quarantine it off into a single, out-of-the-way, currently uncovered sector, to write these things up in. The Dawn of Rebellion format has me a little inspired, I guess (an excuse for more universal specs, species, locations, vehicles, etc..).
  8. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Melch was also wearing some kind of armor, maybe? \_(ツ)_/
  9. Rebels Game

    When I clicked on this thread title, I was expecting a drinking game based off of possible events in tonight's finale. (Other than that, I agree with the above.)
  10. Which ship is your crew using?

    My votes would be: Darvro-class Light Freighter (a little pricier, but has decent hard points, armor, tractor beam, two other weapons, stealth generator) U-Wing (super cheap sil 4 that is pretty solid all around, but only one ship weapon to start, carries a bunch of peeps) KST-100 (starter ship price, bunch of peeps can fit for a sil 3, with accommodations, solid all-around stats)
  11. Canon Material still needed in X-wing

    How about the Darvro-class light frieghter from Strongholds of Resistance (pp118)? Not sure if FFG SW RPG books count as canon or not (but don't care in this case. :P), but I'd think they'd want some more of their original content in 3D.
  12. Lol. I do think we should do a community project source book of some kind, but probably something that's at least a little less likely to get completely overwritten.
  13. AI for the FFG RPGs?

    Agreed, but I'd certainly still give it a go, in between real sessions.