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  1. Demon4x4

    Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    Found out the artist, thanks to FFG Customer support: Matthew Bradbury. He appears to have an account with Epilogue.net, but thus far all of my attempts to create an account in order to contact him have failed, due to a non-existent CAPTCHA. lol
  2. Demon4x4

    Warriors rejoice

    Double yaaaaaaawn!
  3. Demon4x4

    Clone Wars Supplement

    I think I'd have made the Vulture droids a silhouette 2, but I suppose I could see the argument for silhouette 3.
  4. Demon4x4

    Clone Wars Supplement

    Needs Geonosians.
  5. Upon finally locating a holocron key/crystal that had been calling out decidedly dark side messages in the form of visions and dreams to the lone force user in the group (who's poor rolls on morality recovery, among other things, had him hovering around 35 or so morality as it is). One of the non-force users physically recovers the item. The following conversation ensues: The force user asks, "let me see it." non-force user: "nah" FU: "I need to inspect it though" NFU: "nah, I think not." FU: "seriously, though." NFU: "I don't think that's such a good idea." FU: "You're really not going to let me see it?" NFU: "nope" FU: looks around at other players, hoping for an assist Everyone else: shrugs, "sorry, man"
  6. Demon4x4

    I just discovered Skyrim

    Is there a Star Wars skin mod for that game yet?
  7. Demon4x4

    The whole Imperial Army thing...

    I think those that appeared to have stormtrooper like helmets in the mix, were because that's what the helmet, with goggles down, and breather apparatus on, approximate, but I could be wrong.
  8. Demon4x4

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    Kinda like Pitch Black, maybe
  9. Demon4x4

    Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    I don't suppose anyone knows who the artist was for the Darvro-class light freighter in Strongholds of Resistance? I don't have the book on hand at the moment (friend is borrowing it), not that I see a signature on any of the images or anything...
  10. Horror, I hope! I have the Genesys book, just haven't ever had the time to actually look through it yet. lol
  11. What are these five Genesys books you mention? I haven't seen anything announced outside of Terinoth, so just curious. Thanks!
  12. Got me... that's why I jumped on ordering a set before he disappeared.
  13. I am. And the price seems to have come down quite a bit since the time I got mine.
  14. This is the guy I got mine from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Despecialized-Original-Trilogy-Blu-ray-Set-w-Special-Features/263745899066?hash=item3d687b0a3a:g:7PQAAOSwsTdaqDfC but, my listing also had a disc for the Holiday Special, and one about Star Tours (both DVDs).