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  1. If i have a stress can i still take a focus using this card ? Thanks for any answers.
  2. Cheers mate. Another dumb question but how does Pattern Analyzer combo work in this list ?
  3. Thanks mate but whats AT and PA ?
  4. Hi Guys Posted last week about packing in but after some great advice on here I flew a new list yesterday. It also had Captain Rex in but I'd rather drop him so I can fly the 3 X-wings. What upgrades would you put on Wes, Jess and Biggs? How would you fly them? If in formation which one? Thanks for all the advice.
  5. I think i`ll give this a shot , thanks for the help.
  6. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the advice. Its awesome that you guys have taken the time to help me out. After reading the posts I feel motivated again.
  7. Thanks mate how does the synergy between them work?
  8. Thanks for the Advice. If I was just to run Wes who else should I consider for wingman?
  9. Hi Guys I'm quite new to the game but I'm becoming really disillusioned with it. I play Rebels at our local tournament every Friday. I come last every week and have only ever won 1 game there. I didn't mind at first (I'm a great loser) but after my beating last night I'm beginning to think it's not the game for me as I'm not getting any better. I have all the Rebel ships and cards and the 3 pilots I want to use are Wes, Asty and Wedge. Can any one give me any advice as I'm rubbish at list building. Thanks for any replies
  10. Can someone please clarify the firing arc on the Auzituck ? I understand it to be everthing in front of the red dotted line in the middle of the base but the more i read the more confused i`m becoming. Thanks for any replies.
  11. 25 games without a win. Crushed in every game. Why do I still love it
  12. Which ships can perform the Tallon Roll? Is it just the X-Wing?
  13. Has anyone ever ran 8 x Z-95s If so was it any good? Thinking about running it at a tournament next week just for fun. Thanks
  14. I was also at the Beanie Games tournament. I came last flying 2 B-Wings and 2 Y-Wings with minimal upgrades. I only managed to destroy 3 ships all day. But I had a blast. People were so helpful and also a little confused about my list. I guess some of us just don't care about the meta.
  15. Is there any advice for swapping the B-Wings out for X-Wings ? Thanks for all the help guys.
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