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  1. Hello Fellow Gamers, I recently posted this on BGG, and I figure I should post it here for folks to take a look at also. Check out my Dropbox for a Complete printable 70 planet Map https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t7v9yjdnk3pp62n/AABiwT4Q9xn4yBsfPox3oJLJa?dl=0 Let me know what you think. Rebelprivateer
  2. @ FortyInRed, So far the mechanic works, I have played about 15-20 games using it and it works for us. Give it a try, and see if you like it. That is the great thing about expansions, you can pick and choice what you want to add to your game. Cheers Rebelprivateer42.
  3. @ FortyInRed, Hello Thanks for Responding. I didnt come up with the Shield Mechanic, BBG user The AUK did for his Supremacy Variant ( https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1903889/star-wars-supremacy ) Check out & like this post/page for info on it. You can also download AUK's Supremacy for free by utilizing dropbox. Cheers Rebelprivateer42
  4. I already have the Strike Cruisers, Venators, Acclaimators, Carrack Cruisers, CC7700, Home One, Vaders X1, Slave-1, the Falcon, and the Profundity (MC-75). My friend is working on 3D printing the Arquintens Cruisers, the MC-75 Star Cruisers, the MC-60s, the DP-20 Gunsips, and the Gladitators SDs. I plan on ordering the Bulwark & Bellator BC from Mel's Shapeways Shop. I also plan on getting another set of Blk & Red dice, to take my total up to 15 of each. So yes lots to think about.
  5. Hello Everyone,My Friend and I have been working on a large custom variant for Rebellion that we have been working on. I am blessed to own 2 complete copies of both the base game and the rise of the empire expansion. Our variant uses new additional 3D printed units from (https://www.thingiverse.com/dantesgift/about), and some purchased units from (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mel_miniatures). I have also been working on a larger hex map for about 83 planets/systems. I have also adopted AUK’s (https://boardgamegeek.com/user/The%20Auk) idea about using green dice as shields.I need some help with stats/dice/type for all the ships for both Sides.I am looking for what would you give each unit in BLK Att &/or RED Att, Grn Shields dice, HULL Value, and carry capacity. Keep in mind I have 2 copies of both base & expansion games for dice rolls, (10 black, 10 red, 6 green)For the Empire, the space units will be;SPECIAL UNIT: Executor SSDSPECIAL UNIT: Bellator Battle CruiserBLUE SQ UNIT: ISDBLUE SQ UNIT: Victory Star DestroyerBLUE SQ UNIT: Acclaimator Assault ShipBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Imm-418 InterdictorBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Lononar Strike CruiserBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Gladitator Star DestroyerBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Carrack Light CruiserBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Arquintens Light CruiserBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: DP-20 GunshipBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: Gozenti Light TransportBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: TIE FIGHTERBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: TIE BOMBERBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: TIE STRYKERBLUE TRIANGLE Special UNIT: Slave-1BLUE TRIANGLE Special UNIT: Darth Vaders TIE/X1 AdvFor the Rebels, the space units will be; SPECIAL UNIT: Bulwark mk II Battle CruiserSPECIAL UNIT: MC-85 “HomeOne” Command CruiserSPECIAL UNIT: MC-75 “Profundity”BLUE SQ UNIT: MC-80/90 Star CruiserBLUE SQ UNIT: MC-75 Star CruiserBLUE SQ UNIT: Venator SD Fleet CarrierBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: MC-60 CruiserBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: CC7700 InterdictorBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: Neb-B FrigateBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: CR-90 CorvetteBLUE CIRCLE UNIT: DP-20 GunshipBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: Rebel TransportBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: XwingBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: YwingBLUE TRIANGLE UNIT: UwingBLUE TRIANGLE Special UNIT: Millennium FalconI work out numbers for this already but the valves I came up with made the SSD almost impossible to destroy, mean while destroyer the entire Rebel Fleet by itself.Thanks for your input.Rebelprivateer
  6. I am looking to get 3D printed new units and was trying to figure out if there is a size(scale such a 1/7000 or 15mm, etc...) to look for them.
  7. I was wondering this so I could order/design additional custom units, such as TIE Bombers, & Imperial Raider Corvettes.
  8. I am working on a custom expansion, and was wondering if Anyone have the Gaming/size scale figure out for the varies units? What scale are the Cap ships roughly, what scale are the Fighters, what scale are the ground troops and Vehicles?
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