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  1. Looking up from her comlink, Hira seemed almost paler than normal, if any of her allies were to peek under the hood. "We're getting company. Possibly soon. We have to hurry, no time for a subtle approach." Almost whispering to her allies, the Echani's voice was strained with urgency. The 'informant' made no attempt to reveal how she knew what was coming their way - it was her job to know, so of course she did. Subtly following behind Fitz, she kept one hand close to her blaster, though she didn't pull it quite yet - she'd wait for the former lawman to engage first, and follow his approach. This was his realm and the realm of her allies.
  2. "Bounty specifically asks for a live capture. All weapons on stun. If we're lucky for once, they'll just realize that they don't stand a chance." Hira was the first to respond to Kr'owk, getting out of her seet. The hood of her robes were pulling double duty of obscuring her features and shielding her pale skin and sensitive eyes from the harsh, burning suns above the desert planet. She had never liked places like this, but work was work. A quick flick on the blaster on her hip swapped it to stun as well - she wasn't exactly packing the sort of heat to intimidate anyone, but even she had to carry a recognizable weapon on a planet of scum like this one. With her left, white gloved hand, Hira pulled out her comlink. As far as her compatriots from the guild knew, she had a vast network of informants, 'friends' and coworkers spread across the galaxy - an intelligence network she herself fed information into, and always got pertinent information from. Of course, she didn't know anyone like that, but the cover was useful. Switching the comlink to what she knew was an actually empty frequency, she took a half step away from her coworkers, and concentrated. "Hmm... Might be getting something. Get ready..."
  3. I'd like to try my hand at using Foresee right away - no time like right before snatching a bounty to check the future for obvious red flags. http://orokos.com/roll/744109 Hey hey, two light right of the bat! I'm using one to activate, and one to then activate Strength, giving me one single clear, solid detail/hint about the future I'm seeing.
  4. We're really not giving our GM a lot to work with to start out. 😛
  5. Starting us off right with 2 Light Side Destiny points. http://orokos.com/roll/743892
  6. Gear and EXP breakdowns are now done for Hira's sheet. And isn't hiding in plain sight the thing all force users do best? 😛
  7. http://swsheets.com/c/vmvo85k3e-hira-darksun Seer/Force User concept, with a Dantari crystal for her lightsaber - it seemed the most appropriate for someone mainly using the Force in the future. Of course, she wouldn't exactly use that glowstick normally, and without any other starting gear she's virtually unarmed - so as far as the crew will know, she's a tracker/informant who always seems to know just where to look and what to avoid during their hunting (Seek and Foresee at work).
  8. I'm going to throw my hat into the ring as "interested", potentially as a Seer/Force User that uses Foresee and Seek but "masks" those as being just really **** good at finding their targets for the guild, so as to not become a target themselves. That imperial bounty on force users is surely enticing. Got many other concepts too, if you don't want a potential "force wizard" in your game.
  9. No game > bad game. If an EXP rate of 2-4 per session makes it a bad game (hint: It does for 99% of players), then having no game at all is better than one where the GM is trying to keep characters from any sort of growth.
  10. The GM is not magically more important than the players. This system is not made for super-slow progression, and character progression is just as much part of tabletop RPGs as storytelling. Your hyperbole of "50 exp twice a session" is uncalled for and not what anyone suggested, either. 5 EXP per hour of play is the "standard" allotment. A slow EXP game could be 5 EXP per 2 hours. Not 1 EXP per hour. The game isn't made for that.
  11. Thing is, the leap is not "natively" a maneuver. When you first get it, its an Action that you can take to move yourself. Only with an upgrade can you use it as a Maneuver, and then, it says you MAY use it as a maneuver, not that you have to. So if you simply don't use that control upgrade for your final leap, you can leap three times total.
  12. What does it say about me that two of my characters would look mildly uncomfortable before saying "probably"?
  13. In my NJO game, there's technically only 1 actual human in the group (and funnily enough, he is an older Iktochi cook that is now becoming a Jedi...), though at least one of them is near-human enough to pass for an actual human, and another is a Zabrak. The last of the group is a devaronian, definitely on the more star wars-y scale of species, but not as much as Wookiees. Personally I love playing aliens, though right now my only PCs are a Mandalorian/Echani Human and a Clone, but I'm adding a Cathar to my roster early in May. My first SW character in this system was actually a Wookiee, and man, I still sometimes miss playing the grumpy clone wars vet Wookiee that was still, by his species standards, pretty much someone bearly out of his teenage years. In that group, we also only had one human (and he was a Mandalorian with Echani heritage too... actually related to the character I now play in another game) played by the only one of the players from back then I still have contact with and would play with again, because that game became a giant dumpster fire.
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