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  1. Silim

    You get 3500 xp

    And that's why the best tank is a Martial Artist with Coordination Dodge for such situations. Here, enjoy 5 free failures on the check! Those should do the trick, together with the (at that exp level) 3-4 defense and ranks of Dodge, or defensive Sense... Back on topic, I just recently built a 1000 EXP character for a campaign that's a spin-off of another long going game, so will start at a far higher level than normal. Also we're Imperials in that spin-off, but that's less important right now. With 3500 EXP, I could build a true Echani Jedi/Warrior. Start out as a Steel Hand Adept Warrior, start with at least 4 Brawn. Martial Artist as the first secondary tree, max out Brawl and Coordination at least - potentially other skills up to rank 3 and 4 to make sure you never roll less than 3 dice on any skill that's in-career now. Also, with both Steel Hand Adept and Martial Artist, a human now has Crit 1 on unarmed attacks, unarmed Parry and a few ranks of it, Brawn 6, and FR 2 (and with that, Pierce 2). Not too shabby. To further enhance that concept, a lot of trees could be used. Either to spread out a bit, or just 'break' the game a bit more. For even stronger unarmed combat, Gadgeteer would be amazing - Deadly Accuracy on Brawl would mean Damage 11, Crit 1, Pierce 2 unarmed attacks. However, if we assume for half a second that we don't want our hands to be classified as restricted weapons on the scale of Disruptors, there'll be more than enough EXP still left over to instead go into Armorer to eventually craft some signature light Echani battle armor, or even go into Seer to mess with dice results and get a whopping 2 Force Rating in total. For Force Powers, the obvious one is Enhance. No matter how deadly one gets in this system, if fifty Stormtroopers armed with automatic weapons round the corner, the smart Bruce Lee clone uses Force Leaps to get the **** out of there and disappear somewhere behind something large and line-of-sight blocking.
  2. If Star Wars was even remotely realistic, maybe. But this is a fantasy setting, where "gunslinger with trademark blaster leading a group of daring smugglers" is the expected norm, not the out-there dumb concept that gets you killed. Not to mention that any GM that requires you to constantly change out gear like Slicers Gear, your guns, armor etc just to be less "noticeable" in the future is just being obnoxious for the sake of draining credits. Believe me, players find enough credit-sinks without artificially introducing more that the game was never designed around.
  3. Silim

    I Have you now

    Christ, 3600 earned EXP?! I'm pretty sure the devs for this game never even intended for PCs to finish 2 complete talent trees, let alone 9. I'm not surprised that the book-Vader wasn't much of a challenge for someone who could arm-wrestle a Rancor with one finger... Still, your campaign sounds awesome. I'm glad you were able to modify Vader enough to still provide a bit of a challenge! Also, consider your cortosis-armored Rancor stolen for my own table. I suspect my party will be smart and run the heck away, especially considering they won't even have 200 earned EXP by the time they could encounter it...
  4. Silim

    Mandalorian Armor

    While we're thread necro-ing, I might as well mention that you can get your Mechanics skill to 6 with a crafted implant, just to make your crafting checks in the future that much more bonkers.
  5. I'd agree with you on that. In an AoR game I'm playing an old clone (long before we had the tree for that... I should get Retired Clone eventually just because I can) who was a former 'Cody' or 'Rex' to another random Jedi, and there's so much room for diverse characterization AND mechanical specialization with clones in the game that just going full Traviss is bad on so, so many levels. 😛
  6. Of course not you jokster. 2020.
  7. No. Knights of Fate has actual Arc Trooper armor. 1 Defense, 2 Soak, Encumbrance 4, 2 Hard Points, Rarity 8. Cost is set at 5000 credits (and its restricted). The special notes add that the sensors in the armor remove 1 setback from any Perception test, it adds the benefit of a hardened comlink, AND load-bearing gear. Simply put, ARC Trooper armor is supremely badass, as one would expect. Mk1 Katarn-class Commando Armor is also statted out in the same book and even better still.
  8. Silim

    Disruptive Strike

    "Baseline" in this case means the standard one in the F&D core book, which always presumes an Illum crystal.
  9. Silim

    Disruptive Strike

    I don't think baseline lightsabers have any ranks of Vicious so that crit would just be a roll without any additions, but otherwise, you're correct. You deal a normal attack and can then add failures for each pip of your alignment (or more by spending Destiny and using opposite ones at the usual cost).
  10. If you had read more than just one part of my second post you might've realized that that's my impression as well.
  11. That's a new ruling, then. If you go with that, then I suppose sure, you can use Ebb/Flow on Draw Closer to assure that you can use Iron Soul, as long as you have at least 1 Force die for both the power and the talent. However, simply because of how the core rules are worded, I most likely wouldn't require someone to use Ebb/Flow to combine Draw Closer with Iron Soul to begin with, as its already a Force Power check that's combined with a Lightsaber check (any time you roll force die its a Force Power roll).
  12. You can only use your force die "once" on a check, so Ebb/Flow does not work on Draw Closer, as its already a Force check. Since the whole thing is a Force Talent - not a Force Power - I don't know if Iron Soul would work. However, reading through the Force & Destiny core book, there's this passage on page 282: "Characters may use Force talents if their current Force rating is 0 due to committing O; however, many Force talents require characters to commit O or make Force power checks, which are based on the character’s current Force rating." Now, as I understand this passage, a talent like Draw Closer already qualifies as a Force Power activation anyway. If the Iron Soul talent specifically states only powers, not talents, can activate it, though, you're out of luck. I don't have the book with me that Iron Soul is in at the moment.
  13. I've basically completely thrown out canon and legends both after Return of the Jedi for my 'New Jedi Order' game. There's a new enemy leading an Imperial Remnant / New Sith Empire, and the players are students of Luke's new order. I feel that this gives players a lot more agency and motivations: NPC students exist alongside them, but none are any of the EU or canon ones. THEY are the final hope of the galaxy to avoid another war, THEY are the ones who will defeat the Sith... or join them to shroud the galaxy in darkness forever. Now, when I eventually make a game set in the galactic civil war, my players will have the option to change canon if they want - or they can go do their own thing. I know first hand how annoying it is to be told 'no you can't do this because CANON', and I feel that attitude has no place on the RP table. We're already changing canon by merely existing. Might as well accidentally save the galaxy.
  14. Silim

    Yoda and Palpatine (Homebrew)

    Force Rating of 7, even with committing 2 for lightsaber combat, is still MORE than enough for pretty much any power Yoda would use while fighting with his saber.
  15. Silim

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    Autofire specifically says you need to declare who you want to include in potential Autofire hits (since it takes the highest possible difficulty), and also says that yes, you CAN hit the same target multiple times.