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  1. The Grapple talent is usually a melee fighter's best chance at not getting blasted in the face, but annoyingly, it is only really available to unarmed fighters (Martial Artist, Steel Hand Adept, and strangely I think Archeologist?). Your best bet might be making disengaging unattractive in a situation: Sure you move away and get a good free shot, but the allies of melee-guy are now also in short-range and don't have to upgrade for shooting into melee. Oh, and the melee guy also happens to be wearing a shield gauntlet and has deflective armor, so roll those 3 setback. These options work well for both PCs and NPCs who want to keep the other side engaged. Especially nice when you can't do the "elevator scene" excuse to simply declare that you can't get out of Engaged range at all.
  2. Varisa didn't move at all as she chimed in over the helmet coms, as they all kept their appearance of quiet professionalism. "Pirates don't congregate on planets without reason, Trooper. So they've either taken to this place because of how out of the way it is, or because this planet has some resource access important to them." After a short pause, she added a small stinging remark for her fellow human trooper. "Or did you miss the basic tactics courses in the Academy?"
  3. Moving with almost robotic precision, Vasira adjusted the rest of her armor, finally sealing it fully with her helmet before stepping out of the barracks next to the rest of her squad. Being yet another faceless Stormtrooper in the unit was humiliating at least in part, but this assignment she'd prove just how wrong those had been who had denied her her true calling. With her gear in perfect order, she marched to her position on board the massive Star Destroyer, ready to do whatever was required to safeguard the Empire from the potential insurgent forces on this planet they were heading towards.
  4. Silim

    You get 3500 xp

    I'm relatively sure Protect prevents damage, and Scathing Tirade doesn't inflict damage - it just inflicts Strain directly, bypassing things that interact with damage such as Soak (though Resolve works since its involuntary Strain).
  5. Silim

    Player feels like a passenger

    I'd work with the player to flesh out the lacking backstory. Once you know that, you can more easily involve "hooks" that are both plot and character related! If your player just really isn't into that or can't come up with anything, ask if they're alright with you filling in the blanks instead.
  6. For input on what the game should be about, I think we should definitely face both sides of the Empire throughout: Both actually protecting "innocents", but also the ruthlessness and merciless/outright evil nature of the Empire shouldn't be ignored. For how much combat, social etc, I don't have any particular requests. Sure, my character is a Sharpshooter, but I can easily also develop into social skills, grab other trees, etc, I'm not somehow dead-set on being the deadliest shot in the galaxy once we start earning EXP, so don't worry about me. I generally improve/focus areas that make sense with how the story is going, not with any set "build" in mind.
  7. http://orokos.com/roll/696871 Starting us off with 2 light side.
  8. Silim

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Even with Parry 3 Reflect 3, there's still a good chance to end up taking 1-4 wounds on successful attacks against you, especially if the enemy has a Lightsaber.
  9. Vasira the Stormtrooper is ready for action. http://swsheets.com/c/d2lp02y8g-vasira
  10. What book is the DH77 comlink in? The only helmet comlink I'm finding is the one from Dangerous Covenants, which doesn't state a model/maker.
  11. Even if Sam Stewart did say this, his word is not the law. For "errata" in general, unless FFG plans to send out a "fixed" copy to me and everyone else who bought their books, I'll only MAYBE consider it, and only if it makes the game more fun, not less. Especially Force powers require creativity to use in a variety of ways, so reducing the available space for that creativity on the word of one dev is something nobody should do.
  12. Silim

    You get 3500 xp

    My last rodeo with the WEG system was quite a while ago, but I remember everyone getting real sick and tired of the wild die at the end of it. Somehow, we never liked a 1 in 6 chance of a colossal ******... But it does allow for some rather ludicrous disintegrations by accident. Or intentionally, I suppose. Our general consensus became "amazing moments are fleeting, lost body parts and shot out eyes are far more permanent" on the whole thing... Back on actual topic for the... well, topic. Instead of creating the most "broken" possible, here's a little something for a Mandalorian Armorsmith. Who, like all self-respecting Mandalorians, can of course fight. Start out as Guardian/Armorer. Easily good for a character who, even at 3500 EXP earned, doesn't realize they use the Force. For the typical Mando training, either Recruit - for the lighter side of it - or Executioner. Then, we need to of course get this Armorsmith to be the best there ever was, like no one before, so Artisan is a nice option, together with cyber-tech if we also want to become a cyborg. I don't have Fully Operational with me right now, but hey - let's add Shipwright for potential future shenanigans! Or maybe some silver-tongued talents for the mercantile side. I'm sure we can nab a few good things from Entrepreneur... I imagine this sort of character to be far more "plausible" as a NPC, who might've been a traveling merc before. The kinda guy an all Bounty Hunter game goes to to get those creds of their big score turned into amazing-*** gear, since they somehow all have an average Intellect score of 1.2 between them. But of course, no credits in the world buy you Beskar or Cortosis alone, so you better be ready to do a few odd jobs for him as he hammers out your new traditional armor set... Oh woops, seems you accidentally joined a Mandalorian clan now. Not to worry, that should only increase your reputations, not damage them.
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/alxovxh2coz5oqo/Vasira - Imperial Stormtrooper.pdf?dl=0 Temporary char sheet for now! I'll make a swsheets version once the gear and Duty questions are sorted out.
  14. Are we going to use Duty? If so, what starting amount?
  15. The E-11S Sniper Rifle costs 3500 credits, probably too much for a piece of starting gear.