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  1. To be honest I can't read Scorpion players posts about their clan card reveals with a straight face. I do not think you guys are role-playing, you are just very heavily biased towards your own faction(much more than other faction players from what I saw) and you always try to deflect(and yes, I am generalising, it might not be you personally but just something I have experienced). I still have fond memory of Scorpion players trying to convince me that Kachiko will be worse than Ujiyaki(Ujiyaki who?) and unplayable because she is a conflict deck character. They were also saying that FWTD will only see fringe play in some decks as 1 of max. I was against both points and guess who was right. I don't agree with op, it is stupid to say that Duty should be instantly restricted(just looking at the meta right now proves him wrong, there isn't much use for this card). But it is equally stupid or even more so, to say that card is unplayable and you would be happy for the opponent to put it in their deck, as some have suggested. The card didn't come out yet. No one knows how it performs. There are entire expansions and likely new deck types coming. There were people saying FTWD and Kachiko suck. It's better not to make similar mistakes again.
  2. New Stronghold will be broken in the game with zero graveyard hate. Hope they will print some answer or the situation might be dire. edit: I guess spell card pool is kinda limited so it might not be so bad
  3. I mean you can always play Good Omen on opponents characters though. :<
  4. You shouldn't initiate it if you don't have 4 - 5 strength advantage either way. Just put fan on Historian/Eiji/General, pick on a weakling and you are good to go.
  5. This card in Crane looks very interesting. Not only does it synergize with their magistrate, but also can be cast for 1 fate with Kakita Yoshi.
  6. The guy who won Madrid Kotei run it as 3 of in Crab. Pretty sure Lions political is better than Crab.
  7. @kraken78 Wait what? Unicorn is top splash for Dragon xd Spyglass is one of the best non neutral attachments in the game if not the best so it easily finds home in attachment clan especially considering the fact that they can trigger it multiple times on their own with unbow tech and niten master. Favored mount is very good too.
  8. Wow Miya Satoshi is very interesting. Can find you a bomb or a magistrate while you need one but requiring you to win the game fast or the 5 honor loss will end it for you instead. Also this ability when you have Spirit Caller out LOL Furthermore he has respectable stats and most importantly the Courtier trait(while being neutral). Now that I think of it he might be potentially broken in the future. On the other hand he has an anti synergy with himself.
  9. oops, posted something before reading everything throughly, mb
  10. For Shame was just me saying every other clan has a neutral card that completly counters Magistrate. Now Crab not having a good counter is a problem that should be resolved with bigger card pool and as we all know Crab do not have very many problems in competing right now. I like the card the same as I like all other magistrates other than Scorpion. All of them introduce counterplay/planning/decision making on the higher level than usual tactical trading of blows you see right now in nearly every game. For me more decisions = good. The more you think while playing the cards the better, making you choose to save the card or to use it knowing the risk is what makes games like Netrunner for example interesting(it is more: should I run here or there but mechanism is the same). While rout was not played in every deck it is fairly easy to find top 16 and top 8 decks from Madrid and PAX that run it which kinda proves it is not a bad card. LPB has the exact same condition of being the first player and I do not find her any more problematic than Doji Challenger or Yogo Hiroue. I am glad you think that Phoenix is a sleeper but I don't think they will be waking up anytime soon with Scorpion being close to 1/3rd of the field and having probably around 60% winrate over them. @Nanashi Very elegantly said and even though I disagree with you I couldn't have presented my ideas better.
  11. It does though. It means you completly negated one of their conflicts. If they want to run in again than he is open to Court Games(which I am not sure if it is run in crab). I completly disagree on the second point. Having a meta and figuring out counters to it is what makes for a healthy competitive scene. Also the fact that you can counter him means that he is not broken. You sound a bit not reasonable to me. First you say this card is broken/unhealthy, than people find some cards to play around it(Rout - not perfect but still) and then you say "I don't want to play this card, Magistrate broken". And your "I normally wouldn't run this card..." argument is not very thought out when we speak about any reactive cards in the game. What about Cloud the Mind? Ready for Battle? Hiruma Ambusher? All of these you run because opponent has some card you want to counter - maybe not one card maybe multiple. Rout has many uses other than countering Magistrate too, it was playable in core set and it is not unplayably bad now. All of that being said you probably don't need counters for Magistrate. He is 3 out of 40 cards in a rare matchup. Crab won 2 major events btw. 3 cards in a rare faction won't kill it.
  12. @Joe From Cincinnati For Shame is the silver bullet and is played in every other deck. He is also awful in Scorp match up. Ya he is less interactive than most of cards. It's also not like he can't be interacted with. In MTG you nearly always need a specific card to counter another specific card which makes you plan your moves more carefully(at least if you play control). I think the existence of magistrates actually makes the game more strategic. Now you can't just fling as many events at opponent as it is possible, you need to think about saving your for shame in case there might be a chance Magistrate hits the field next turn. Of course you are always trying to tactically save as much rescources as possible but now you have further incentive to plan for the long game(just like you do so against Spirit Caller for example). And hey if he makes more people play some outside of meta cards like "rout" than I am even happier.
  13. Benten's touch doesn't seem so strong at least in my play group. I think the cost is too high at least for now. So this leaves Prodigy of the waves which I agree with you is strong, stronger than Witchhunter imo, weaker than Niten master though, thats for sure. So this gives them one strong card which is probably not enough to make them unbeatable. I too dislike the design of Haughty Magistrate but only while he is facing crab. In the broader picture(against every other clan) I don't think he is broken/unfun. Every other magistrate is similarly difficult to interact with so I don't see the point other than this one is particularly hard to counter for crab. There will be other magistrates that are hard to touch for them though, for example Implacable Magistrate, so no point in singling out the phoenix. And it's good, they should get buffs considering their weak performance. Hopefully Unicorn will receive similar treatment soon.
  14. Well the tournament results do not support your comment at least for now, phoenix is nearly nowhere to be seen while crab has no trouble winning major events. Phoenix needs strong cads it seems.
  15. If they swing with magistrate and a 5 drop you essentialy have a free reign as they don't have anything else(barely anything) on the board. Most of the time it will be only magistrate. Agreed magistrate will probably swing military so court games do not help that much. As it has been pointed out Rout is probably the most straightforward answer. Mirumotos Fury is not that good in the lategame agreed, however it sounds like there was more things going on in that game other than Magistrate - for example losing on tempo to phoenix that have spent 6 fate on 1 three drop. Natural combo of Assasination + Way of the Crab should also help against small boards that phoenix presents.
  16. Bow effects, send home effects and dishonor should work pretty well. Remember that when he is buffed by the stronghold he also disables a lot of phoenix characters, often you will just need to deal with him alone. So things like Rout, Mirumotos fury, For Shame if you can find enough courtiers, Court Games should be your friend. Other than that you can just try to out tempo them sincein early game Phoenixes board is relatively poor - break some provinces yourself and try to save the other one.
  17. I think you guys are underselling his ability a bit. It doesn't matter that his politics is kinda low(I agree it should be 3 probably) when you attack with him politically and the opponent has to either overcommit or lose the province(since you can just back away after declare defenders, or fan if uo). Same with defending, you send him in, if opponent overcommits rescources to break and you have no way to defend it you just let uo and counter attack. He is like reverse version of doji challenger(albeit a bit more balanced in stats). I think he will be way better then altan(maybe because I didn't hear the roumors).
  18. @Ishi Tonu Yup Yup Yup totally agree on the Yurt. I guess I just dislike the stronghold due to how conditional it is. It needs both cavalry and military conflict and while I agree its potential is very great at the same time during most of the turns its not that important. I am not sure it compares favorably with Scorpions stronghold that changes the whole gameplan of the opponent(cannot really be dishonored). Then again I agree potential might be higher On Altansarnai I do not agree she is still one of the worst five drops even with new ones revealed and her ability doesn't do anything 90% of the time. Just give us the other Uni five drop already(Ide Tadaji doesn't help the high cost characters situation either)! The 5 drop just released can fill altans role hopefully
  19. 0 strength is way too harsh for an ability that just saves you one honor most of the time. I don't see why it is not 2 strength or at least 1. I agree that Ponies are very fun to play but I am a hipster that likes to win with "weak" factions. As to characters Unicorn is unfortunately brought down in power by their awful clan champion and horrible 4 drops(I know this is an unpopular opinion but I think Moto Horde is the only semi decent one). I can't wait to get Talisman of the Sun and put it in a tempo Unicorn deck, making your opponents swing into public forums and shameful displays or wasting their conflicts with Captive Audience and Harmonize.
  20. I agree, let's not derail the discussion. I, similarly to you, feel that Ujiaki will probably be broken. He might as well not be though, for all we know, as nobody had any chance to play with him on competitive level. So while I see your point you have nothing to back it up yet and it would be better if we came back to this discussion one month or so later, after we have anything to share other than emotions. Also your bolded out sentence is not true - as long as the player doesn't control the Imperial Favor Ujiaki is worse than most 5 drops in the game.
  21. By unplayable I mean not able to compete on tournament level. Martell, Tyrell and Night's Watch were all but a joke on competitive scene(in the ```````````````````````````````````````1st year) other than occasional rogue deck. Right now there are many more cards to experiment with than there were in AGOT at this stage, even counting 10 of the cards excluded due to clan role.
  22. It changed the deckbuilding over time but at what cost? 2 factions out of 8 dominating tournaments for a year with 3(even 4 before Stark box) of them being fundamentally unplayable. Great amounts of players just left the game due to how slow the changes were coming and how long they needed to wait for their house to be at least playable, not to mention the stale meta. Card games are naturally restrictive and a few more deck building restrictions do much less harm than meta decks dominating the format for long periods of time without any variety.
  23. Nah man. It's a cool write up and you make some good points(mainly the one about the randomness of provinces) but at this stage I can see no possible way to change these mechanics looking from the purely pragmatic point of view. On the other hand I don't see the reason to nerf "problematic" cards even if it was possible. The game is very well balanced with 6 clans that can compete on almost equal level(which is something very rare in faction based card games) with the seventh one not being too far behind(even getting into top 8 from what I remember). Also don't know if true but you seem to think that policy debate works with courtiers only - it doesn't.
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