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  1. I color coded the edges of my tiles by expansion. It makes it a lot easier to find the ones I need. I just tell the group to "get Bedroom 1 from the greens" for example.
  2. Had a blast. It was a kick seeing so much stuff on the table. Felt like flying a proper fleet!
  3. A few casual games this year, plus one 2v2 Sector Fleet game (4x600 for 2400 points total on the table). Flew mostly Imperial so far (Screed, Thrawn, JJ), but flew Rebs under Leia for the Sector Fleet game.
  4. But hey look... XWing gets the Sith Infiltrator in 1Q 2019! >.<
  5. Hey look, Lando's Falcon is now officially a thing... for X-Wing... >.<
  6. 8/23. a year minus one day, because technicalities
  7. It should be noted that green beans also are eligible for the pickling upgrade... if you are so inclined.
  8. Ahh, got it. Thanks for the clarification! Still, I like the idea of the boarding Vader on a Raider as a chasing ship. Say, in an Ozzel list where you can abuse the speed shenanigans, or with Moff J for a crazy speed 4 turn.
  9. Raider with a boarding Vader and Flight Commander? A "Vader Raider" if you will...
  10. Lieutenant Kettch! Would be worth it just for the card art, Lol.
  11. Ok, had some time to look at it, and alternate setup is as follows: Admiral Ozzel (20) (127) ISD I, Gunnery Team, Leading Shots, XI-7 (127) ISD I, Gunnery Team, Leading Shots, Rapid Launch Bays (52) Raider I, Instigator, Ordnance Experts Decimator x2 (44) Black Squadron (9) TIE Fighter x1 (8) 397 pts. Should I go with this, or the original list?
  12. Hi all - New player looking to do his first tourney at the local store this weekend. Was debating which side to roll, but my heart belongs to the Imperials. Looking to fly the following list, but still up in the air on a couple items: Faction: Galactic Empire Pts: 400 Commander: Admiral Ozzel Objectives: Targeting Beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon, Minefields Ship 1: ISD I (127 pts) - Gunnery Team - Leading Shots - XI-7 Turbolaser Ship 2: ISD I (121 pts) - Gunnery Team - Leading Shots Ship 3: Raider I (44 pts) Ship 4: Raider I (44 pts) VT-49 Decimator x2 The intent is to be 2nd player, able to jump the ISDs out to the center of the field and then drop to a cruise, and make the opponent come at me thru the beacons/minefields/ion fire while the Raiders hunt flotillas and/or hit fighters. Ozzel for jumping speed up/down, particularly for the Raiders. The Decimators are meant to be mini-ships/escorts to hit fighters and small ships that come near my ISDs. Question 1: Toying with dropping one of the Raiders, tricking out the one I have left with maybe Instigator and H9s or Ordnance Experts, and adding RLB to the non-XI-7 ISD and filling out with TIEs. Would this be a better setup? (haven't crunched the numbers yet fleet point wise whether it would fit) Question 2: Should I take Solar Corona rather than Minefields? Thanks, and glad to be here!
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