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  1. Do we know yet how many encounter cards, how many player cards, Boon cards, burdens etc? I want to make sure I have enough sleeved and I use different colours for hero's, player and encounter cards.
  2. It's been 10 weeks on the boat. Is 10 weeks quite normal or is it as highly unusual as it feels? I pre-ordered from the UK which said estimated July, but now I see that coolstuffinc have updated their estimate to October. Are those estimates a wild guess or do they get informed from the distribution companies to the length of these delays. I've been ready to run up that mountain and drop the dam ring in the fire for too long now!
  3. any chance anyone has the plugin file/folder to share, as stimpaksam requested? I'd love to give this a go so I can get me brother into the game.
  4. nice. I also prefer the dragon shield, though only the matte ones... I find the classic not up to par. i have the core/mirkwood as green, khazad dum as gold, heirs as silver and then wanted the saga series to be yellow/orange/red, the colour getting hotter the closer they get to mount doom. ...oh the shame!
  5. My Dwarrowdelf packs that I pre-ordered here in the Netherlands have just been sent my way, so looks like stocks of that cycle are spreading fast even though the 'upcoming' pages still show 'on the boat'.
  6. Im just not convinced I can get a good enough signal on my phone to get google translate to work whilst deep in the mines of moria...
  7. Thanks. I have already Pre-ordered Watcher on the water, foundations of stone, and shadow and flame from my local online store. I could then either add khazad dum to that order, but if it's further delayed it'll only delay the whole order. Or I could pick up khazad dum now from another place, but they're charging almost double the price. So I'll gladly wait a week or two, but if khazad dum is gonna be delayed another month I may have to just cough up and over pay for it to get it now. I actually bought a copy of it 3 weeks ago. But once it finally showed up last week, it was in Spanish. So I'm not sure I've got the patience to wait another month to save 18 euros.
  8. well i do also see that khazad-dum didnt have its updated 'date' changed, like the dwarrowdelf cycle did. Perhaps the update to the dwarrowdelf cycle on the Upcoming pages this weekend is just failing to display 'shipping now', and then khazad-dum, for some reason, is still not ready. Shame, if so, since one is not so good without the other.
  9. Dwarrowdelf cycle was just updated on the upcoming pages, after almost 6 weeks, except it still says on the boat. Wondering why they'd update it after this time to still show the same. A delay?
  10. downloading the app was fine, but updating/installing the plugin does not right now. error: timed out while updating the plugin
  11. I was just planning on doing the same thing (colour coding the cycles). Out of interest, which colours did you pick for each?
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