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  1. TIE_Actor

    What will Wave 8 bring?

  2. TIE_Actor

    Leader tactic values

    from my understanding, it's per attack. So you get your full re-roll each space and ground phase. Unless someone wants to correct me? By no means an expert.
  3. TIE_Actor

    Custom Extended Universe Leaders

    Really well done, though I'd say Pallaeon probably deserves a spec ops somewhere in there. For Rebels, You might put in Talon Karrde, Borsk Fey'lla & Garm Bel Iblis for starters.
  4. TIE_Actor

    Help me understand the sheild generator

    Good point. Wasn't even thinking about the rebel base.
  5. TIE_Actor

    Help me understand the sheild generator

    ok. Thanks. I think I got it now. I just wasn't wrapping my brain around it. Normally, there wouldn't be a reason to drop a ground unit off on a remote system because you cant subjugate it. With the Shield Bunker now, you need that first unit there, can deploy there like a normal planet, which will help your Death stars and what not and probably if you wanna put a base or token marker there or whatever. I was having a hard time figuring out why you would even want to build one at a remote system for a minute. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. TIE_Actor

    Help me understand the sheild generator

    sort of? So to deploy this to a remote system, does an imperial trooper need to be there first? If so, can I just drop off a ground unit on a remote system as if it was populous?
  7. Hey guys. Been looking at the rules and trying to make sense of this one. The rule books says that in ADDITION to the normal rules, Shield generators are placed where there is at least one imp unit. The RRG however says that remote systems cannot be deployed to remote systems. What exactly am I missing here? How do you deploy these things?
  8. Stupid question but I haven't found a good answer. When you draw the action cards and one of the droid ring ones pop up, do I have to actually pick the card to get the ring or do I get the droid ring and whatever my other card is. It seems odd to skip a recruitment for a droid ring in the earlier stages.
  9. TIE_Actor

    Custom Fanmade Extended Universe Expansion

    This is BEAUTIFUL! For the love of God and everything holy, someone translate this into English.