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  1. That is insane, must have been, and probably will be, a huge amount of work. It all looks fantastic so far, keep up the good work! A while ago I started creating a scenario myself but I haven't had the dedicated time to work on it much. I hope I can pick up where I left it soon.
  2. It gives me some breathing space as I still have to buy Horrific Journeys 😁 Also, I have absolute faith things are coming along, no news doesn't mean it's bad news.
  3. Agreed, although I must admit the quality definitely got a boost since BTT / GoA. In the two Monster / Character packs I got some characters that almost break their legs eventhough I've always handled them with care.
  4. Sounds awesome, definitely going to check out Stress and Strain
  5. Mansions of madness Steam App 1.5.1 Scenario: Gangs of Arkham Expansions: Everything except Sanctum of Twilight Bug(s): There were a few typos in some of the text dialogs, see attached images:
  6. I agree the whole game is designed to prevent the researchers from winning the game. Although I do share experiences where a prematurely ending of the game due to such mechanics really was frustrating. Besides that, some of my friends, girlfriend, family do not like that aspect either (insanity prematurely ending the game). My longest sessions have been playing Eldritch Horror, 6-8 hours and still losing the game.. Although I have to admit I haven't played the 4 hour MoM yet.
  7. Good job guys, definitely have to check the android app as well I see
  8. Sweet! Although I yet have to play Streets of Arkham Planning a MoM game night soon so we can squeeze in at least one scenario from SoA before SoT hit the shelves!
  9. Couldn't resist, I saw a small discount opportunity and took it. Really excited, eventhough I still have to play a few other scenarios as well as multiple times. As mentioned before, the mini's look really good. A lot better compared to some of the mini's from Recurring Nightmares and Supressed Memories, some of the characters are looking like they'll break their legs while falling backwards...
  10. I just got the option to update on Android
  11. Unfortunately buying the DLC on one platform (e.g. IOS) doesn't unlock the DLC on the other platforms (e.g. Steam). Therefore I bought the Steam version of the DLC since all my friends have laptops/PC's rather than Android/IOS tablets or whatsoever.
  12. At first I thought the same way you do right now but I've seen some useful cases after a few more plays. Especially buying time when easy monsters are following you can be of worth.
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