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  1. I've also been collaborating with another scale modeler, whom I connected with on Instagram - he made custom decals for his 1/72 Bandai X-Wing based on Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for the X-Wing. You can find this 1/72 X-Wing here I chatted with CosmoModels a bit, and he scaled down the decals for 1/270-ish use, this is the first of a full squadron-worth of T-65's (this is one view... I'll try to get the other two pictures up soon): One thing about this upcoming squadron is that it's a combination of decals and (soon) painting and weathering. The pic I attached is just the decals for this T-65, so far.
  2. Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I've been up to a few things since my Blue Squadron repaints... For one - I've finished the squadron!
  3. The Hobbie artwork is killer! It's such a dynamic image.
  4. Those Clone Y-Wings are really cool! I'd love to figure out more intricate detail with the ball-turret.
  5. The main guns and ion cannons are made from watch parts (hands, pins, screws, etc…)
  6. Anytime, mate! I'm always happy to share process and tips
  7. why, thank you mate! Also, I'll Show you... it's a healthy dose of scratch-building and fabrication… with some found bits (tiny pieces of metal, wires, etc…)
  8. Hey everyone - I've been working on a few custom Falcons, and I wanted to post a pair of them here. They're both illuminated, and painted using ILM pics as color and marking references. Let me know what you guys think! "ANH" version - removed the auxiliary landing gear boxes, and scratch-build the access ports on the under side. "ESB" version - cockpit cone, internal cockpit details, and rectenna are all from Shapeways (the rectenna is smaller than the FFG one, but more accurate in scale and detail to the 5' and 32" models ILM used for filming. Cheers guys!
  9. And more of Blue Squadron... Also - a recent addition… Blue 8
  10. The main cannons and turrets are all scratch-built out of tiny watch parts.
  11. Here's some of Red Squadron - hope you guys dig 'em! Red 1: Red 2: Red 3: Red 4: Red 5: Red 6: Red 12:
  12. Hey everyone! Mind if I get in on the fun, too! Here are my custom Y-Wings… Gold 1 and 2, and the ILM "Prototype" known as the "Red Jammer" - I like to think this is Keyan Farlander, circa the Battle of Yavin (as he's lone surviving Y-Wing at the end of ANH). Gold Leader: Gold 2: Gold 3 ("Red Jammer"):
  13. @Sir Orrin and @BlueSquadronPilot - Thanks, gents! I've written up a blog post on Dockingbay 416 about how I do these minis - the thread is a walkthrough of Blue Leader, I've got the link for you guys below! Blue Leader paint walkthrough: http://dockingbay416.com/painting-blue-one-c-battle-of-scarifyavin-with-some-of-red-squadron/ and the link to my Instagram - there are tons of pics there of my custom minis (including a few illuminated Falcons): https://www.instagram.com/dburgess1987/ I'll upload more as I do 'em! And thanks for welcoming me to the forum! Cheers!
  14. Ask and you shall receive, man! Blue 1 through 5.
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