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  1. Cute. I'd fly it. But you've totally got the base on backwards :)
  2. jbrandmeyer

    Lancers, Scurrgs and Z95s anyone?

    Z95's complement X-Wings in a small group, especially if you have spare squadron command value (say, from assault frigates or MC80H). 3 X-wings and 3 Z-95's makes a nice SFC with a bit of extra deployment help. But with Raddus around, I prefer the mobility of A-Wings now. In a large group, with no way to control the red dice, they just aren't reliable enough in the ship attack role to be worthwhile for me.
  3. jbrandmeyer

    Best Rebel squad combos under 80-100 points

    There are maybe three basic ways to fly an MFC. Escort-based wings need to stick together. It acts like a shield wall, with the escorted buddies stabbing the enemy out from inside the ball, and the escorts act as the shields. Interceptor-based wings hang out on the periphery, engaging only one or two of the enemy per squadron, spread around. It keeps the enemy from concentrating their firepower or their Intel on any one place. If either of the above are accompanied by a sufficiently nasty bomber buddy (say, Gold Squadron, Nym, or Norra), then the bomber buddy can make a separate attack run. This forces the enemy to deteach two or more fighters to separately engage the bomber buddy, spreading around their damage to more of your own forces. In all cases, flak can make or break the squadron game. Try to control the engagement to be in range of your own supporting flak, and away from the enemy's. A slow wing needs to hug the source of its own flak. A fast wing can engage before its own flak support shows up, but only for one turn or so. I almost always prefer an MC80 Battle Cruiser over the Star Cruiser for the simple reason that it has better flak.
  4. jbrandmeyer

    Best Rebel squad combos under 80-100 points

    The Shara/Tycho/2x A-Wings combination is definitely my favorite SFC. They also help as a better Raddus counter compared to Jan, Biggs, 2x X-Wings. But whenever someone shows up completely squadronless (say, 2x ISD + minimal support), I find that the A-wings just don't pull their weight. An MFC must pull its weight when the other guy shows up squadronless. It also needs to be fast enough to get to combat without too much extra support, or you may as well go max squadrons. So lets look at some things that aren't dedicated bombers, which I will classify as anything that has Bomber but is not Heavy. I'll also include the blue+black dudes for good measure. Being non-heavy means that it can assist the fighter (or interceptor) core when facing a max squadrons fleet. You can simply accept that you won't win the squadron fight, and can instead focus on slowing them down enough to attack the carriers. Norra Wexley: Complements X-Wings very nicely, acting as a force multiplier for them in a squadronless fight. Against max Sloane or max bombers, she can break out of the biggsball, bringing her 2x braces and 6 hull to the fight. Dutch Vander: Also complements X-Wings. His crit effect helps immensely in the squadron game, especially paired with Wedge. But without the Norra crit effect, a biggsball just isn't punchy enough against modern large ships. Save him for an LFC. Gold Squadron: Also complements X-Wings. Consider subbing out one of the X-Wings for Gold Squadron. Lancers: Complements A-Wings. As Rogues, they also reduce the support requirements. Two flotillas is enough to activate Shara, Tycho, 2x A-Wings, and have a pair of Lancers show up to the party on their own. One well-timed squadron command (on the next turn) may be all they need to get their job done. Green Squadron: Also complements A-Wings, but needs an activation to get into the fight. B-WIngs, of any form: leave at home. Their speed handicap keeps them from properly assisting an MFC for me, even Ten Nub. Hera. Very expensive by herself. But, she can make two buddies Rogue, reducing the support requirements dramatically. Her anti-ship dice aren't outstanding, but they do perform about as good as a BCC-assisted Y-Wing on their own. Han. Also very expensive. Doesn't grant Rogue to anyone else, but is himself a Rogue. Shoots first, which make it easier for him to get work done as a finisher. I'm not sure what he complements though, so I don't typically field him. Dash. Complements YT-2400, and is his own personal BCC. But I don't own that many YT-2400, so I don't have any experience with this kind of MFC. Supposedly they work as finishers, though, complementing hard-hitting fast-movers like MC30 and Engine Tech MC80 Liberties. So with all that in mind, here are my favorite MFC's. You'll note that the ability to get in an extra attack with Rogue followed by a Yavaris attack is quite a bit more powerful than just the Yavaris attack by itself. Which seems obvious when presented this way, but many folks decry the "Rogue tax" anyway. Total squadron investment to play with all of them is Rogues and Villains, 2x Rebel Squadrons I, 1x Rebel Squadrons II, and Corellian Conflict, so nothing too spammy. Shara, Tycho, Green Squadron, 1x A-Wing, 2x Lancers (86), 2x comm net flotillas = 126 points, 24 hull, two scatter aces. Can scale up to include Toryn and a BCC for 139, but it doesn't have to. Can also upgrade one Lancer to Ketsu for +7, gaining a third scatter ace, better bombing, and some extra anti-Intel shenanigans. Complements: anything that would much rather be navigating than yelling at squadrons (HH, CR90, MC30, MC75, MC80 Liberty). With their speed and volume, this wing makes Superior Positions a solid alternative to Solar Corona. Their speed can be a liability if they get too far out of range of their support ships. Versus max squadrons, they have to spread out around the periphery. In total, 5.25 anti-ship damage without a BCC, 6.0 with one. Best case attack run of both Lancers followed by a Yavaris double with all three bombers is 10 dmg with a BCC. Jan, Biggs, Norra, 3x X-Wings (94), 2x Flotillas, Comm net, Toryn and a BCC comes to 147 points, 20 Biggs-shared escort hull, two brace aces (or 26 hull + three brace aces if you're willing to separately engage Norra). Swapping out one X-Wing for Gold Squadron cuts it down to 146 (27 hull, three brace aces). IMO, it needs the BCC too much to drop it, but maybe Toryn is optional. It will require a squadron command from at least one more combat ship to aid it... but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Complements: Big ships that aren't too desperate for navigation commands (MC80, AFII). Hates: EWS, since they may not be fast enough to reach around the obstruction field. Doesn't mind going second quite as badly, since it can muscle through much more than the interceptor group above. Versus max squadrons, they have to stay close together. In total, 7.8 damage versus shielded opponents, 6.0 versus unshielded. Yavaris attack run without a preamble (Norra, 2 X-wings double-tapping) brings 9.25 versus a shielded opponent, and only 6.62 versus an unshielded target. That's fine, we were shooting first anyway. Hera, 2x X-Wings, Gold Squadron, 1x Scurrg, 1x Z-95 (89), 1x flotilla w/BCC, Yavaris with flight commander (180), and a deep bid. Technically it has 33 hull, but it relies so strongly on the X-Wings for anti-squadron that it sure doesn't feel like it. The Z-95 pads the wing up to three deployments and does add a bit of unpredictable anti-squadron damage. While the other wings are nicely complemented with Yavaris, she is mandatory with this wing. Hera acts as a less-predictable Pryce, allowing you to boost Yavaris from 6 squadron attacks to 9 in a row. Facing max squadrons? Triple-tap her with the X-Wings. Facing squadronless? Bring in the bombers, baby. This is very much a bid-dependent one-hit wonder. If you choose your target well, it can turn the battle, but if you choose poorly it feels like a total waste. 7.3 anti-ship damage total (4.94 anti-ship damage from Hera and the main bombers). Yavaris attack run (Hera, Scurrg, Gold, all triple tapping) brings 14.8 dmg.
  5. Take a nebulon. Give it stronger side arcs, a wider front arc, and a redirect, and you've got something (defensively) like a Pelta. The trouble remains that fleets like a double-Cymoon and precision-piloted MC75 will still nuke it pretty quickly. The trouble is that all of the frigates (command-2 ships) short of Admo and Mon Mothma-amped up Foresight are in bad shape right now.
  6. On a Command-2 ship, yes exactly. If you have any software engineering background, the "command stack" is a misnomer. It is actually more like a "command queue", with the write end being the physical bottom of the stack of dials, and the read end is the physical top of the stack of dials. SFO pops off the read end of the queue. Officer Leia Organa allows you to replace the element on the read end of the command queue, and so on. At the end of the Command Phase, every ship's command queue should be completely filled to that ship's command value.
  7. At a bare minimum, Skilled First Officer makes a command-2 ship command-1 for two turns. Sometimes you can do better. Turn N. You see at the top of the round that it has the wrong command queued up. Put the right one on the bottom of the stack. When it is this ships turn to activate, you throw out the top dial, and reveal the dial you placed this turn. Turn N+1. You have zero dials face down, and therefore place two dials for this ship. One for this turn, and one for next turn. So, on both turns N and N+1 you got to choose the command you are using this round. In some situations, you can get a bit more flexibility as well. Make your best guess about which commands you will need, but alternate them. Now, on each turn, you have the option of delaying your command choice all the way until you reveal the dial. So on Turn N you get to choose one of two key commands at this particular ship's turn to activate, and still also choose the command fresh at the top of turn N+1.
  8. jbrandmeyer

    detrimental upgrade cards?

    We already have cards that are both boost/bust, or boost and boost for your opponent. Slaved Turrets, Hondo, Bail, Pryce, Devastator, and so on. They seem pretty well balanced for the most part.
  9. Ahsoka also makes a Comm Net GR-75 and omni-token generator in a pinch: During the Reveal Command Dial Step: Reveal Dial. Spend dial to gain a matching token. Ahsoka-convert the token into something else. (after reveal command dial step) Pass the converted token to someone else. Its not an ideal usage of her, but it works if you need a bit more flexibility. For example, it allows you to cancel an inopportune Raid token that gets delivered mid-round.
  10. jbrandmeyer

    Denver Regional (Broomfield, CO)

    There have been 6-8 locals showing up to our Thursday evening Armada nights ever since Wave 7 dropped. For a tournament we usually get a couple of folks to drive in from Ft. Collins and/or Colorado Springs, plus you two from S. Dakota, so I'll guess 12-16 total. Its my 11th wedding anniversary and I'm already taking some flack for coming out to Regionals in the first place, so breakfast is out for me. The Huckleberry in Louisville has great breakfast fare, and isn't too far away. It is a bit spendy, though the food is excellent. Actually, with the tech boom, food anywhere nearby is a bit spendy Huckleberry's menu is online with current prices, so you can judge for yourself in advance.
  11. jbrandmeyer

    Double commanders

    In a sense, the fleet commands do act much like a second commander.
  12. jbrandmeyer


    I've fought against ews equipped arqs. They were ineffective for my opponent since I could usually set up to hit either his aft or side arc. Well over 180 degrees has los to the aft arc.
  13. jbrandmeyer

    Madine is Half a bubble off

    I don't have sensor net/VCX in my MC75+MC80L list. That was a comment about what I would pick as player 1 against a strategic player when I don't have any strategic in my list.
  14. jbrandmeyer

    The Force in Armada

    That time you threw 18 black dice without a single crit? The Force. The day your opponent threw 4 red doubles and two accuracies to one-shot your ship? The Force.