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  1. Ok, just wondering
  2. So did I pass her on a narrow catwalk without seeing her? Would a vigilance check be an incidental?
  3. All he heard was static on the Comlink. Digging deep, he raced after the Selonian but she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he heard the loud grinding of a large door opening on the upper level. Still moving, he watched as a giant mechanical beast awakened from it's slumber. "We've got a problem over here! Anyone willing to spare a can opener?" a familiar voice from the darkness howled over the incessant blaster fire. "Coming right up!" He called back, igniting his recovered blade and crossing it with it's companion in a salutary gesture. He propelled forward at blinding speed, letting his arms fly behind him, glowing swords stretched out like wings. All the while enemy soldiers fell from above like heavy snow, disappearing into the darkness below.
  4. So is that two force dice twice for two maneuvers, zero actions? Am I going the same direction as Tovera? I'd like to use my turns to allow for character dialogue as much as possible.
  5. Dang, no party buffs. Ok, I want to take cover as close as possible to the walker, then do something else useful ASAP
  6. Marked for Death Force talent. The character may take the Marked for Death maneuver, selecting one target and committing [force die]. The character adds automatic [advantage] [advantage] to combat checks against that target while [force die] remains committed, but cannot use the Marked for Death talent again until the character uncommits [force die], the original target is incapacitated, or the session ends. [Advantage] gained in this way cannot be used to recover strain.
  7. Im asking: Within one turn, can I get to said "safe space" - short range from the walker and have a Maneuver to use my Marked For Death talent on the walker? The way I'm reading it, Marked For Death talent is like painting a big Bullseye with the Force so that all the individual party members can benefit from it, yes?
  8. In that case I'd like to get as close as I can to the walker albeit on the lower walkway so I'm not in it's path, and then use my Marked For Death talent on it. Thats a committed force die in exchange for two advantages in every combat check against this thing. I just can't recover strain from those two advantages unfortunately.
  9. And we don't know if we are below sea level or not?
  10. Could concussion missiles punch holes in the side wall of this structure leading to the outside?
  11. Do the other characters have this knowledge as well? Whether it be somewhat common knowledge, or coincidence that we've all just happened to hear about it before, or we all did our homework before diving into this heist.
  12. So my Freerunning or Improved Freerunning talents are no good here?
  13. I'm going to be MIA for a few days so I'd like to get my turn over ASAP for next round if possible. How far am I from the spider mech? Can I quick strike since it hasn't acted yet? If I can at least get to Short Range via freerunning then I can give it a hawkbat swoop attack with my main saber.
  14. flipping destiny for Mind Over Matter OOT talent again
  15. I need to work on this. Good lesson. Thank you! Note: Although it's kinda pointless to write about a Tracer (Freerunner/Parkourist) without describing all the static objects that he is interacting with.