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  1. That sounds like our missing Phil Coulson Face/Leader role!
  2. I'm thinking of going Intelligence/Sabotage/Combat Victory Im wanting to play an Airborne SWAT basically. Raiding compounds and arresting mob bosses or terrorist leaders for further interrogation if possible. I've got binders for making arrests. No single Duty seems to fit perfectly though Any thoughts @Kabal?
  3. Sorry to hear that. I'm relatively new to the system as well. But I'm sure our GM @Kabal would take that into consideration. My sincere agape to you @Sincereagape, and may the active force be with you, always.
  4. It's up to the GM @Kabal I think he specified AoR career then Imperial Cadet as a free second specialization The obvious choice would be the Spy: Infiltrator
  5. Here's my character rough draft. Still picking talents and balancing my XP checkbook http://swsheets.com/c/fyikz357s---place-holder
  6. The Empire has fixed a lot problems of the Republic. Cloning human soldiers is morally wrong like biological warfare (now we know), so of course it's illegal now. Plus the Jedi Order and their "damnfool idealistic crusade" ordered the clones in the first place. But what were they supposed to do when Confederate Terminators invaded? Then a clone army shows up out of nowhere willing to fight off the killer robot horde instead of your sons and daughters? Sure, send in the clones!
  7. I don't know about the highly trained part, but I don't think any of the stormtroopers in Rebels were clones. I'm pretty sure the Clones went into training stormtroopers then retirement sometime after Episode III Solo is supposed to start 10 years before Episode IV A New Hope Rebels is supposed to start 15 years after Episode III Revenge of the Sith
  8. While hilariously satirical, those characters would change the tone of this campaign dramatically. Remember, the real-world Star Wars movies of Earth were told from the Rebel's perspective. But in this campaign, the Empire was actually good and the Rebels were the real bad guys. For example: The younglings "drank the Kool-Aid" before Anakin could get there in time to save them from the jihadist cult known as the Jedi Order. Anakin / Vader is like Superman or Captain America Palpatine's speech to the Senate about the Jedi betraying the Republic was completely true. The Sith are just the Jedi's version of the boogyman, and "turning to the dark side" is their version of "burning in hellfire" meant to scare their parishioners into obedience to their religious ideology. The meeting of Moffs where Tarken talks about ruling by fear is fake news, sad. Princess Leia was lying when she said Alderaan had no weapons, just like she lied about the rebel base on Dantooine. Alderaan was actually a major sponsor of terrorism and harboring intergalactic fugitives. The Death Star is equivalent to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor combined, just reversed timetable. Palpatine is like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy combined. Luke Skywalker is like the Red Baron crossed with Osama Bin Ladin Non-Humans are treated similar to illegal immigrents for the most part. Not that I actually believe all of this IRL, but it's how our characters should view their universe. @Kabal, Can we play in this narrative of canon Star Wars? That was kinda the whole point of this thread.
  9. I think we still need a leader/face of the group. A female in a Phil Coulson type role would be great!
  10. Interesting! What do you mean by faceless media creation? Like an A.I. virtual pilot? I'm at character creation with a Hotshot/Vanguard currently with: Ygg - Charm YYY - Piloting (Planetary) YYg - Piloting (Space) I hope that doesn't step on your toes too much
  11. As long as your character was played as a "good guy" like everyone else and using the Duty mechanic like everyone else, I don't see any problem with it. But I'm not GMing (no experience), and whoever is GMing has final say.
  12. Why not include the prequels? If the prequels don't count then we are not playing in the canon universe. That's a really big (not aforementioned) caveat! I guess I didn't specifically stipulate that it had to be canon in the original post. I guess just I took it for granted that "Star Wars" might mean something different to each individual. For me the purpose of this campaign was just to flip the good vs. evil narrative of Star Wars (canon). Growing up, I really enjoyed "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!" and I just wanted to try that with Star Wars, tell the other side's version of the story. The movies still happened but with a different perspective. Rarely do people think they are the villains of their own story.
  13. @Kabal, what time period do you want to start? May I suggest during the events of Solo?
  14. What does the Empire do with Force Sensitive children? And what about other fully indoctrinated Force adepts? Are they not potential weapons of the Empire? It would be a shame to waste them.
  15. @Kabal, I'm still on the fence about specs to choose for my Jumptrooper / risk-taking Pilot. I guess there is a lot of debate surrounding application of piloting talents to jetpacks. I was going to start with Smuggler: Pilot but I'm tempted to start out with Ace: Hotshot instead, but I don't want to buy talents expecting to be able to use them for a jetpack only to find out that it doesn't apply. Any suggestions?
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