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  1. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Then did someone hack your account and post this? I didnt hack you.
  2. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    (It goes without saying but, I'm responding to your whole post even though I'm just quoting part of it. I'm doing this in order to save space, like @awayputurwpn asked you to do when he took over. Ignoring direction is a pattern here.) I was trying to get you to jump to lightspeed and to safety. If you feel you were railroaded then don't ignore the GM's warning that a train is coming down the track you're standing on. But you thought you could outrun it I guess. I warned you that your ship would run out of fuel flying through atmosphere. And your response was to fast forward to the other side of the planet. You skipped ahead assuming your success without asking for difficulty. So of course you ran out of fuel like I said you would. Then I assumed that you were out of atmosphere at this point because if you weren't you would have stalled and crashed into the ocean and died. TPK from you ignoring the GM's warning would have been stupid. So if I railroaded you, it was to save you from yourself. You're welcome. But you still need to feel the consequences of your decisions or else it's not an RPG. What you are demanding now (not politely asking) is a 'revert to save' type of situation. In order to get that, you will have to admit fault, and that would require an ounce of humility on your part. I'm sure it would make many people proud of you, if you learned how to do that. Even then, I think @EliasWindrider would be a better GM for you. I have a more narrative style, and you clearly want a more crunch-focused experience.
  3. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    It's a shame because I was really excited to finish this story. I had a whole NPC thing ready to go. Just make sure he drops off my droid on Kafrene please? Godspeed @EliasWindrider!
  4. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Did you read anything we are saying? Your unrelenting obstinance is a severe hindrance to your human relationships. If people are replaceable to you, then you may not care. Maybe that's why you don't listen to others. Your argumentative spirit is unbearable. I don't know if you actually want to play this game or if the game your really playing is arguing with people until they give up. I just wanted to get your character to the end of this session QUICKLY and give him some sweet narrative meat to take to the next table. I had such an awesome meal prepared. But you keep pushing for more, then when I give you an extra inch because I'm feeling generous, you take a mile. Then when you exhaust me with ridiculous arguments, and I agree with whatever you want just to make the argument stop, then you start another argument because you would rather do that than actually play. I don't understand why you think this is ok to treat people this way but it isn't.
  5. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    That would have been exciting and fun (and complicated), except you fast forward the narrative to the other side of the planet and we missed all that unfortunately. Im willing to edit in your droid's attempt but anything else is too much. You already did it
  6. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    "Lose" is a relative term. They easily tracked you and followed you at a distance from orbit. They are speed 5 so they can catch anything flying in a straight line except maybe an A-Wing or Tie/In. Since there are no terrain features on Kamino to maneuver behind it would be impossible for a speed 3 ship to give them the slip unless it had submersible or cloaking capabilities as Elias mentioned. Your only way out of this mess is to jump to get to a crowded place to lay low for a bit, and refuel. I'm super excited for your characters regarding that part.
  7. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    @Tramp Graphics Your droid will succeed at removing the tracker when you roll a success for your droid. You didn't roll anything yet, so I assumed you were waiting to get out of atmosphere, like I warned you to do. You're welcome to roll a belated Formidable Mechanics check for your droid while your ship was speeding away through the stormy Kaminoan atmosphere. I'll just edit the results retroactively into the narrative, no worries. Remember, this is a game and I'm not your enemy. Pick your battles, save your energy, relax, and have fun. I want you to enjoy yourself, but not if it means arguing, especially over silly stuff. Unless it's the characters who are arguing, that can be fun.
  8. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Kaminoan water must taste really irony
  9. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Considering you are sandwiched between a giant Star Destroyer and a planet, most possible hyperspace routes are currently unavailable. Last "round" would have would have been a Formidable Astrogation check Now that you have started plotting a course it is currently Daunting Each round that your droid brain is devoted to calculating the route will reduce the difficulty by one. It is currently devoted as per your character's command. Your character and your droids (including my standard R7 astromech) may each have one action each round at your command. You will be rolling. The ship's current altitude is practically fixed until you decide to jump to lightspeed. You have full steering capabilities like a satellite until you refuel. Your destination is in an asteroid belt so you will be able to dock without need of sublight engines there. You will be rolling first, but for each round everything is happening simultaneously. The fighters are attacking this round. Lasers are mid-air.
  10. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    I'm going to have you always roll for your own droids. He's already outside.
  11. Jedi Quest IC thread

    The newcomer astromech chirped abruptly. Hacker translated, "Sevendee-Seven says he's got a contact on Kafrene who can help us loose some of this heat and refuel."
  12. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    I shouldn't have to highlight this but I gave you a secret weapon that is worth more than all of your white DPs combined: @Tramp Graphics, I want Korath to shine as much as you do.
  13. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    I tried to give a hint/warning here.
  14. Jedi Quest IC thread

    The cutting edge First Order ships kept up with their prey easily from orbit, conserving fuel and patiently waiting for the Freighter to waste all of it's energy fighting gravity, atmospheric pressure, and the frequent stormy Kaminoan weather. Above the clouds two Tie-fighter groups of four were in attack formation. The massive Destroyer, nearly three thousand meters long, was looming above the fighters and blocking out the sky. The Jedi Star's low fuel alarms pierced the artificial air inside the cockpit and the lights switched to emergency red. Korath's droid can safely remove the tracker with an average mechanics check now that the Jedi Star is in low orbit. The Jedi Star has enough fuel for one jump to Hyperspace and use of it's Reaction Control System (basic satellite steering) but not the sublight engines. The Destroyer's tractor beam is not yet in range but the fighters are.