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  1. This is my choice
  2. Well I guess that's curtains for me ...gently wafting curtains. Good game guys. May the force be with you.
  3. There was the pinging splash of blaster fire. The walker fell back, and pieces of the bridge flew up in molten fragments. The armored man swayed on the bridge, stepped back a pace, and then again stood still. "Gar kelir nu draar sla'napir!" [You will never ever leave!] his voice thundered. The bridge cracked, right at the walker's feet it broke. Its powerful legs whirled and it's hydraulics hissed. With a mighty bound the machine made a huge leap just as the bridge broke asunder and fell from underneath them. At that moment the man leapt up on to his opponent, latching briefly before jumping backward towards the safety of the ledge that remained. He locked eyes with those who had assisted him earlier, "Eyaytir, gar or'diniise!" [Flee, you fools!] he cried.
  4. Ok, I can have it up tonight
  5. I just realized you were spending your triumph. I thought it was narration.
  6. Thanks. Was that intended for IC? I can totally make it off in time, I'm pretty sure, maybe, what's the difficulty @awayputurwpn? Also what's the likelihood the walker can save itself without my interference? I maybe want to try a Captain Falcon style jump-grab-kick-backflip off the walker/ fly back to the ledge! Cap's aerial up-B recovery move. Difficulty?
  7. I'm not off the bridge yet, will this kill me??????
  8. I think I would understand the book better if it was translated into Mando'a LOL
  9. I know it's for the next round because I just had my turn but which way is my exit after I finish the bridge off?
  10. G.I. Joe is timeless
  11. I never doubted you as a GM or your ruling. I was pointing to your ruling as the authority actually (see quotes). I just have it out for the establishment, not authority in general. Apparently I was confused by their use of the word "Reflect" But yes, I will comply Thank you for correcting me
  12. @Tramp Graphics, I agree with you @Tramp Graphics that the RAW is wrong because it's not only featured in the movies, it's a major plot point! There also really should be an Improved Reflect that bounces blaster fire back to the enemies, that's clearly in the movies and tv shows too. I wonder if any house rules have fixed that... I need a picket sign that says "FFG FAIL!" (Some on this forum might think I'm blasphemous because they worship FFG RAW) I can't wait for Gensys though! House rules rule!
  13. Meanwhile... The machine made no answer. "Ni cuy' te verd be te Ranov'la Tracyn, Ni jorir te Nau be te Ka'ra!" [I am the soldier of the Force, I wield the Light of the Stars!] The man in armor shouted, continuing to slash at the bridge supports. An explosion lit up the room, then the light from the monster seemed to die, as the darkness grew. "Gar kelir draar sla'napir," [You will never leave] He said again, as he kept wailing on the the bridge. The walker stepped forward slowly on the bridge, and suddenly it drew itself up to a great height, and its legs seemed to reach from wall to wall. "Te Dha Tracyn kelir draar gaa'taylir gar, gota be Haran. Slanar norac at te werda!" [The Dark Side won't help you, machination of Hel. Go back to the shadows!] He roared, as his armor and blades glimmered through the gloom. He seemed so small and alone against the immense metal creature. "Gar kelir draar sla'napir," [You will never leave] He said a third time with even greater determination.
  14. @awayputurwpn, In whatever turn order is best for the party, I'd like to aim and hit the supports under the walker again but stop short of collapsing the bridge completely so everyone can get away safely
  15. If they want to play but are struggling with the fact that their character is good/righteous but wasn't "Raptured" then you could always just use the Bible rules-as-written.