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  1. Thanks for the comments. Makes sense to me.
  2. OK, maybe this question has been done to death, but I have paged through the various posts, and cannot seem to put all the pieces together. Forgive me for rehashing this. I understand the adaptive ailerons FAQ is quite clear that you do not lose your action for 'aileroning' onto a rock, but I am not quite clear why. From the FFG rule set (swx36) Actions section: "A ship must skip its “Perform Action” step if it overlapped another ship while executing a maneuver." Since adaptive aileron (and SLAM and dare devil) count as a maneuvers, this would seem to indicate you lose the action. Under Activation Phase: "When an ability instructs a ship to execute a specific maneuver, it resolves only the “Execute Maneuver” step.” This doesn't particularly say anything about obstacles one way or the other but does indicate special maneuvers (aileron, dare devil, etc.) are in the Activation Phase. The Maneuver section states the same as the Activation Phase ("When an ability instructs a ship to execute a specific maneuver..."). Nothing more here. Finally, the Obstacles section: "When a ship executes a maneuver, if its base or maneuver template overlaps an obstacle token... Asteroid: The ship must skip its “Perform Action” step this round." No real exceptions here. From the FAQ 4.3.2: RULES REFERENCE (OBSTACLES, PAGE 14) "The following section should be added after the third paragraph of the Obstacles entry: 'After a ship's base or maneuver template overlaps an obstacle, and the overlap is not from executing a maneuver, it suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle: • Asteroid: The ship rolls 1 attack die. On a [hit] result, it suffers one damage; on a [crit] result, it suffers one critical damage. While a ship is overlapping an asteroid, it cannot perform any attacks.'" This seems to state that moving onto a rock not due to a maneuver does not skip the Perform Action step. That would be great except aileron is a maneuver (and would trigger anti-pursuit lasers, etc.). My guess would be that this should say something like "not from revealing their first maneuver dial" or some such. That should clear aileron/dare devil (no maneuver dial) or SLAM action (second maneuver dial). I'm just trying to put this together so that it is consistent. I guess the reason, "Because the FAQ said so," is fine, but I have a feeling this will come up for future abilities as well. Thanks for your time. Thoughts?
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