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  1. thank you Sandrem for all of this. Speaking as a player whose schedule makes it difficult to get to the game store when their designated nights are set. I do have a question. I noticed there are some gunner cards and missle cards missing. I was wondering when those could be added? I am looking forward to joining the Patreon once I get paid, and I hope you are finding this rewarding. ? Have a great day!
  2. I am trying to see if I can find those "logos" from the backs of all of the upgrade cards (torpedo, missle, crew, etc) in an ".svg" format. I was thinking I would use those to create divider cards on my 3dprinter. I searched but was unable to find them yet. Anyone have any ideas or possibly a link?
  3. my comment was actually regarding the Collection. I would like to be able to store a collection online so I have it as a reference for the future. I did see the Extended option for the squads. ? . I know it is a tiny thing for most, but I am the kind of person who likes a collection list as well. The current squad builder app on the web is pretty slick though. I like the accessibility of the interface and such.
  4. The collection section only has v2.0 ships meaning you can't list your other ships even if you have the conversion packs. Hopefully this will be updated to allow those with collections to be fully integrated.
  5. I am new to the game, but love the models and gameplay so far! I have been looking around and can't believe that a K-wing is going for up to 90 dollars for a single ship and it has been in reprint status since November. Is there any kind of update?
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