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    robguyday reacted to Kyle Ren in Running Interference   
    He has to pass because there's no other options available to him. She's used both copies of Running Interference to prevent him from rolling in or playing a card, so he has to pass on that action. That was the point of this whole thread. 
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    robguyday reacted to Parksy77 in Booster Box with 5 Legendaries   
    I have done 5 booster boxes per release and will do the same with EaW. Had 6 per box so far in all 10. Never duplicates in the same box either.
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    robguyday reacted to Rogue 4 in Has anyone tried 2-player eKylo with eFN?   
    Baby Vader and new elite Phasma is very good
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    robguyday reacted to Kyle Ren in Two Player Game Box   
    I do think it's a little funny that the starters are always 25/23 and the real games are always 30/30. But I guess they did the market analysis and $15 per deck sells better than $20. But I hear what you guys are saying, that it ends up seeming cheap that the starter decks are seven cards short and have combined character costs between 20 and 25.
    Oh well, I guess that's just their thing. It's just important to remember that to get a full deck, you probably have to buy the starter and six or so boosters, and maybe find some other folks who are willing to trade.
    That being said, I really like that this two player set only had one copy of every card, so if you buy two, you don't have a bunch of duplicates. Not that I really care, since I usually buy so many packs that I get like ten copies of all the commons, but for a beginner, having a ton of duplicates without even having a tenth of the full set can have a rather unsettling feeling.
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    robguyday reacted to Rogue 4 in Two Player Game Box   
    FFG has always had the business model of making players buy 2 of X. 
    SW LCG had to buy 2
    Game of Thrones 2.0 had to buy 3
    SO that isn't new if you play their games. 
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    robguyday reacted to blackholexan in Two Player Game Box   
    Good cards, no wasted doubles if you get 2.
    Decent content for a new player (well, 2 too). 
    Interesting content for "veteran" players
    I like it.
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    robguyday reacted to Reaver027 in Two Player Game Box   
    I like that you will hardly get any waste if you buy two boxes. 
    If we can't get complete decks this is the preferred way to do it. 
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    robguyday reacted to thesug1 in Knights of Ren Year One Celebration   
    September 24 we will celebrate Year One of our Destiny podcast and we want to celebrate with you! We will be hosting an all day livestream with guests, TTS games, new deck lists, a live recording of KoR and Galactic Senate plus prizes! (Including a full box of Empire at War). So like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/knightsofrenpodcast/  and follow our Twitch page  https://www.twitch.tv/knightsofrenpodcast  for more announcements as we get closer.

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    robguyday reacted to Kdubb in Blue spoiler article!   
    Kill Them All worst card in the game?
    If not, has to at least be in the running. 
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    robguyday reacted to Tingaleo in Blue spoiler article!   
    I like that the Ahsoka die and Shoto die are different enough that I won't get them confused, like FN and the riot baton. 
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Blue spoiler article!   
    The unfortunate reality is that Rey won't be moving aside for any other low cost blue character until she's fixed.
    That aside though, heroes are looking great with this new batch.
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    robguyday reacted to Red Castle in Blue spoiler article!   
    After reading Dark Disciple, I'm actually glad that they decided to make him a villain. This way you can actually pair him with Asajj or Dooku.
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    robguyday reacted to Piscettios in 2 blue Hero character legendary's in Eaw?   
    Luke... Obi Wan... Mace Windu...
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    robguyday reacted to Stu35 in Command Shuttle and IG-88   
    Seems pretty straightforward to me: youre using IG88s special. So you play a yellow weapon or equipment on ig88 reducing its cost by 2.
    Same way when you command shuttle anakin then anakin takes the 1 damage, not the shuttle.
    Happy to be proved wrong, but it seems obvious to me.
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    robguyday reacted to Kyle Ren in Cad Bane Spoiler   
    ? Oops... sorry Dengar. 
    I guess I'm so sick of seeing his diaper-covered head sweep the table in X-Wing that I was subconsciously forgetting he exists...
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Cad Bane Spoiler   
    Dengar is not pleased with you.
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    robguyday reacted to gokubb in Cad Bane Spoiler   
    Not enough room in the text box for "play this event after you activate him".
    I bet it is:
    ACTION: Play an upgrade from your hand onto this character (paying its cost), and then you may activate him.
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Gencon promos   
    I'm sure they will fine their way on ebay for several pretty pennies.
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    robguyday reacted to Kyle Ren in Is Palp dead?   
    Palp's still really good, in my opinion. My local tourneys still see him in the top four quite frequently. Like people have said though, he dies from dice removal. I beat him using Obi-Wan in the final round of a tournament, who I have decided is completely underrated - again, guardian (and the event Guard) are the best.
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    robguyday reacted to Piscettios in Is Palp dead?   
    eSnap/eHan? Might not be tier 1, but it's close. Control and disrupt is quite fun!
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    robguyday reacted to Amanal in maybe we should not allow damage on first turn of the game?   
    Perhaps a character that can nominate a value and remove a card from his opponents hand when it activates?
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    robguyday reacted to Vitalis in Rarities: (A.K.A. please don't be money Hoes like Whizkids)   
    Shhhhhh. Lest point him to MtG
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    robguyday reacted to Ajones47 in Luke Help.   
    First deck looks pretty solid. At 7 health I find the Acolyte a bit squishy - you can make up for that with Otoh Gunga as the battlefield. Otherwise, you could swap the Acolyte for Rey. Get +2 health at the cost of the occasional loss of an extra damage or resource.
    Deck two is an underrated pairing, imo. They're a great pair. That being said, you could probably safely drop Force Heal and Force Illusion for a pair of Lightsabers. Lone Operative will do enough healing work.
    If you've got him, there was a successful build back in Awakenings that paired eLuke with Ackbar. It usually went under the moniker of 'Skybar' You can throw in a couple of Field Medics, Leadership to throw Luke twice, it's a solid deck.
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Store Championships 2017 Results Thread   
    I got what you were making the comment for. I meant, I don't see any han/luke deck listed anywhere
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    robguyday reacted to WonderWAAAGH in FFG should create a 'R2-KT' dice and card.   
    Eh. What's the bottom line? Will this somehow help to cure or curtail terminal illness? 
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