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    robguyday reacted to DarthBlade in Ideas for Optional Flaws at Character Creation   
    That is the most competent gibberish any drunk person has ever wrote. Lol
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    robguyday reacted to Atomisk in Ideas for Optional Flaws at Character Creation   
    Hey friend, I think you posted this in the wrong forum! This is for the Destiny TCG, not Force & Destiny the RPG.
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Original GenCon promos   
    Yeah, if it feels like a cheap knock off, then you got the real thing sadly. FFGs in house printing in the past has been rather sad. They recently upgraded so some kind of printer that does thin plastic. We won't get that for in deck cards but they may do character/battlefield promos with that process. I'm sure standard promo cards will continue to feel like cheap knock offs.
    I would be more concerned you got a fake if it doesn't feel like a cheap knock off.
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Legacies Starter Decks - Full Breakdown   
    QGJ is already everywhere!
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Seriously ffg, what exactly are you doing!!   
    Haha...  This post is full of fail.  Move along. 
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    robguyday reacted to Vitalis in Do you track dice during a reroll?   
    He need to track those if game situation requires it.
    If you need to track upgrades separately, characters aren't even topic for discussion for him.
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    robguyday reacted to dpb1298 in Some New Spoilers   
    Roger roger.

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    robguyday reacted to Crabbok in Happy Haloween!   
    All set up for Trick or Treaters!

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    robguyday reacted to Thanoseid in New Rules Reference Guide   
    The only thing that I hope happens with these changes is that FFG releases the cards affected with points changes new cards for people who currently have them. I feel it's one thing to have a change in the text and just use a PDF errata but to change a key component of a card is another.
    Whether they are packed into a new starter or ordered online for a buck a set I don't care just let us get our hands on them.
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    robguyday reacted to Boris_the_Dwarf in New Rules Reference Guide   
    Complete and total foolishness, except vibroknife.
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    robguyday reacted to Parksy77 in New Rules Reference Guide   
    Really hope upcoming OP cards will be alt art versions of these characters with point changes... or stick them in an upcoming starter or rivals (wishful thinking for current announced releases)...
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    robguyday reacted to ozmodon in Ani Broken?   
    Kylo , Annie will be all the rage! 
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    robguyday reacted to Reklawyad in New Rules Reference Guide   
    Dear FFG,
    Can we get even a hint of when we might get the new RRG published? We're all waiting for the nerf to FN to be official as well as rulings on some of the new EaW cards. We'd just like some answers!
    Signed the die hard fans of Destiny!
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Wishfull Thinking   
    I am sure FFG will come up with all sorts of ways to mug us and take all our monies.
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    robguyday reacted to Ywingscum in Wishfull Thinking   
    Your killing my wallet
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    robguyday reacted to DDoubleVVision in Real?????   
    Last line has a typo so probably legit
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Real?????   
    Yes there is a Maul and word is there was a manufacturing defect during printing and all his cards come in two pieces.
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    robguyday reacted to Stu35 in Real?????   
    I'd like to see a version of Maul who appears for about 3 minutes and is then cut in half.
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    robguyday reacted to KalEl814 in FN & Kylo won at least 4 nationals (US, Polish, Spain, Australian) and totally dominate the meta   
    I wasn't sure errata was needed, but dang if the font size didn't help change my mind.
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    robguyday reacted to Chakan99939 in Coercion question   
    Coercion is 100% counter vs price of failure or noble sacrifice:
    -Play coercion
    -Opponent skips entire turn unless he / she wants to kill a character 
    I know, I know, opponent could wait until you do some damage on a character then kill it with price of F. but the game quickly turns in your favor at this point anyway.
    I only play price of F. now casual against friends, never again in tournaments.
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in Playing the Inquisitor   
    That 3 melee pay side is painful on a 19 pt character.  And build around specials always look better on paper than in practice. 
    If he had only been 13/18, had a 2 melee and 2 melee, and instead of a special side just an 'Action: Remove this die' for the same effect.  Then we'd be looking at an actual contender.
    I haven't found a deck or pairing yet that makes it compelling to play him over big Vader
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    robguyday reacted to Ajones47 in screwed the pooch on Sabine   
    Still, I think we're entering territory where the game is ripe for a hard counter to Ambush. A zero-cost support that reads "After your opponent plays a card with the Ambush keyword, you may exhaust this support to strip that card of its keywords." Or something.
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    robguyday reacted to Abyss in screwed the pooch on Sabine   
    I haven't seen Sabine played that much, but at this stage I'm okay with the Ambush cheating. Why? Because she costs 15/20 points. It's a powerful ability, but it's one a character who costs 2/3s of your points total to run Elite and severely limits your options for a partner, or you run as single dice and get less benefit from it.
    Now I get that some people plain don't like the concept, and that's fine. But if it's going to exist, I'm happy that it's not on a 9/12 point character that goes with pretty much everything.
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    robguyday reacted to Rogue 4 in screwed the pooch on Sabine   
    None of this is broken.
    Running Interference isn't broken.
    Ambush/ Action Cheating isn't broken.
    Is it annoying? You bet. But as more and more cards come out and players find ways to win with different deck styles it will all settle down. 
    I remember Jango was the beast....
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    robguyday reacted to Chakan99939 in screwed the pooch on Sabine   
    -Not difficult at all to make.
    -Abuse ambush concept even more with Rey
    -Create loop until errata with running interference
    That is Sabine/Rey in a nuts
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