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    robguyday reacted to AllHailBlueMeta in Palpatine Darth Sidious Power Action   
    Instead of taking the 'Play a card' action, you are taking Palpatine's power action, so I would assume it would go through Running Interference.
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    robguyday reacted to Vineheart01 in Palpatine Darth Sidious Power Action   
    Its decreased per different damage, of which there are 3 different damage symbols (melee, range, indirect)
    There is no minimum, technically you can do it when you have 0 showing but it wouldnt do anything.
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    robguyday reacted to kingbobb in I am your Father - rule   
    Special are always abilities inherent to the dice.  Think of it as if the card text were printed on the special face of the dice.  Hondo special will only ever be able to resolve the ability from Hondo's card. 
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Lure on sabine   
    Actions are taken in the order they are created. You do get a chance to respond to her dice but she can also do a reroll/ focus and then it is Sabine's turn.
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Lure on sabine   
    @shivore It is when the ability to create another action enters the queue that matters. BTW, Lure resolution is Sabine activating. That effect doesn't just hang out there waiting for everything else to happen. Lure resolves forcing Sabine to activate.
    Too many Magic players here trying to force that system in this game. Just play out the effects in the order the cards are played, not last card played first.
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    robguyday reacted to Stu35 in Can I play non-English cards in English tournament   
    Theyre official ffg cards. Theyre legal. 
    Thats my stance. 
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    robguyday reacted to kingbobb in Question about special usage   
    Seeing the other thread on this, now I see why people are getting confused over the issue.  And it's because of the two things that are most difficult for players to grasp.  First it's the queue itself, and the difference between an effect resolving and when the thing that the effect creates happens.  But second it's confusing an action with effects that allow you to do action-like things.  This is why using the correct terms at all times is really crucial to understanding how Destiny works when things really start to bog down.  
    The rule that you must fully resolve one effect before moving on to the next do suggest that you take the 2x Force Speed Actions right when you resolve the die.  And but for the rules on how additional actions function, that approach would be correct.  It would also be more prone to making mistakes, I think.  But how it works is that when you resolve the Force Speed die, it creates up to 2 additional actions.  Once those actions are created, Force Speed has fully resolved.  Force Speed does not wait in limbo until you take those two actions...which is what would be happening under the incorrect approach.  It creates the actions, then goes to the discard, while the actions wait their turn to be taken per the rules in the RRG.
    I strongly recommend anyone confused about this look at the I Rebel discussion on how the infinite look with the card Rebel works, because that really breaks the queue down in detail and shows the difference between an effect entering the queue, when it resolves, and when it is finished resolving, and when the thing it creates happens.  
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    robguyday reacted to kingbobb in Question about special usage   
    Same issue as the other Force Speed/Yoda post.  
    His first action was resolve Force Speed special (+2 actions)
    Second action was to resolve dice (focus).  Turns Yoda2 to Special and Kanan to 1 ranged.
    Third action is to play Force Misdirection.
    He's used his 3 actions that are available to him.  His first action must be fully resolved before taking the second action, so it ends when he declares his next action as to resolve dice.  Any specials left in his pool (or that end up there somehow later in the turn) must be resolved under a future action.
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in Rules question : Force illusion + shield   
    When dealing with force illusion, think like this, "how broken can I make this card" and play it that way. You'll be correct.
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    robguyday reacted to nakala in Cunning and Poe Dameron's blaster   
    3because card is currently attached to poe 
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    robguyday reacted to dhowtocor in Action cheating and then retreat   
    Yes, the opponent is taking an action on your turn; Retreat overrides the core rule that you only take an action when its your turn.
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    robguyday reacted to dhowtocor in Action cheating and then retreat   
    Retreat ends the action phase after your opponent's action, so you wouldn't be able to claim as your second.
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    robguyday reacted to LHyoda in Dealing with Special Chaining   
    Special chaining is definitely good, but unless you have a crazy strong die to change to (Hondo, lightbow, etc) you end up only getting a 'small' benefit from it as far as winning goes. Yoda and Poe's specials don't do damage on their own, and you can pay to stop Hondo. Hondo is going to be strong, but he's just a new mechanic to learn to beat. Save money or pay? 
    Remove their die sounds like a copout, but that's the idea behind removal anyway. You get rid of the die that has the most damage or damage potential out there. 
    Hokey force specials are no match for a good blaster by your side. 
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    robguyday reacted to Vineheart01 in Dealing with Special Chaining   
    Theres also the new yellow card "Easy Pickings" - which would be more useful once they play several things that have specials than stopping the single-die chain Aayla/Poe/Yoda are prone to do.
    If they have more than just the character dice with specials odds are theres going to be 2 specials rolled before they special-chain. Remove both with this card.
    Not the best solution but its probably one of the few multi-die removals that doesnt specifically call out damage.
    Entangle could also be used to remove 2 dice combined value of 3 or less (specials are 0 so...). My only issue with this card is its a 2cost with the stipulation that it cant remove heavy damage so it feels a bit expensive.
    Also i agree with Piscettios, keeping upgrades off is big. Aayla, Yoda and Poe themselves dont do anything, they just enable getting the specials on upgrades like Lightbow, Lightsaber, or Poe's blaster much more likely. Force Rend is pretty potent if you can feed it enough resources.
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    robguyday reacted to Mep in C3PO and Yoda   
    The blank doesn't have anything to do with it. You can resolve a special with a value of 6 if you wanted, btw the value is meaningless on the special. He might be thinking Yoda needs a zero value to resolve as a special.
    Keep in mind, this is not resolving dice but doing 3PO's action. There will be no special chaining happening that turn.
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    robguyday reacted to RJM in C3PO and Yoda   
    Yes, you can resolve it as Yoda’s special. The blank existing or not is irrelevant.
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    robguyday got a reaction from KryatDragon in Defensive teaching?!!   
    I would say the shield stays until it gets knocked off with damage.
    it definitely needs a FAQ because there is no clear way to proceed once defensive training is removed.
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    robguyday reacted to Vineheart01 in Maul ability   
    Card effects are something that is done as the result of a card specifically, not the die from a card.
    Example: Honor Guard -> Action: Discard this support and remove 1 die showing damage (R/M). That is a card effect and would trigger Maul's ability
    Example2: DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol -> Special: Remove a die showing a resource cost. This will NOT trigger Maul's ability because its a die special removing his die, not a card effect.
    As per faq: Maul’s ability does not trigger if a special ability on a die removes his dice because special abilities are inherent dice abilities, not card effects
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    robguyday reacted to IceWarm in I Have A Destiny YouTube Channel, Tons of Videos   
    I have been creating Star Wars Destiny content since the game came out in 2016. I do videos for decks I am testing, when new cards are announced, when news comes out about the game and so on. Please check out the channel and let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/user/IceWarm/
    This is the playlist for all of the Destiny videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ0K30d30h_PiToxfWC600XMbPfasHUHl
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    robguyday reacted to Stu35 in Crime Lord vs Crime Lord who wins?   
    Battlefield controller.
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    robguyday reacted to KalEl814 in Greedo question .... ANY number of his character dice?   
    Show me in the rules where it says that shuffling my deck must be done in such a way as to randomize the position of the cards. Show me in the rules where it says that I must roll my nice in such a way as to randomize the outcome of the roll.
    But if you try to stack your deck while shuffling or roll dice so deliberately as to rig the outcome, you’ll be DQ’d from any tournament.
    The OP and their friend got their JD in Rules Lawyering from Troll Universirty.
    Good topic tho would read again.
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    robguyday got a reaction from silversurfr77 in Greedo question .... ANY number of his character dice?   
    The way it's written, it needs a FAQ, but the intent is that you can roll 0, 1, or 2 of his dice before he is defeated.
    no tournament judge will let you do it, no matter how rules lawyery you can be. It's a good find, but really impractical.
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    robguyday reacted to Vineheart01 in Greedo question .... ANY number of his character dice?   
    this is also one of those things where even if it is technically legal, its obviously not intended to let you roll 20+ dice. Heck even getting 20 dice in the pool with spammed lowcost supports is difficult.
    You're reading between lines to get to this conclusion. That never works, and the very few times it does its either something insignificant and not even worth mentioning or instantly corrected.
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    robguyday got a reaction from Parkdaddy in Krennic action question   
    Yes, you'll need several death trooper dice. Training and Feint could mean you'll have many many DT dice in the pool.
    if Krennic dies, those DT dice in the pool stay. 
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