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  1. Finn and Grievous are able to wield blue character only weapons and crafted lightsabers with ease
  2. Lure ambush happens first, obviously. It's played first.
  3. I've been doing OK with eOldFinn/eYoda. The only thing I use Finn's ability for is to play crafted lightsabers on a ready Finn, or Obi's LS on him. The deck has 2 z6 Riot batons too, but it's just an OK deck. my favorite part about the deck is that it packs Double Dealing, Easy Pickings and Crafted Lightsabers.
  4. I got to see him on TTS today and told him everyone disagreed with him. he said we're all wrong and kicked me
  5. He played Ezra, eYoda, Kanan. i was playing eBala, eGreedo, Nightsister. He went first that turn, he had a Yoda with a force speed and an ancient lightsaber on him. He rolled into Force Speed: Special, Ancient lightsaber: Resource, Yoda dice were disrupt and 2Foci. Ezra was dead, I had rolled out Bala and had 1 dice with ranged. He rolled out kanan and rolled 1 resource. I rolled Greedo and rolled 2 indirect and blank. Then he tried to take 3 actions with force speed. Two other players joined us, 1 agreed with me(and the two people who replied to this post) and the other didn't know.
  6. Kirbingo on TTS and I had a disagreement on the rules for special chaining. in the pool he has yoda's two dice, and kanan 's 1 dice. so he has a force speed on a special, Yoda dice #1 on disrupt, Yoda dice #2 on 2Focus, and Kanan dice on 1 resource. Sirbingo tried to use Force Speed Special to get two actions, then Double focus to yodas other dice a special then Kanan to a 1ranged. Then he plays force misdirection. He removes my ranged. Then he says it's still his turn and he can resolve yodas other dice which is now a special. i disagree, but he is adamant. Who is correct?
  7. It's kinda cool to put an Obi Saber on Finn and have Riot Batons on Anakin. Anakin's dice is very versatile, but it's just super-super OK
  8. Since Rivals was released yesterday, they aren't technically tournament legal for a week
  9. Old Finn and new Anakin seems like his best use. Anakin's special can discard an f-11D and deal damage? shrug?
  10. Can you guys help me out? Where do I find a list of regionals for Destiny and where there are happening? any help would be appreciated.
  11. I've tried making chewie work and he doesn't. He's great against Darth Maul's lightsaber, maybe Kallus Bo-Rifle but that's about it.
  12. Yes, doubt triggers Maul's ability if he doesn't resolve. Same with Negotiate. Same with Dark Presence.
  13. Correct. Hasty Exit is just control. They don't get to use the claim ability via YOUR hasty exit.
  14. Thanks for the games. eJango/ePhasma is legit.
  15. Just like the title says; if i use defend to remove 3 of Maul's melee dice, it seems to me that the Maul player only gets to remove one of my dice. Of course the Maul player thinks they get to remove 3 dice. what do you guys think?
  16. The way it's written, it needs a FAQ, but the intent is that you can roll 0, 1, or 2 of his dice before he is defeated. no tournament judge will let you do it, no matter how rules lawyery you can be. It's a good find, but really impractical.
  17. QuickDraw in playtesting was really strong. 1 free action might not seem like much, but it consistently helps you claim the BG faster.
  18. Did you read my post? i was agreeing with you and throwing my two cents in. furthermore I agree that Maul gets to remove the guardians Die
  19. I'm not sure if you controlling Gunray counts and "YOU" doing the discarding. So it's kinda... weird
  20. Maybe I'm reading too much into the semantics. Gunray says that the opponent gets 1 fewer resource unless they mill 2 cards. scrap heap says that you get a resource "when YOU discard one or more cards from an opponent's deck". so is the mill coming from Gunray and therefore "YOU", or is it the opponent.
  21. Guardian triggers Maul's ability, per the wording on guardian.
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