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  1. Works. Yeah, thats the way: create link and use that to create a direct link with generator. Bit of extra work but in the end the result is clean. For me the links still work if the files are renamed. So thats a big plus.
  2. Thx for the insight. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. 😉 "Front Bomb Bluff": I like to do that too. Its so much fun with Adv. Sens. Have the Ung. Rock. been of any use?
  3. Thank you all for clarifying!
  4. Ok. Thx. But both players need to use the same deck. So either two decks of Core 1 or two decks of TFA deck, right?
  5. You are referring to tournament regulations, right? In casual play there is only one shared, right?
  6. I have the impression that there is only one shared deck of damange cards. Which when playing with Kylo stuff should be the TFA Core Set Deck.
  7. Google drive + direct link generator. Works like a charm.
  8. Looks great. This must get an x-wing release!
  9. Looks superb, especially the engine glow! Awesome mod.
  10. I am excited to see those finished.
  11. I do not know the one you mentioned. I use Ferrario Varnish. Its acrylic varnish made for acrylic colors. So no bad surprises there 😉 It comes in glossy and matt.
  12. @Force Majeure Should be about right, since gloss varnish creates a rather smooth surface. Otherwise it would not shine (reflection). Matt varnish creates a textured surface to break the light so it does not shine. Seems logical to me to have better controll when washing. Ill try that on my current project.
  13. So true. It can be such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Look at what colors you got and pick some that you like. Experiment or go traditional. The only limit is ones imagination.
  14. Whats your loadout on deathrain?
  15. I generaly do prime my imperial modles black which also serves as the black base coat. Then I add junky detals of all kind like wing art, panels and the likes. After doing the major base coats and details I simply use heavily thinned down paint (water+color) to do a general wash on almost the whole model. And maybe some basic pre-weathering. I am thinking about getting some Nuln Oil myself to wash, cause I heard only good about it. After washing I drybrush the whole model, exepct some details, in a subtly lighter base color tone. When this is finished all the details get their respective highlighting either by directly painting it or drybrushing. Then you would want to do the engine exhaust if you want to and the final highlighting and weathering. When finished and satisfied with the result seal everything up. This is how I prefere to do it, but maybe someone else does it differently. Have fun! EDIT: I do not have any experience with copic markers and the likes except that they tend to get a bit shiny or glossy when dried up. You wouldnt want that for dark areas that are in the shadows. I read about useing pencils. The results realy look good. Ill definitely try that myself.