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  1. I ran Age of Rebellion for a year and a half and that whole experience managed to turn me from thinking the narrative dice system was kind of neat into sort of hating it. It led to a lot of petty arguments at my table and I found it frankly unfun to GM after a time. I love Star Wars more than most people love their families, so I toughed it out for a while but at this point if I run a Star Wars game again I'll probably go back to Saga or WEG's d6. Whereas Roll and Keep has its issues, but I've also been running a game of L5R basically constantly for the better half of a decade now and am more fond of the system than I am any other I've played. I really, really, really hope it isn't Genesys run (or has rules for both? Except last time we had a split ruleset we had L5R 2e which was garbage), but don't have too much hope. All the nu5R setting lore being in one nice consolidated spot will be useful if I ever want to run a game set outside of the weird canon my gametable has developed over the years as our own divergence from the AEG canon though. I'm trying not to sound like I'm ******** hard over FFG here, I have really enjoyed what I've seen of the LCG and had a great time over the years with their 40k games which ran on a d100 system. I just am not a fan of the Genesys engine in the experiences I've had.
  2. Unit, not faction. Classic 90s era Star Wars EU stuff.
  3. Will results be posted officially somewhere? I want to know the clan makeup of the winning hatamotos, but would feel like a jerk asking Shabadan to compile results for us.
  4. So is the next one going to be combined Scorpion fiction and cards, since those two hit in such rapid succession?
  5. I think Keeper might hinge on your selection of provinces. It is something that will probably get stronger the longer the game goes on with monthly expansions potentially adding more and more province choices. Seeker right now looks like what I'd prefer for any clan though.
  6. Well dang. That's harsh. But also a fair assessment. Even the Lion have a decent political build in them if you look closely at it. I actually feel like their shugenja and Ikoma Eiji get a bad rap on here. They aren't politically dominant like the Crane but they aren't unable to put together a solid one phase political attack squadron.
  7. I'm just glad my favorite clans that have been done so far all look fun to play. And even one I don't like very much looks like it'd be a blast to put a deck together with. Fingers crossed for the final two to keep this up, I'm actually really interested in seeing Scorpion and if there'd be any good synergy with the Phoenix or Crane given how important honoring/dishonor protection is to the two of them.
  8. I'm having some issues with the embedded video player. Is there any chance we might get a youtube mirror or something later? It won't play for me, though the video is loading and as I skip around it'll change whatever is frozen on the screen.
  9. Only if Bayushi is too. Identical Kami twins and all
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