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  1. I believe all of their resources were diverted into printing the Keyforge decks, which I imagine is a lot more difficult given their randomization. I think the fact that it's constantly selling out is a sign that it's a good product and that they should make more of it, though.
  2. What? A:NR wasn't canceled because it wasn't popular or making money (as far as we know). It was a licensing issue. You are making a lot of leaps here. It doesn't matter that the characters etc. were FFG's. The name, mechanics, artwork(?), etc. were being licensed, so it could be revoked at any time, just like anything with a licensing agreement. It's not 100% in FFG's hands.
  3. People always want to foretell doom / "teh gaem is dieing!!111"
  4. I've never heard such a strange argument. Why do over half of the people in this thread want to be doomsayers about the end of a game? There has been NO INDICATION that Netrunner will end. At all. In fact they talked about how the next cycles would replace 'staples' that rotated out. Rotation just started for Netrunner, why would they give it <1 year before stopping it? Ask yourselves: is this the kind of thread we want folks just getting into a game or thinking about it? Pointless speculation about when the next one croaks?
  5. Looking at your recent post history, you seem really negative on FFG/the LCG model in general. Why do you play or follow it if it has so many problems and/or will die soon? I'm not saying it's perfect and can't be improved, but as a somewhat new player (started within the last year), coming to the forums and seeing multiple threads like this is pretty disheartening. I imagine I'm not the only one.
  6. Lord of the Rings continues to be one of FFG's best-sellers, doesn't it? Why would they end it just because it's the oldest cooperative one? If anything, the success of Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror means co-op LCGs are popular. As for the next to die in years to come, I'm not sure we can predict that. I can't see any of them ending within the next few years. Perhaps AGOT only because the popularity may die off when the series stops, but that's pure conjecture.
  7. At Ease is probably better for me than Empire, though both would be doable. Do you go to the LCG nights at either place? I haven't actually played LotR at a local game store before.
  8. It's pretty frustrating to hear players thinking LotR is on its way out, especially for folks just getting into the game. It makes sense that they'd emphasize a new game over a more established game. After all, LotR just got a bunch of reprints from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle landed from the boat, and CSI just sold out of them. Clearly there is demand. I'm guessing that they want to get AH buzz and a significant number of cards out so folks won't feel like they're limited in card choice.
  9. Hi there! I'm in San Diego, though I'm still a rather new player with a somewhat limited card pool. I'd like to try out multiplayer sometime (with actual people and not my two hands)! Where do you play?
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