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  1. To those that have picked up a copy: is there information on creating characters, or can you only play one of the four featured characters?
  2. That is where I am at as well. It feels like the Star Wars LCG, minus the little choice that was in that game (and an IP that carries many products alone). I remember that game hit a big block locally when deck construction was revealed. Oh well. Seems like it might be fun once in a while, but not competitively. Especially since, if I am reading the rule book correctly, the handicapping system that was mentioned earlier is not used in tournaments.
  3. I believe they said that the packs will be completely blind in regards to factions inside. And from some of the pictures of decks handed out at Gen Con, that seems to be the case.
  4. Two things: 1) How will expansions work? Will I have to abandon my deck if I want to try the new cards in the expansion? Feels bad. 2) Since there cannot be alt art promos, how will FFG support OP? Just product?
  5. So, given that the current year is 1123, what current clans are in existence in the LCG at this point? Mainly I'm asking about my dear Wasp, which given the year and that Doji Satsume was, until recently, the Emerald Champion, means they could be around. So far, we have: Yoritomo and his band of pirates, if not in name at least in spirit the Mantis Clan Survivors from the Boar Any others? Around this time, we could have the Wasp, Mantis, Fox, Sparrow, Dragonfly, Centipede, Tortoise, Badger, Falcon, and potentially the Hare.
  6. Yep. I think it goes back to the idea that if you dislike the idea of players having an effect on the game, L5R is not the game for you. And that is okay. Just in my clan, the Phoenix had a Stronghold corrupted (Imperial Sacred Temple of the Phoenix to Emerald and later versions), were then decimated and allowed shugenjas from other clans to join (DJH Eternal Halls of the Shiba), and then at the end of Gold gained a Shogun AND the Sezaru. All based on player choices! Heck, the top of clan of the 2006 World Championship (which I believe was in Europe) determined which special items the clans would get for the next block, and I don't recall this level of agony then.
  7. Do the Core Set Rules include what the Emperor's Sanction list is or how it is determined? That's my point, FFG can change what the Emperor's Sanction list is, and how it is established at any time.
  8. ........ Yes, of course they are in the Core Rules, as they are in the Core Set... However, this particular selection method, the thing that has been taking up most of this thread, that top of clan at worlds selects the role for each clan in Organized Play, is only in the OP rules. These can be changed at will. So again, the actual selection of role cards for the clans at worlds is not set in stone.
  9. I would see if your friends and/or anyone at your FLGS is planning on playing. For AGoT 2.0, a friend and I each bought 2 core sets, then we swapped cards for the factions that we had chosen plus some of the neutrals that we were not going to use. When our FLGS had a good L5R environment, we would often give away cards from outside our faction. For instance, I was usually the only Phoenix player, so I would get most of their cards, but I usually gave up all of my cards from the other clans. So, if you have 3+ players at your FLGS, you may be able to get by with just one core. Another option, at least in the standard FFG window between core and first cycle, is to buy one core set initially and buy more over time if you want to play more competitively. Locally for A:NR and AGoT 2.0, we would go back and forth in the beginning between standard tournaments and 1 x Core Set Tournaments, they were a blast!
  10. Three thoughts. First, the genius of this set up is its execution. This role selection thing is not in the core rules, but simply in the Organized Play pdf. So, if FFG sees that it had unintended consequences, they can just scrap it and move on. No big deal. In addition, this is only for Organized Play. No one is forcing you to play this way casually, or even in your FLGS. This is only in play for events supported by FFG kits. Second, while it may seem like a big deal to get two provinces of the same element right now when there are only 17 total (have we even seen all 17?), more provinces will be printed. While two void provinces may be optimal for a clan today, two earth may be better in six months. Third, one of L5R's biggest draws is that the players have can affect the game on a level that is unseen in other games. While the selection of roles is not earth-shattering, it is a dip into what draws many to L5R. If you do not want some random player having an effect on your game/story, L5R may not be for you. And that is okay! I am cautious about this, but I am leaving my final verdict aside until I can get some games under my belt with this system.
  11. I'm still debating between using my Brotherhood dial or my Phoenix dial. Maybe both? Just alternate between matches/moods?
  12. The third edition of the RPG also had a school specifically for Male Utakus, called the Utaku Infantry School. It was in Secrets of the Unicorn, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure if fourth edition eventually adapted it or not.
  13. Love what they have done to the Phoenix. Looks like a blast to play.
  14. I wonder if Kiho will be exclusive to the Monk trait?
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