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  1. Im gonna look into the stuff you’re working on tomorrow (late here aswell, in norway). Looks really interesting:)
  2. Made a custom galaxy map to accompany the planetary/aerial maps. I’ll update the map along side the creation of more planetary maps in the future. Travel to another planet within same hex = 5 hours. Travel across an entire hex = 10 hours. Travel within major hyperlane hex 2,5 hours. Travel across hyperlane hex = 10 hours. Now this is with hyperdrive class 1, so for others simply multiply travel time by class. Link to galaxy map: http://fav.me/dc0ws6m
  3. I apologize for the delay, I have to travel north for a week. But i'll have your map finished when i'm back:)
  4. Atleast 50% of the oceans you see in my maps are painted in by hand, so watermark isn't an issue:)
  5. I'll look into it tonight:) if you have any knowledge or sources other than what i can get from a google search, aswell as particular requests concerning the map, simply send me a message:)
  6. Sorry, i don't have them saved as psb/png files, thus layering is no longer and option on the planets made so far. But if you have a specific request for a specific planet i'm sure i can help out, and save it layered.
  7. It's been a while, but here's another planet. Located in the Kastolar sector, close to Kashyyyk/trandosha. It's added to google docs. Chalacta.
  8. Historical themes: ww2: I know a fare amount about naval warfare. The players could have key positions on a battleship, or be pilots on a aircraft carrier in the pacific. Or a band of brothers type campaign. medieval or earlier: take on the role of a warrior during the crusades, a viking, a roman soldier etc. fantasy: world of warcraft, lotr, Got, modern: zombie apocalypse, detectives/police in a sleepy rural american town in the 70is (fargo-ish). Most of the ww2, medieval and modern themes don't appeal to most of the rpg communities, not enough of a break from reality i suppose=\
  9. Glad you find them useful. I apologize for the lack of updates, been busy the past couple of months. I'll be back at it in a week or two:)
  10. That is correct. I start by doing some research regarding the specific planet i'm trying to make. Then spend quite a while probing around google maps (sometimes way too long) To find a suitable starting template. Find a satellite image such as this: Then work manipulate/paint over it in photoshop to get the result i want:
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