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  1. Provinces are unique, you cannot run 2 provinces with the same name. Most Scorpion run Shameful+Pilgrimage.
  2. It depends because things on Jigoku are automated I have had opponents that missclicked on stuff and it happened to me too. Or just one click and suddenly you passed. In real life, this would not have happened because you would have to actually speak the words. As long as they do not remember it 3-4 actions after I will generally allow it to be done manually.
  3. Yes, it was on one of the L5RLive streams before the release but cannot remember which one it was on.
  4. They have already explained that the story team will have a much tighter grip on the storyline this time, with the players being able to influence the general direction of the story as with Justice/Duty but not super specific decisions will be left to the players.
  5. On the contrary, I think that Toturi will make sure that he remains BFF with Hotaru and resolve the hostilities peacefully.
  6. So Toturi just won the Emerald championship with Scorpion doing some weird shenanigans. At first, deciding to cheat and then giving him a hind so he won't lose. I guess it was like: Aromoro: Lets bid 5 and steal this duel, the lion guy is definately going for 1!!! Yojiro: Sure I will set it up. "Yojiro looks at honored, Duelist Training Toturi, quickly re-runs the calculations" Yojiro: **** we cannot win no matter what so forget it lets bid 1 instead!! And what's up with Hotaru and her uncle enjoying the show so match?? Discuss folks!!
  7. Well, there is that Scorpion character that straight up claims the favor when it leaves play.
  8. There was no Rally to the Cause, he played Captive Audience from his hand, if you notice he pays an honor, he just said Rally to the Cause, probably by mistake.
  9. Low influence does not matter since she only works with Crane characters.
  10. Like I said before, Crane and Phoenix are my clans, I have seen nothing that will change that although I do allow myself the guilty pleasure of playing Lion sometimes
  11. Its funny that while everyone was thinking about Keepers, the 3 of the top 4 clans choose Seeker roles. I wonder how will that play out. Edit: Also smart choice by the Lion player to take Justice.
  12. What a fitting ending for this Worlds story choice!!!
  13. Okay so there are no Unicorn players in the top 26 at Worlds, at this time, after 5 rounds. Are they that under-powered? Discuss .
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