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  1. My interpretation was that @Jukey found that according to his algorithm Waiqar was too expensive, and not too cheap? So that would be what @Xelto (and myself) expected?
  2. Does Ankaur's auto-heal ability carry over to his infantry- and cavalry upgrades respectively? This would make his currently unusable cavalry upgrade (Death Knights only have 1 wound and can't replenish) usable.
  3. We must not forget that he is a 37, 42p with the blades, hero. Another 24p with the CI-Reanimate archers. Thats 66p, it MUST be powerful for anyone to play! That is why noone plays him in tournaments as is. And I don't see that as abusive, because it is not a very mobile and therefore aggressive thing. What you are describing is if someone charges him. What about someone shooting at him, flanking the archers, attacking the other 134 points etc. There are plenty of ways to handle this 66p blob, just don't do it head on charging it Also note that he can't use the hit or surge modifier as this would be a skill action and not a red attack action. And if he gets stunned after (baby step), he can't use those the following turn either.
  4. So... is this guy (see below) back on the table (I'm all for it)? The card needs rewording I'm sure, writing rules in english is not my speciality
  5. I've played him a bunch of times and found him lacking. I'm not the best player, but my experience in combination with his non-existing track record in tournaments, even though being the first hero (together with Kari of course), which would mean a lot of games played, indicates to me that it is NOT just a perception problem. This does not mean I'm right, it just means that I don't have any "evidence" that I'm wrong.
  6. There are other players in this thread who are more successful running Ardus than I (I just can't get him to survive AND do something useful due to enemy archers or charges). It has not been uncommon for me to have him stare down an enemy unit who WILL win the charge against him without him being able to do anything due to the initiatives on his action dial, except to use the Shield modifier early to limit the damage. Actually, pretty much ANY enemy charge will catch him with his pants down, and due to the increased number of 3 threat enemies (and Ravos) released after the core box, it's not unlikely that he will take a severe beating or die from that charge, without doing much at all. (Note that "be better in the deployment" is not that helpful, as Ardus "MUST" be placed near synergy units, and therefore he is one of the most predictable placements.) In these stare-down-an-incoming-charge situations, I could not do anything useful with the action modifier anyway, so this suggestion would be one action that does SOMETHING in those situations. Adding a wound instead of this fix will probably come out equal (for me at least), so either way is a baby step as far as I'm concerned. Now I have proposed a bunch of other, more powerful and "active" fixes. But nobody likes them
  7. Updated the card text on the post above. Thanks for helping (I'm not a native English speaker, obviously
  8. Added this to the collection thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/289232-community-errata-restructured-jan-17th/
  9. This seems to be somewhat in line with @Xeltos suggestion, and I assume in the right "power" range of what @QuickWhit was favouring, and I saw that @Jukey was on board. Skill: Gain protected 1 must be impossible for us to notice any statistical variance from "as is", right? So let's settle on 2, as using Runes as a variable also increases randomness. Added to the collection thread. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/289232-community-errata-restructured-jan-17th/
  10. Are we talking +1 Armour (like @Xelto) suggested or something else, and if so, what are you considering?
  11. I suspect that you did well (being the champ and all), but just in the name of fairness; would you mind sharing the score of those games? The list in itself says little of Ardus' value without the information regarding how the games ended.
  12. I'll just keep churning out ideas until we get something most people like. These two are just incorporations of the File leader upgrade and the Dispatch Runner upgrade. So no "new" mechanics, just stuff that hopefully would make people want to play Ardus. What do you think? This "File leader" ability would be really good for Ardus. He has an early attack, but he has no way to fend of being charged from initative 4 or higher. This should make him less of a "victim", and give him more opportunities to trigger his surge borrowing ability. A nerf on this ability could be that he recieves a Stun token. I think that most people would find Ardus interesting if he had this Dispatch runner ability. My first suggestion in this thread has a similar ability, though more versitile. He is slow and you don't want to expose him for charges or ranged attacks. With this ability, he can be a lot more useful by getting his buddies to fight for him. A nerf on this ability could be that also he himself recieves a Stun token.
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