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  1. Those look really good - especially the highlighting work!
  2. To get a feel for it's size, yeah. Similar shape (tall), and a ship that even casual players (like me!) are gonna have a feel for. I was gonna say 'should have made it a new epic-scale (with bundled A-wing!)', but then I realised how **** tall it'd be at epic scale, it'd be a nightmare to play around.
  3. The missing SKU. A-wings are built on hope.
  4. This is the closest angle of the Slave I could find. Looking at the bomber, though, the perspective on that base looks really off, maybe it's only a cgi mockup?
  5. If bombs go 1-forward->[token]->5-forward... that'd be 7 base-lengths... Turn one proton bombs?
  6. Yeah, I'm assuming green 1 turns or maybe green 3's - I'd be psyched for it if the meta was different.
  7. With the decal paper, I thought you had to spray layers of clear acrylic over them before use, hassle like that? What decal bonder did you use? Those look awesome, and they're giving me lots of plans!
  8. I'm sad for a different reason! All this system and tech slot stuff isn't going to up my HotAC game much! The bomb-flinging looks hella fun to me, though I wish it had come before bombs got so broke. E: I think deathrain might work - if the launch goes 1 out the back, then five forwards, deathrain should be able to chuck it 1 out front /then 5 more/ right?
  9. Those look great, really 'natural' if that makes sense? I think maybe the decals could do with a bit of weathering, they look very clean compared to the rest of the ship.
  10. Came across this guide earlier, figured it might be useful to people here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/11/13/the-model-photo-how-to-photograph-models-for-display/
  11. I've lucked into a second campaign, so meet Skippy! Skippy has done two missions, been shot down twice, and earned a grand total of 1xp. Gonna need to start adding some battle damage to this X, I think.
  12. Well, you won't have to worry about knocking the table, at least!
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