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  1. Heh, Decimators got their third crew slot back, and they still have a gunner. If you want to spend stupid points you can now Palpatine three times in one turn.
  2. VTG as well, because why not at that point?
  3. It is a huge improvement in every way over the first starter set.
  4. 25 point hyenas would be amazing, tbh. But also maybe too cheap. The magic number for 6 of is 33 points, and that might factor in.
  5. If a Vulture droid bumps on the 90 degree rotation from grappling struts (because nubs), what happens? I'm assuming it fails to rotate. Does it: 1) Still count as at range 0 (assuming it was beforehand) 2) Get to perform an action Part of what's confusing about this is that grappling struts use "skip perform maneuver step" in their wording since they have to override the dial, which makes this more complicated than the U-wing case...
  6. Given the range restriction of the struts, you can't rely on setting up more than a couple a game I feel. Also, it's going to be hard to use the HC prototype's ability while grappling, imo - they need to be able to roll and **** to line stuff up. ...Come to think of it, do the rules prevent you from rolling off an asteroid while struts are open? You still get your normal action...
  7. Depends on the list. Grievous crew adds a LOT of effective health for 3 points, for instance.
  8. Healthy stock at the FLGS I went to. I assume the others nearby had similar... there's a lot of them around here.
  9. Your opponent concedes is what happens. You're never going to leave the state of "whole deck in hand" so you can overwhelm your opponent with raw numbers.
  10. Yeah, I can see how that works. Another reason to buy local then.
  11. Usually though off-house creatures are already ready. Unless your opponent exhausts your board with something.
  12. Protect the Weak on Stealer of Souls seems fun. Stealer of Souls demands answers anyways. Tocsin is good, Shaffles is despicable and should be protected at all costs. Burning one of their amber every turn is strong. Your Sanctum spread is amazing for capturing amber (and since it's reap effects you're gaining at the same time). Can also Protect the Weak that Briar Grubbling. I think most turns with that deck you just want to have Sanctum creatures reaping and capturing. Your untamed and Dis cards provide board control and some additional ways of slowing your opponent down. Mostly I think you're going to be racing to get amber with reaping or playing untamed cards. Key Hammer is strong with Murmook out since they only get 6 amber back even if they paid 7 to make the key, so they may not be able to reforge it immediately (and stuff like Shaffles helps there). Sigil of Brotherhood lets you use all those good Sanctum creatures on a turn you're using Dis or Untamed to mess with their board state, getting you further ahead on amber. The big risk is that they'll kill your capturing creatures and get a bunch of amber at once. Commander Remiel has strong targets in both Dis and Untamed (Tocsin, Stealer of Souls, Bigtwig).
  13. Hmm, maybe "take a chain and play or use one card" if forced into no active house, or something.
  14. Yikes, that Pit Lord + Ristringitus interaction. Can't choose house seems like a quick GG.
  15. Strictly speaking, evasive prevents the first damage from any source. Which prevented me Punching something dead.
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