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  1. Polaritie

    What happens when you fully deck out?

    Your opponent concedes is what happens. You're never going to leave the state of "whole deck in hand" so you can overwhelm your opponent with raw numbers.
  2. Polaritie

    Checklists and Tampering

    Yeah, I can see how that works. Another reason to buy local then.
  3. Polaritie

    Scout and exhausted creatures

    Usually though off-house creatures are already ready. Unless your opponent exhausts your board with something.
  4. Polaritie

    I've only ever lost with this deck

    Protect the Weak on Stealer of Souls seems fun. Stealer of Souls demands answers anyways. Tocsin is good, Shaffles is despicable and should be protected at all costs. Burning one of their amber every turn is strong. Your Sanctum spread is amazing for capturing amber (and since it's reap effects you're gaining at the same time). Can also Protect the Weak that Briar Grubbling. I think most turns with that deck you just want to have Sanctum creatures reaping and capturing. Your untamed and Dis cards provide board control and some additional ways of slowing your opponent down. Mostly I think you're going to be racing to get amber with reaping or playing untamed cards. Key Hammer is strong with Murmook out since they only get 6 amber back even if they paid 7 to make the key, so they may not be able to reforge it immediately (and stuff like Shaffles helps there). Sigil of Brotherhood lets you use all those good Sanctum creatures on a turn you're using Dis or Untamed to mess with their board state, getting you further ahead on amber. The big risk is that they'll kill your capturing creatures and get a bunch of amber at once. Commander Remiel has strong targets in both Dis and Untamed (Tocsin, Stealer of Souls, Bigtwig).
  5. Polaritie

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    Hmm, maybe "take a chain and play or use one card" if forced into no active house, or something.
  6. Polaritie

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    Yikes, that Pit Lord + Ristringitus interaction. Can't choose house seems like a quick GG.
  7. Polaritie

    Rules Question: Skirmish

    Strictly speaking, evasive prevents the first damage from any source. Which prevented me Punching something dead.
  8. Polaritie

    Four Horsemen decks

    Gotta be careful against Shadows doing that or they'll just steal it all. (One of their cards is "steal all but 6 amber")
  9. Polaritie

    2.0 Interceptor Pilot Ability Dreams

    I want the banked barrel rolls pilot to come back. I realize it's now something Starvipers do, but...
  10. Reading the new version of collision detector, it looks like it doesn't allow decloak through obstacles anymore. Does the second ability to spend charges and ignore obstacles work with decloak though, or would that only be on movement?
  11. Polaritie

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Yeah, my plan is to just get some dividers set up. Should see if I can find some cardstock I can get printed or something, and just put the ship or upgrade icon on the upgrade tab...
  12. Polaritie

    Iden Ability

    All of it. Note that it doesn't prevent ion, etc. from e.g. ion cannons (but it will still stop any normal damage, but since those weapons can't do crits you probably won't use it on them).
  13. Polaritie

    Do I play Redline wrong?

    Vessery's best friend too.
  14. Polaritie

    So, let's talk first balance patch

    Eh, there will be more mods down the line though. Hopefully wave 2 brings a couple interesting options in for the high agility ships - low agility already wants to slap on hull ups for dirt cheap.
  15. Polaritie

    One Ship Fleets

    Nope. It's at range 0 of itself, but arcs begin at the edge of the base.