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  1. We've played two weeks ago.However, our italian quest book says that surges in Forbidden Incantation stuns "personaggi".The traduction of this words should means "characters" (in our head "heroes"), so we play that only heroes could be stunned (and the OL wins hands down).What's the word stated in the english rules? Figures? Minis?So, the surge in incantation stuns lieutenants, heroes and monsters?Should lieutenants treated as both monsters and characters?Thanks. Maurizio
  2. Many thanks, maybe you could consider a short words about adjacency and connected unique spaces in CRRG (connected != adjacent). It's not so obvious... overall for my heroes! Many thanks. Maurizio
  3. Yersterday I've played with Army of Dal'Zunm. I've placed Belthir on an unique space (who is connected by quest to another unique space beyond the wall). The quest says an hero with an action could pass from a space to another (a sort of secret passage). A hero was on the other unique space. A knight with Oath of Honor (who is in the same area of Belthir) would use his power to place itself and combat Belthir. I think: 1. Those two unique spaces are not adjacent (so the other heroes cannot be adjacent to Belthir) 2. Spaces cannot count inside wall (even if connected by quest as unique spaces) for the same reason (unique spaces not adjacent). However I need a rule clarification: when two (unique) spaces are connected by quests and is one near the other (with some obstacles) should not be adjacent, right? Unless when the quest says explicity that spaces are adjacents... Maurizio
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