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  1. Murne in the app is really useful. Having Waylay is great since the app gives you allies, and False Order is a great choice after the second mission
  2. If you have Murne then most allies are great. Without her then I'd say Ahsoka. Amazing mobility, great offense, only 8 threat cost
  3. So, 4 of us have been playing the Flight of the Freedom Fighter (Hard mode) We had managed to win every mission before the final one, and we had recruited Luke Skywalker (jedi) before the end. We had great equipment and a lot of confidence. We faced some difficulties in the 3rd and especially 4th mission, but things looked good for our team Shyla, Murne, Drokatta, Vinto And Luke Skywalker enter the Star Destroyer, ready to free our crew and be done with the Traitor. And we kick their asses,initially. We kill the traitor, we free the crew, and after an AMAZING battle against Maul, Elite Sentry Droids and Royal Guards we manage to free the Freedom Fighter itself and stop the analysis of the star map with Drokatta and Vinto being wounded, Luke being hurt only by the gas, and Shyla and Murne being healthy. And then....the hallway and Darth Vader.... Brutality... Shyla manages to run for it and open the right door.. Her activation ends next to the escape shuttle...but she can only take 2 more dmg before being wounded... Murne is defeated, Vinto is defeated.. Luke as well... And I, Drokatta, get in the way between Vader and Shyla and use Demolish and my own body to stall him... And it works! We will activate first next round! We "survived" 3 activations of Darth freaking Vader in a single round.... We can make it!!! But.. We didn't know.... A major peril... Shyla gets no successes in a strength test... She is wounded... The Sith Lord captures us... But we saved our crew and our ship dammit! All in all, it was amazing. And we are a pen and paper rpg group normally, so getting invested in the storytelling of an app is not a small thing. Bravo, Imperial Assault.
  4. We play as a 4-player group Shyla, Murne, Vinto, Drokatta We play on hard difficulty, and we have won the first 4 missions. We are about to play the finale. Mission 4 we barely won, we had 3 heroes become wounded.
  5. I must be one of the few players that have enjoyed great success with Davith Yes, it was bad at the start but after the middle of the campaign, Davith became a monster. Embody the Force + holocron played a big part. And then, starting hidden with shrouded lightsaber and a couple of good attachments for my weapon I used to kill pretty much anything, and had a good deal of survivability.
  6. Really, you think this is a valid argument? My father has held a really high position in my country's army. I could ask him if risking mutiny after you have formulated a plan by not sharing it with anyone else, seems like a valid strategy. I think he would laugh in my face. Because at some point Holds formulated the plan and still she didn't share it. If I have to imagine her reasons then the script is bad. Saying that my problems with the film are nonsense is an indicator of your maturity(or lack thereof) . Because you can't actually provide counter arguments, you just dismiss mine as nitpicks or nonsensical. A side story that has no reason to happen and only exists as an opportunity for the heroes to be betrayed is not good writing. Showing aptitude in force powers no one ever taught you is not good writing. Showing that your main villain fell to the dark side because he happened to wake up a fraction of a second before his master turned off his lightsaber is not good writing. And Snoke... Snoke doesn't even need an explanation. Bad writing
  7. Nitpicking? Really? One big and one small subplot were based upon Holdo's totally unrealistic unwillingness to share her plan. And this resulted in near total disaster for the resistance I mean Rey's jedi training. It's just her and Luke arguing back and forth. Even in the dark side cave, she got no lesson. Kylo/Ben flirted with the Dark Side, yes, but this really is not a reason for Luke to - momentarily - think about killing him. It's out of character for Luke and a silly reason for Ben to go over the edge. As for Luke's death, yes I know that he became one with the force. But he had no reason to, except his life force being depleted from the projection. Which is totally against what we have known about the Force up until now. Tiny old Yoda can effortlessly lift starships. There is no try, and all that. And just to be clear, there are more feelings in life than hate and love. It's not my fault this is a bad film and loving it won't turn it into a masterpiece.
  8. Wait, how does Gharkaan have better mobility than Davith? I mean, as an objective runner, Gharkaan is not as versatile as Davith. As for damage output, I guess Gharkaan has better multi-target damage but as for single target damage, I'd take endgame Mak and Davith over anyone (though I have not tested the Hoth expansion heroes). For example I don't think endgame Gharkaan can kill an Elite Royal Guard just as easily as endgame Davith unless he uses ferocity or unstoppable (while wounded)
  9. Worst Star Wars movie to date. The plot is bad, the editing is bad, and for the first time I caught myself staring at my cell phone during a Star Wars movie Why didn't Holdo inform others about her plan? What was Rey's training exactly? Did Kylo fall to the dark side because of a misunderstanding with his uncle? Or is he just a dark side Fan boy? Did anyone actually laugh at the jokes? Where was Snoke during the six previous movies? Don't say that we didn't know much about the Emperor in the OT. We knew enough. Now here comes a big bad guy, supposedly older and stronger than the previous one, and somehow the audience is at fault for not buying it. If he is just a plot device then the plot is bad Luke dying from using the Force. That's.... Convenient.....
  10. Why is hidden worthless? I mean, it's not that great as a defensive condition anyway, but I 've had imperial units miss due to low accuracy in the app as well...
  11. I had a great time playing this mission as Davith. Managed to destroy 2 of 4 terminals so the rest of the party didn't have to overextend themselves. I was wounded but it was worth it. Amazing mobility. Diala was force throwing Fenn and Mak out of the side rooms after they destroyed the terminals. Most satisfying Rebel victory ever
  12. Falling leaf= 2xp Covert operative =1 xp Shrouded lightsaber = 3 xp Am I missing something? I added the cost (500+250=750 credits) but forgot to mention balanced hilt With shrouded lightsaber this means 4 Base damage without even rolling, since you start hidden and you have balanced hilt and high impact guard . Now with 1 green and two yellow dice the least amount of damage you can do with shrouded lightsaber is +2 damage(for a total of 6) with pierce 3. I mean, you really need bad rolls not to one shot an Elite E-Web, at least in my experience. And since you are taking Embody the force, Davith will start any mission with the ability to do 7 damage with Pierce 3 with his worst rolls. Yeah Mak with No escape ends up being better as a single target damage dealer especially if he gets his armor, but Davith with holocron is not far behind.
  13. Thing is, I really think that Davith should be used as a single target dps, not really caring about cleave. Hidden as a defensive condition is underwhelming at best, but when you start hidden, with shrouded lightsaber, falling leaf, covert operative, high impact guard which is only 750 credits and 6 xp, you can move up to 8 spaces and casually one shot an Elite E-Web without really caring about dice rolls. Not many heroes can do that so early.
  14. On the core campaign my group use Davith, Diala, Fenn, Mak We got problems, since we don't have a dedicated support character, but we won 50% of the missions and now only the finale remains Btw I don't know what's the hate with Davith. I have managed to do 10 dmg (with average rolls) on an Elite Imperial Guard while activating from Stun,without falling leaf or fell swoop, just shrouded lightsaber and blindside. I mean come on, once you get the holocron and embody the force, he becomes am amazing single target dps
  15. Ι actually believe the artifact is going to be a holocron. The Clone Wars story arc would come down to a fight between Ahsoka and Sidious for a sith holocron. What else would Sidious and Maul need from the depths of Coruscant?
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