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  1. I’ve been saying it for some time now. They’d be fools to miss a Holiday Season coinciding with the premiere of a Star Wars movie. Makes you wonder if this was their plan all along.
  2. Hmmmmm. Athletics seems like a shoe in for the spec skills. It also utilizes stealth quite often and deception; those skills are already part of the career set, but at least some redundancy is expected to help accommodate anyone picking up the spec from outside the career. I wonder if one form or another of piloting might not be part of it........ seems like it would be useful. Alternatively, streetwise seems about right based solely on what’s listed. And now I’ve got a smuggler: pilot/spy: courier in my head.
  3. So what do we have room for as far as final specs? A Handler? A reprint of Assassin? A Spyhunter/Counterintelligence type?
  4. I meant for this thread to be a place where we could joke about the situation. I probably should have said "wrong answers only" in the OP. Yes, this situation can try the patience. I'd rather make light of it than argue.
  5. I think Prophet should get Leadership as a skill. They seem like the sort who would have followers. I wouldn't be surprised if Mystic didn't get a second combat/light saber spec, though Magus might be Force Combat Oriented. Maybe.
  6. It's not like there's going to be a gift giving season coinciding with a major release of Star Wars media occurring towards the end of the year. If there were, it would be a shame to miss such a sales opportunity.
  7. So Coercion as a spec skill is confirmed. Deception might be one as well, but Spies already have that, so they may give us another skill instead. There certainly are plenty of precedents for redundant skills. Those two skills are quite clearly designated as the interrogator's social skills, as opposed to charm and negotiation. While a real interrogator certainly can benefit from charm to build rapport, I suppose the same can be done with deception. Regardless, the other skills will be decidedly not social. Based on previous advertising as well as the talent set, Medicine is pretty much confirmed. Discipline or Cool would be useful in filtering out BS, and the nobody's fool talent is confirmed, so that is a factor. Of the two, spies already have access to Cool. If they don't double down on Spy Career skills, we still have one slot available. I would say Brawl.
  8. Chill people. We're going to be waiting a while. Freaking out isn't going to help. if you want to buy other books from other companies in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like you're cheating on FFG. Lets just chill. I swear nerds get less and less emotionally healthy these days.
  9. Q4 would be a good time to get it together and start pushing out some Star Wars books. Between Last Jedi hype and Christmas, they'll be missing out if they can't get a couple more books out then.
  10. By aggressive negotiations you mean negotiating with a light saber right?
  11. Anatomy Lessons (from Doctor and Medic) as well as Pressure point (Doctor) seem relevant, but I think any further medical talents should be new talents. If Pressure Point is used, brawl would be a good skill to have. I wouldn't expect much more as far as brawl talents.
  12. Unless A. They're shape shifters B. Their espionage methods to beyond infiltration (SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT, ETC....... INT). C. They have Imperials on the payroll D. The Imperials let them get the info...... Oh wait. at any rate, did she actually say they stole schematics? They didn't exact look for an exhaust port. What I got was that the Bothans: 1. Pin-pointed the DS2's location. That could be from long range surveillance (oh look, that moon has a moon), slicing a navicomputer, an insider leaking information, intercepted communique's, etc. 2. Ascertained that the DS2 was not fully armed and operational......... Which ended up being false. Did they get the info prior to Vader's "motivation?" Unlikely given the next piece of info. This seems like an insider leak.... Especially since it was false. 3. The juicy detail that the Emperor was on site. Leak of the Emperor's itinerary? A disgruntled imperial spilling his guts? Surveillance IDing the shuttle? 4. Leia mentions that the shuttle codes came at a price. The Bothans killed seems likely. Interception of transmissions? Given by an Imperial defector? Sliced from a computer?
  13. So thinking about the Interrogator spec, and what we know so far, and what we can guess at: 1. Skills -Medical inclination has been mentioned and can be applied towards torture (both keeping a victim alive and in inflicting pain), verification of truth (polygraphs measuring breathing, pulse, etc), and the application of drugs. - along those lines, perception seems like it would be important to pick up on tells. - coercion seems very much like it would be the personality skill in question. - charm might be useful in building rapport, but it might be better suited to an undercover/handler spy skill. It could go to both. - If not charm, I wonder if Brawl might be in as a way to inflict pain (Sinjir Rathveelis comes to mind). 2. Talents - on the social side, the U.S. Army lists Mutt & Jeff (good cop/bad cop) as an official (if regulated) approach. Good Cop and Bad Cop might be in the Interrogator wheelhouse. Maybe just Bad Cop. - I have to review Doctor and Medic to see if any of their talents are relevant. Otherwise, medical talents would focus on inflicting pain, keeping people alive (converting damage to strain?) and application of drugs.
  14. Definitely all for a universal spec for some sort of defector/traitor/double agent.
  15. I was hoping they'd make a core rulebook for imperials, but the DoR announcement has me thinking that they are going in a different direction. It's a good direction, but I still have my heart set on Imperial gameplay. I've been thinking about it, and I kinda feel like you could make due with AoR materials. Going down the line: - Gameplay shouldn't change that much in and of itself. - Duty would probably work fine in and of itself, but if you want to differentiate, call it Ambition. That said, a mechanic where it you pursue your ambition too quickly or too strongly, it attracts unwanted attention,either from rivals, or from superiors telling you not to choke on your ambition. - Species: Empire doesn't need a lot here, racist as they are. Maybe Kubaz. -Careers and Specializations: Ace and Commander are fine as is. Diplomat and Engineer work well enough. Soldier and Spy are where we start running into trouble (Soldier is better suited for guerrilla warfare than Troopers, and Spy's scout really should be part of a Trooper career). Recruit is utterly useless for Imperials. -Gear: nothing new required. - Ships and Vehicles: Superbly covered by AoR. That said, a different selection of party vehicles may be required. The fighters just won't work the same. - Adversaries are just fine as is. Maybe a supplement to AoR to cover Imperial Gameplay?
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