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  1. The problem I have with pass mechanic is when Player A brings an elite team, they have better stats. vs player B. Now if you give player A the passes, he not only is getting the activations that B paid for but also his stronger attack and defense dice. That seems like a double dip. I'd be all for seeing a command upgrade card both sides could take for points that is exhaustible but gives a pass like ability. This would mean not paying for a full unit but gaining a bit of the pass benefits for armies.
  2. Gridloc

    But I'm to big

    I thought any movement that puts part of your base off the table edge removes unit. So doing pivot before moving could cause you to lose the unit?
  3. Gridloc

    But I'm to big

    It hurts because Leia, Veers, snipers and units with range 4 (since battleline means move plus shoot is in range) all gain impact turn one. Kinda forces you to activate tank first, which I dont mind with free pivot, but just felt really goofy rule or design.
  4. Gridloc

    But I'm to big

    New occupiers are longer than range 1, in battleline they can not fit in deployment zone unless sideways and pretty much giving opponent extra impact. I was unable to find it but is there a rule that if the back of a model is on board edge it can go beyond deployment zone? Deploying sideways feels lame, but did so last game. Just checking in with the rule gurus.
  5. You have most of what is available for the imperial side, beyond royal guard and palp, will have the full range. For rebels, troops are a big piece of their lists, more rebel troopers for sure as 2 won't really cut it with minimum being 3 units (for standard point games). You can go fleet troopers if you don't like rebel troopers and in 2 months veteran troops come out (hoth outfit guys). Leia is fun support as is Jyn, but not needed. A second core will give you those rebel forces you need but sounds like the imperial side wouldn't be much of a help. However more templates and dice is big plus when supplying components to two players.
  6. Its listed as Transport Open, so assuming its like a truck bed where they ride in the back. I was little sad that transport Open doesn't allow the transported unit to fire out of it. But could see that becoming a problem.
  7. I'm interested in if there will be droid medics or not. As you would want medics for those none droid units in CIS, but at same time, very odd to see B-1 droids being 'healed' up.
  8. I would think blue player, as they are the ones that get to pick terrain in case of tie. I've seen players like this in other miniature games (throwing objectives in very restrictive parts to be advantageous to them vs others), can tell you thats the stuff that made our gaming community hurt as people just stopped showing up because of these little nuances getting played at to get a tiny win. I would expect in tournaments that TO would just move it so that the token isn't creating a problem or benefits both parties.
  9. May might be sabine and bossk, so pushes rebel core and Tauns to June, with July being imperial mirror. August/Sept is gencon/nova so could see these being their big release dates.
  10. It was said briefly, but beginning of the announcement, they mentioned that these are 2 of the factions they are introducing. Clearly they must have plans for future factions!!
  11. Each of those large stack of dice require exhausting that config card, that means many turns of either not moving or not aiming to reduce the strength of the list. Underpointing your list a bit and getting the missions that benefit you could go a long way to helping balancing it out, it is a lot of damage, but just seems like you either are getting unluck with dice, or are split firing and not focusing down units to reduce the threats.
  12. Thanks, I misread it, thats what I get for answering from the hip. The wording is bit different than the 3pip Veers so makes sense as it reduces the abusiveness of this card.
  13. 1) They would preform that action when assigned the order, so before they are activated. 2) Yes, because they are taking the standby action. 3) • If a trooper unit gains a suppression token or performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has. 4) Yes, if they are suppressed and not paniced, they can do aim with their one action and then gain a suppression to do a free move action which triggers steady.
  14. Their fault for not signing a multi movie contract... though Cassian is getting a show on disney. So its like he survived... kinda...
  15. If you run fast enough Movie Plot armor will protect you!
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