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  1. Super excited for Padme/Rex lists. Both give fantasic utility to the army. Add in the release of Arc troopers with Echo and Fives and Republic lists will finally have some creative space for different lists and styles of play.
  2. Pretty sure FFG doesn't actually do much with the release, its their parent company. Which has to be frustrating for FFG. I'd be frustrated if my supplier was always delayed, surprised FFG hasn't said enough is enough and looked for a new or in house distribution.
  3. I don't think we should, there is only a small handful of posters who are trying to make this a medium to air their grievances. By allowing them too; then we are saying we hear you, but here is why we disagree. As long as we keep it civil, future readers will see that those small handful don't define the community. Allowing those who are upset a spot (this post) vs creating multiple new posts that we have to keep addressing, will help newer players in that they don't come into a toxic online gaming community. You don't have to agree with those who dislike the game. I think people have done a fine job defending why they disagree with those who do and letting them know that the game direction is probably not going to ever please them and they have the choice to leave to find other games that might check off more boxes.
  4. This is what im thinking. We got the skirmish pdf, a silhouette pdf would be easy to produce. 3rd parties would enjoy the market till ffg decides if its worth having official one or prize version
  5. I'm as excited as everyone else about the new products, but super excited about the small tangent that Alex went off on about changes in next few weeks of what sounds to be standard trooper size profiles. This has been a huge thing in games where some people have said shooting a lightsaber over a building makes no sense, or snipers not seeing because behind a barricade that their unit can see fine over. This should help bring more of the hobby aspects of modeling into our mix. Whats everyone elses take on this news?
  6. Feels like some people just like to see the world burn. SWL is doing very well in my area and every event I go to I ask the local stores and they say it sells. Now this is just my small section of the world, and disney/ffg could have other issues. However, feels like some people dislike the game and wanted to feel validated by posting on this forum. You may want to look inward to why you feel trying to tear down others enjoyment is your goal. I left past games because the game community became toxic because articles like this kept popping up and now dominate the forums.
  7. In the days of stormtroopers and atst as really only choices for imperials(first few months of game), faced a few ion capable rebel list.
  8. Looks like Ion is going to be making a big come back!
  9. Gridloc

    Chewbacca's 2 pip

    No, his is different than fire support which requires you flip over you face up token. His 2 pip does not require him to flip it over, so he can activate later in the round after adding the attack
  10. my point was this isnt' anything new to the FFG world. Not saying you have to agree with it, but a back and forth with people (complaining or not) most likely won't change how they structure their rule layout. If you know from those other games, this is set up this way to make a living rule set much easier to maintain vs printing on cards which ultimately become outdated as rules change.
  11. So you know this is how they operate via those other games and instead of just looking in the rule book as you would have with the others, you instead come onto a forum and complain to people. This seems more like a demand for them to conform to what you want and not set up a system that allows changes to be in one spot vs on every card (which is why points shouldn't have been listed on cards, something xwing2.0 learned).
  12. For bombing run, big thing that people might over look is that it says end of activation phase you can blow up 1. just one. So holding all your objectives for later rounds can actually hurt you.
  13. I think war weary is one of 8 cards when you make your list that you take into account. Turn 0 is very important, if your list is clones and relying on a lot of phase 2, war weary becomes a good pick and one that forces your opponent to eat through or avoid choosing that row as it can be eaten into. Will it be in every ones deck? No. Its like limited visibility which tends to punish imperials where one of their strength is access to lots of long range weapons. Does that mean its bad card? No, its one that as imperial players, we have been list building for over a year now, realize is fully possible of being on the table and adjust accordingly.
  14. War weary is going to make taking unit leaders more important and also make those 2 courage units (specially the corp ones) that much more pivotal to this game.
  15. Well, rebels getting a unit of mandalorians, means we will only see a huge increase in rebel players. That said, i get padme is there because they need operatives. but even in original releases, they had han come with one operative, and then emperor came with the rebel operative. missing out on anakin seems odd. Either way, if this is even partly true, looks like some good units coming out for the CW era armies.
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