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  1. It's not about the size of the play area, but what you do with it.
  2. It's a great expansion. The generics are well-priced and I love using them - I don't mind if a ship ain't got a lot of green dice, if it has the health to make up for it. Zuckuss is a great pilot too, if you have fully modded dice his ability is crazy! It's worth it for the upgrades too. In addition to Adaptability there's Electronic Baffle, Zuckuss (crew) and a Tractor Beam. If you wanna have some real fun, take a generic with Electronic Baffle, Outlaw Tech and Dead Man's Switch. Do all reds, fire fully modded shots and trigger Dead Man's Switch when it's best to do so!
  3. Whatever it is you have in mind, try it! If you think it's on the strong side, just let your opponent know. A simple 'hey, my list is nasty so you should bring something tough too' will do, in my experience.
  4. Thanks for the helpful answers, guys. I'll definitely look into Cryodex! I've already asked the people in our Facebook group about the idea and they seemed to like it. I'll post some pics of the tournament after it's over.
  5. Hey everyone! I only just registered, but I've been lurking the forums for quite a bit. I run a FLGS in Hungary. Previously, I held a month-long X-Wing event, where the goal was to shoot down as many enemy ships as you could - their point total would be added together and the higher your score, the bigger prizes you got. It was pretty successful in getting a few people to play as much as they could. In July, I'd like to organize an actual tournament. I'm thinking I'll have about 8 players max. Thing is, I got no idea where to start! I haven't really organized a tournament for any game system before, so I could use your help. For this event, I was thinking 5 rounds of 100-point dogfights. One thing I'm in trouble with is pairing the players. Frankly, I don't even know where to start... Help? TL;DR: I wanna make a tournament, send help
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