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  1. I was under the impression that Gunray will be the second Separatist commander but it seems not many think that.
  2. I like those speederbikes quite a bit.
  3. Alino

    Ed's Rebels

    I like them. My one bit of advice is to use a brown wash over the whole miniature to add some easy depth.
  4. I love that medical droid. They're all sweet but man, there's just something about the medical droid I like more than the rest, can't tell what it is though.
  5. Henceforth you shall be known as.... Darth Prime
  6. ah alright, I wasn't aware. I assume wood stain wouldn't work either if that's the case
  7. Might have to copy that sniper nest. I was hesitant when you first shared it but man that's great. My advice for future ones would be a brown wash over the entirety of the wood before applying flock and the like
  8. I really like the Mark keyword here. I'm thinking you should specify the range, (assuming within Range 3), and that the marked token should only last for the duration of the round, not the game.
  9. I'm a rebel main. Even though I love clones (particularly cause I love the Clone Wars series, and the Clones in that show), Rebels will continue to be my main because, other than having the playstyle I love, they're very easy to customize model-wise with bits and the like while still fitting into canon lore. Anyways, with that in mind, I would LOVE to see DF.9 Laser Turret as a Stationary Heavy unit for the Rebels. I'd also really like to see Tauntaun Riders as a support for Rebels. Maybe as a 2 or 3 of squad? For the Imperials, however, I'd like to see them get the Dewback Trooper as a support, and as for the heavy... not sure. Imperials have many heavies I'd like to see, but I think the TX-225 Occupier would be an interesting inclusion that most would recognize easily. Now, as for the Clones and Separatists.... My step bro will be playing Separatists, he wants to do a'junkyard droids' theme, with various droid bits replacing parts of the droid bodies. Anywayssss I think having Grievous, a STAP Squad, and 2x B1 Battle Droid Squads up against Kenobi, an AT-RT, and 2x Clone Trooper squads would make for a good starter box for that era.
  10. Yeah, been working on things, decided to just make them big enough for infantry. The first peak i'm working on is quite large, so even though the AT-STs and the like are confined to single peaks, they can still cover a good chunk of area
  11. I still want C3P0 in his wooden chair as a commander alongside Ewoks, and have him buff all ewoks in his command range.
  12. Heyo! I live pretty close to Champaign, Illinois, and was wondering if there's any other players there
  13. It's a bit early, but I figured I'd go ahead and wish you all a merry Christmas And for those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, happy holidays. Let's all get together and watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, or, we can get together and make a bonfire out of all the tapes.
  14. The best option to harm an AT-ST is a DLT Rifle in a Stormtrooper squad.... why is that not obvious
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