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    Snake? Snake?! SNAAAKE!!!!!!!
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    I can sense your excitement. Good.... good...... let it fill you.
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    I feel that love
  4. Tie Intercepter's awesome. I'm newer as well, and playing Separatists, but TIE Interceptor has Soontir Fel who is AWESOME.
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    even better
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    baby shark
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    na ma na naaa
  8. REPOSTING HERE after being informed that x-wing squad builder is not for squads..... I think people can see my confusion, lol Hello! This is my first 200 point list I'm sharing here (New to X-wing.), and I just want to start off by saying I'm fairly flexible, but I am keeping Dooku in the list! I am a massive fan of the sith infiltrator (my favorite starship, and what made me decide to play Separatists.... well, that, then there's also the HMP Droid Gunship and the Tri-Fighter! Even though the Tri-Fighter probably won't be announced for like a year or more, sadly.) LIST Count Dooku w/ Tractor Beam & Scimitar 70 Points General Grievous w/ Impervium Plating & Soulless One 54 Points Trade Federation Drone 19 Points Trade Federation Drone 19 Points Trade Federation Drone 19 Points Trade Federation Drone 19 Points 200 Points Total Probably a bit light on upgrades, I was mainly unsure on if i should do this OR replace 1 TF Drone to get struts on the 3 others, plus DRK-1 Probes on Dooku, and then some other upgrades
  9. W....wha Sorry, new to x-wing.... kinda? Pretty new, played like 6 years ago but that was for an extremely short timespan. Didn't really there were..... two different pages with similar names. XD
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    Oh please no XD
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    Happy Friday.

    I started back around 6 years ago for only like 2 months. Returning to the game now though, as Separatists. Already have a small group of all new players buying models to play with! 🙂
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    God dang it not this XD
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    Listen not everything needs sassed. XD
  14. Hm that could be interesting. My thought process was to try and get ships that wouldn't just feel like.... "slightly fancier imperial/rebel ship"
  15. Cool. Not in a massive hurry, i have a lot of stuff to play with anyways as a new player. Good ole covid
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