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  1. Light spoilers for Mask of the Pirate Queen below. Just finished a playthrough of MotPQ, run by one of our group who was trying on the GM hat for the first time. Our PCs, almost immediately after boarding the Renegade's Blood, hatched a plan to capture the vessel. After taking the Queen prisoner, we pulled a fast one on Admiral Sykes and jumped the Consular-class cruiser out of the system. I'm really curious to hear if anyone else's group pulled something similar?
  2. As I commented elsewhere, I wonder if we can expect new supplements to come in the form of card packs like the one just announced for Keyforge. Essentially an adversary pack with some cards detailing rules expansions, locations, and adventure generator tools. They could keep this sort of development inside their existing card game department, streamline production costs, more easily print to fill demand, etc. I'm all for that model, if it keeps the rpg lines alive and kicking, and the Foundry continues to provide community created content.
  3. With the recent talk (rumor?) of FFG roleplaying lines continuing and a soon-to-come announcement, I wonder if we aren't looking at the future of supplements here. Seems they can roll this sort of content into their existing departments, continuing the rpg lines without a dedicated division. As long as the Foundry stays up, I'd take it.
  4. Can you double subscribe to a podcast? Asking for a friend.
  5. @GM Hooly I had this same question.
  6. O the Owl


    I watched the video, and it makes some bold statements about the Liscencing agreement that directly contradict what Sam Gregor-Stewart said in his interview on The Forge Podcast that aired earlier today. He specifically said that one would retain rights to independently created IP. Two examples he gave were publishing the setting with different game mechanics, and writing a novel in the setting. It would be nice to have some clarity on this.
  7. As I understand it, Keyforge is hugely successful. I'm not much interested in the setting, but I totally understand FFG wanting to capitalize on the popularity. I'm just here quietly waiting on Soviergns of Steam.
  8. Great episode. Ian and Chris have a good chemistry, the interviews were interesting and informative, the show was nicely edited. All the segments are great. I look forward to the next one.
  9. I have high hopes for The Foundry. We know how great the system is at inspiring world building. It is nice for the content creators that put so much effort into their projects have a chance to be rewarded for their efforts. I look forward to an even more robust community, and hopefully a new influx of players and GMs.
  10. Well, well, well, @GM Hooly, you sneaky fellow. One might think you have an inside source at FFG. Really looking forward to your new show, and I have been hoping for a portal for fan-created content since the launch of the system. I hope it inspires the existing creators in the community and excites new converts. When you look around at the RPGs that are most successful and widely played, encouraging independent content creation is without question one of the strongest drivers of community engagement. Break a leg!
  11. You could build individual rituals by choosing effects from the existing spell tables, as those already have difficulty modifiers listed for you. Most base spells start as an Easy or Medium check, and then each added effect raise the difficulty. Those tables would serve as a good reference point for creating your own effects and assigning difficulty. For materials you might look at the magic implements at the end of the magic rules as a reference. For instance if your player uses a cauldron for their ritual, the effect could be adding the XXX effect without increasing difficulty. Or possessing a lock of your target's hair might allow the caster to maintain the ritual from round to round as an Incidental rather than a Manuever. You can create a list of materials and implements that have individual effects, or you can make those calls organically in-game. If your players have their own ideas, like a ritualistic dance, or self-bloodletting, or burning a picture of their target in a fire made from willow bark, you can give them an upgrade on their ritual skill check or downgrade the difficulty.
  12. The Realms of Terrinoth setting book could provide some context for how to layer style or fluff on top of the base magic system. The special abilities of some of adversaries, in particular the spells listed for the various magic users, are worth checking out. The Necromancer is a prime example. You can create your own spell types, as some others on the boards have done for Enchantment, Illusion, Divination, etc. Or you might leave it to your players to reflavor the existing spells to reflect their characters' unique approaches to magic. As you say you picked Genesys for its narrative focus - this would be the perfect way to give your players some control over the world you are creating together. For example, the werewolf's magic (working off of Primal) would call on ethereal spirits or the incarnate natural world to rip at their foes (Attack), empower their physical form (Augment), or bring forth allies to fight beside them (Conjure). The zombie (here perhaps Divine fits best) issues forth poisonous clouds and skittering swarms of insects (Attack), hardens their skin with rigor mortis (Barrier), or casts their vile gaze onto their foes to open oozing pustules (Curse). Mainly, for your first game, I'd advise you to concentrate on flavor and mood without delving too deeply into rules crafting. The story you tell with your players and the fun you all have exploring the world you are creating together is what your group will remember.
  13. A rank in Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Nature or Geography), or Resilience all make sense. Possible abilities/flaws: Twig and Leaf (-5 exp) - One Boost die to Stealth checks when in a natural setting. Tied to the Earth (+5 exp) - For every 24 hours the character does not completely immerse their lower appendages in earth, they add a Setback die to all rolls. Immovable (-10 exp) - Once per encounter the character can perform the Immovable maneuver. Until the beginning of their next turn the character is immune to the Knockdown weapon quality, the Manupulative magic effect, or any other forced movement. The player may choose to extend the duration of this ability by sacrificing one maneuver each turn.
  14. @Archellus, I love the idea of the steampunk mechanical familiar. The Dice Pool podcast ran an adventure last year where their magic user focused his spells through mechanical implements, and it has stuck with me as a cool idea. I have my fingers crossed FFG puts out a World of Steam setting book next.
  15. I have created a rules set for Conjuring Creatures with the Conjure magic action. The link is to a PDF on google drive. I used the various crafting rules as inspiration. My intention was to create something that can be used on the fly or to pre-design creatures that your magic users may conjure. Please let me know what you think. I have one player that uses the Conjure magic action most every session, but he mainly favores one summon (a silhouette 3 Pheonix). Up until now I have been running the spell on a case by case basis, although I had planned for some time to codify a more consistent rule set. Now I have a second player planning on making regular use of the spell. The time has come to lay down the law. Anyone else have a player that conjures creatures regularly? If so, how do you handle it?
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