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  1. I don't think the 5-point init bid is useful. I suggest Autothrusters on Poe, and also switching to the PS 9 version.
  2. How about this wingman? Captain Nym (30) TLT(6) Bomblets (3) Title (0) Genius (0) Trajectory Simulator (1) Ship total: 41
  3. Mathematically, neither Han nor Poe should have any trouble against low-agi ships, but yes, they suck against aces. Han deals an average 0.2 damage to Fen Rau- with Fen's ability offline! How about this wingman instead? Captain Nym (30) TLT(6) Bomblets (3) Title (0) Genius (0) Trajectory Simulator (1) Ship total: 41
  4. I like most of the list, but not the Ten build. First of all, Mangler is WAY better than Tractor beam, especially on Ten; it pairs with hus pilot ability to deal auto-cries. Second, Nien s not the best crew upgrade to use. What about Hera or Rey instead?
  5. Well said. I wish they'd restrict high PS to well known named characters that are explicitly shown on screen, book, or comic to be excellent pilots. No Dengars or Quickdraws. And the number of PS 7-8 pilots with abilities so powerful that they can just use VI or Adaptability instead of a real elite upgrade is also starting to get on my nerves and be a real meta problem (see Tel Trevura, Nym, Old Teroch, and company). Then the truly talented pilots, like Han and Poe and Fen Rau could shine.
  6. I really like the T-65, I'm just not sure this build will work. Luke and Wedge are both very fragile, and don't hit all that hard to compensate. The Y-wing is fine, and I agree with Flight Assist on it. The z-95 is just sort of...there. It will not do a whole lot for you, at its low PS, it will get blown up before it can shoot the missiles. How about this instead? Wedge Antilles (29) Expertise (4) R2-D2 (4) Vectored Thrusters (2) Ship Total: 39 Wes Janson (29) VI (1) R3-A2 (2) Vectored Thrusters (2) Ship Total: 34 Airen Cracken (19) VI (1) Assault Missiles (5) Guidance Chips (0) Ship Total: 25 Squad Total: 98
  7. I love this!! No shenanigans, just two stupidly fast ships that can blow anything to pieces in 5 seconds flat while flying across the board. I'm curious about Ketsu- do the tractor beams every come in handy? And does the arc rotate action see a lot of use on PS 6 and 7 pilots?
  8. I agree that Flight Assist would be better; I used R2-D2 instead because it's much more forgiving and easy to fly for a new player like me. One question: is Flight assist or BB-8 better?
  9. I like this build a LOT. Sit at range 3 with 4 green dice, throw Harpoon missiles to soften them up, then charge into Range 1, popping Glitterstim for 5 modified red dice. If there's a point to spare, I'd add Vectored Thrusters in the open mod. slot.
  10. Thoughts on this list? It's similar to the classic Han/Jake builds, with the same hammer/anvil game plan. This time, both ships are at PS 11 rather than PS 9, leading to two main advantages: 1) We don't need to worry about an initiative bid due to the large number of PS 9 pilots, and 2) PS 11 Han and Poe are two of the best 1v1 duelists in the game. I personally think that Han with VI is the best ship 1v1. Han Solo [Original] (46) Veteran Instincts (1) Rey (2) C-3PO (3) Old Title (1) Engine Upgrade (4) Ship total: 57 Poe Dameron [PS 9 version] (33) Veteran Instincts (1) R2-D2 (4) Advanced Optics (2) Black One (1) Autothrusters (2) Ship total: 43 Squad Total: 100
  11. A Vor’cha class battle-cruiser escorted by TIE fighters and a pair of Stormtalon Gunships. If they’re all technically “imperial”, is it really faction mixing?
  12. Wurms, we all agree that the focus from Rey is nice; Gennataos is asking when Han has the actions to bank tokens in Rey, when he needs to be boosting/ evading. I think that you can spend a couple of rounds slow rolling. After that, I think Han has enough durability to take a round of fire. After that, you should have enough tokens to to last until you've killed a ship or two. Once their force is softened up, you can boost to run away, and the start slow rolling and banking tokens again. But thats in theory. If you've actually flown with Rey, what's your experience?
  13. Also, I used a dice calculator to do the math, and in most situations, a focus token seems to be better than Gunner. I'd go with Rey and get three points to play with.
  14. I like the idea a lot. The Rebel can soak up a ton of fire and punch back. I would cut Hera to switch FCS with Accuracy Corrector. Now, at r1, you can deliver 2 automatic hits, which can destroy any ace, like Fen, Vader, etc. It can also help push some damage through on Biggs, as Lowhricks ability can't help him.
  15. I agree with Comms relay. It should give Poe the extra durability that he loses out on by using BB instead of R2-D2. One question: has the lack of offensive mods on Han been a problem? VI means that he has very little damage output, right?
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