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  1. No,our difference in opinions that you see "no models in the middle tray may be assgned damage" while I see "the last model in a middle tray may not he assigned damage". You do not check to see if a unit would be split until a tray is removed, and that only happens when the last model is looking to be removed. Your leaning on "any figures in a tray that if removed would split the unit" as a condition of being indestructible is the hiccup. "Any figures", to me, is "any figures that may happen to be in the tray" so they don't have to specifically say what kind of models may be removed. Edit: Also, pg10-11 under Damage also sums it up in less confusing language.
  2. Shoot, don't have the book on me, so placeholder till I can reference the rules that say you can target any model in the back row. Edit: Here we go: 22.3, damage can only be assigned to the back row (and we know in a one row unit the front is the back). Then with 22.1, the attacker assign damage to models one at a time till they suffer a wound. Accuracy let's you ignore the "only attack the back rank" as upgrades are usually in the front (which will see change with the new Heavy upgrade cards). Also, under Wounds (92.6) a tray is destroyed only when the last model is removed. So you're in no threat of splitting a unit until you look to remove the 'last' model in the tray, meaning you can freely target the other three models in the center tray of a 3x1 unit.
  3. Of course it's damaging figures in a tray....where else would you damage figures? I feel you're putting too much emphasis on the tray part, because all the other instances of doing damage is towards figures. You could theoretically kill every model in the back rank aside from one in each tray, and your opponent would still have a full rank. To ke, it's series of steps: 1: Generate Damage 2: Pick a model to deal damage to. 2.a Will killing this model result in the model being replaced? Y/N 2.b Will killing this model split the unit? (Y/N). If You, go back to 2. The premise that 4 models in a unit are immune from being targeted from damage just because they happen to be standing in a middle tray is rather silly to me, especially when the rules explain how to deal with such a situation.
  4. That's where we disagree then. You assume all models in the tray can't be targeted, while my interpretation is that the last model to he removed (which would split the unit) can't be targeted. Because up until the last model is killed, you're not in danger of splitting the unit. Edit: 22.4: Damage cannot be assigned to any figures in a tray that, if removed from the unit, would cause that unit to be split into two separate trays. So again, to me, it means you can't assign damage to a figure in the unit if it would cause it to be split. Since you assign damage to a figure at a time (22.1), it's not till the last figure is to be assigned damage that you run into the possibility of splitting the unit. Also, if the last model in a tray is an upgrade model (Say, Necromancer), you could kill it, as long as there was a model left in the unit to replace it (38.7). This would prevent the last model from the tray being removed, and splitting the unit.
  5. But if there's only one rank, you don't need accuracy.
  6. If it overrides it, you still deal with the potential of the tray being killed and the unit split. You can target every model in the middle tray except for the last one, as that would split the unit. In that case, you would have to clear a side tray completely before you can take the last model from the center tray out.
  7. I would say you can't deploy overlapping the terrain, so setting up near it then shifting into it like you did would be the right move.
  8. Well, the game only released a month or two ago, and they have 4 armies already planned, with Elves coming out in July/August. I'm confident that FFG has a long term plan for the game.
  9. It's still a relatively new game, and having only two armies to currently choose from has blunted some folks enthusiasm. I feel it won't be truly be a viable game till the end of the year when more options are available.
  10. Nah, I don't think it's that complicated. "Figures" makes it easy to say "anything that may be on the tray, from upgrades, to rank troops, to heroes". You can kill any models you want in the "last" rank, but you can't kill the last model in a middle tray that would cause the unit to split. I'm pretty confident FFG's intent was not to create "immortal models" because of situational placement in the unit.
  11. To me, the only figures that if removed would result in the tray being removed would be the last figure. And as you can assign damage to any figures in the last rank, you can kill 3/4 models in the center tray, but can't kill the last figure because it would split the unit. It doesn't provide immunity to the whole base, just the last figure. As for the Heavy Upgrades, they're not immune either, because while you still can't split the unit, the Heavy Upgrade rules on page 18 of the Learn to Play say that if the heavy upgrade is removed, you replace it with a full tray from the back rank (even if all that's left is one rank). So if you have three bases with the heavy in the middle, and it gets killed, one of the other two bases have to replace it, and thus avoids the 'splinter' unit situation.
  12. I do love me the Lance Corporal. Attack with a Shield at I3 helps the spearmen a lot as a center unit.
  13. I mean, you could run Archers with upgrades besides Combat Ingenuity, right? It sounds to me that people's perceptions of what the "best combo" is leads to frustration with the way cards are being utilized by FFG, not because of any action on their part. Do they benefit from people buying multiple boxes? Of course, but that's due to players perceptions as to what's "teh best" rather than a business model. I'm enjoying trying different options for my units, as it gives them more Individual option on the table than "Rinse Repeat Squad #3".
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