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  1. It sounds like, for a group not too experienced with the system, the best option for this would be to start at base chargen, and give high XP rewards. Thanks all!
  2. I understand that in F&D you don't start as a Jedi. You start as an untrained character, just exploring their newfound abilities. How does the game handle starting at a higher amount of xp? I've heard that it takes around 600 xp to feel like a prequels/old republic jedi knight. Are there any major problems with creating and playing characters with that much xp?
  3. I had an idea for a custodial droid, that was in the jedi temple. He fled around the time of order 66, and was later transferred/rebuilt into a different chassis. He retained all his memories of listening to jedi teaching and discussion. As a result he is very philosophical, contemplative, and knowledgeable about the force. Heck, maybe he could even serve as a mentor for force using pcs. I think a combat spec for him, for the juxtaposition of a philosopher who's also a deadly killing machine.
  4. Well, I would like a mystic book. But, I probably wouldn't want it to come out to close to DoH. Similar deal with the spy book. Perhaps a book about playing evil characters. Dark-siders, imperials, more ruthless criminals, etc.
  5. I would like to see a nightsister/sith sorcerer spec. However, both seem to be rather dark-side, and I doubt they'd make a dark-side only spec. Still, I would like to see more esoteric and non-jedi force stuff, and they could create a non-darkside version.
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