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  1. Not interested in Daqan. Very interested in dwarves. I fear that id they're part of the Daqan we'll only get a unit of dwarves. And I'm not interested in spamming the same unit (plus golems). If we get dwarves (and we should), they have to be a full faction (with golems?). And to answer the original question, I'd rather have new factions instead of mercenaries. If I were to do mercenaries, I'll start doing some dual faction units (say Daqan/Lathari). And maybe later introduce a couple of mercenary heroes that can't be part of any other faction, but cab hire those dual faction units. Creating a mercenary army.
  2. Tamiya Clear Red. It's a better product for me. But it's alcohol based, so more work to clean afterwards. When I want faster results, I go with GWs.
  3. Same here. Basing the trays greatly improves the look.
  4. We have a group of around 29 people at the club that plays (or wants to play) Runewars. There are around 4-5 people that are waiting for the elves to release in the group. Plus some that will switch to or also buy Elves once they're released.
  5. Nice looking models! Where are the egyptian-like eagle decals from? They work very well with your colours. Painting trims can be a pain. What I would do is basecoat the whole model with the trim color (in this case gold), and then "fill" the purple/dark grey. It's usually faster and the final result looks tidier. I prime/basecoat with an airbrush myself. But there are some gold primers you could use. Or just use a big brush to apply the gold first.
  6. It's a custom mix of Woodland Scenics Fine Turf. It's 80-90% Green Grass with a little bit of Yellow Grass and a darker tone, either Weeds or Soil.
  7. Thanks! Yes, I'm going to do the trays. The units will look better that way. I just didn't have time to do them while painting the minis if I wanted to finish them during the weekend.
  8. Welcome to the world of miniature painting
  9. Hi! I've started painting my Waiqar. I swapped the humans for more Waiqarwith a friend, so I have plenty of skellies to paint! Not enough to be considered a legion yet, but give me time! At first I wanted to paint all the infantry together, but batch painting can become really boring really fast. So I downsized to 4 trays of Reanimates and 2 of Archers. Now I only need to paint Ardus and a Carrion Lancer and I'll have enough painted models to play the intro game! I went with a red/bronze scheme for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to paint fast the infantry and both red and bronze are easy to paint over a brown base (which also works as a dark base for the bones). Second, bronze armor (even in a fantasy setting) feels like ancient armor, which works great for old reanimated soldiers. Also, I like red and the red/bronze combo makes people think of spartan or roman soldiers. Which again, works great for the old reanimated army theme. So the painting process was quite simple and only took me a couple of weeks of free time (which wasn't much). Over a Vallejo Charred Brown base I airbrushed the armor bronze. Then the tunics, capes and so red. I used a few reds to create some quick shadows and lights and make the red pop. The airbrushing was done really fast, not worrying about masking areas or anything, as a little overspray of dark red on the bronze armor doesn't look out of place. After the airbrushing I painted dark brown (Army Painter Oak Brown I belive) the brown and bone areas, getting rid of any unwanted bronce or red in those areas. An even lighter brown and a bleached bone finishes the bone areas. Then it's a dark metal for the sword, shield and belt buckle and black for some small details like arrows, quiver, etc. If any of the models has too much red on the bronze armor, I'll fix that now. Once that's done, army painter dark tone dip with a brush and anti-shine. The glowing eyes and the base are the finishing touches. Now to paint Ardus and I'll finish with the Carrion Lancer, my favourite mini of the starter set.
  10. Very cool Ardus model! And I love the red shade of the Daqan! Can I ask what colour you've used?
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