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  1. I was actually thinking along the line of "you may attack twice but not targeting the same enemy with both attacks" xD That's true, but sometimes it feels way easier with 3 or more players because regardless, monsters only spawn twice per round. So 4 players dealing with 2 enemies feels easier to handle than 2 with 2 😂 True. And in Eldritch, you are required to fight every enemy in your space, allowing you to kill everything in your space if you are fighty enough~
  2. I LOVE the game! But when you are engaged with more than 1 enemy at once, not being able to attack more than once feels bad~ Especially if your character can't evade well and in a 2-P game~ XD Anyone experienced something similar?
  3. Hey, I am sorry for reviving a thread from long ago, but I am wondering if Matt got back to you on this?
  4. I have forgotten about that! Mmm, I want more news!
  5. But then again, the Dunwich Horror was pretty unambiguous, too! I would be excited with double Ancient Ones but each for 4 might be difficult for them to properly flesh out each "path". But FFG has surprised me many times with what they have planned so.. perhaps they'd do something spectacular again
  6. You're right, but then again, I doubt they have an actual logic to the cover art. Dunwich was the Horror Carcosa was Carcosa TFA was a Temple with statues Circle Undone was a circle of mages so maaaybe... first box with art of Ancient one?
  7. I am quite sure it's gonna be Atlach-Nacha mainly because the cover art is Atlach-Nacha's art on Eldritch Horror. But then again... I am hoping for Kate Winthrop too!
  8. Hey guys, I am quite new to the L5R forum (but have been reading a couple of the posts :D) I read in an interview with Tyler that Hawk Tattoo was apparently not intended to be a harpoon. I think it's safe to say that instead of including it into the RL, an errata or corrigendum would be issued on the card. Having said that, as a Unicorn player, I really enjoy the amount of "flexibility" the new cycle provides Unicorn - I really have a hard time deciding which paths I'd like to go more. But hopefully, the Clan Pack is going to make use of some cool Battle Maidens - that seems to be my favourite theme so far!
  9. I am excited about it! It's kind of like AHLCG + MoM + EH (a lil). The only thing I am skeptical of is... that there are no more "double-sided" cards... no more flipping to find out what might happen I think..
  10. Ahh, I get where you guys are going now. I guess this really needs clarification - probably they will add in a rule that says bold arrow action can only be activated while you are there, regardless of card types; or something along those lines.
  11. You cannot. The "bold arrow" actions can only be triggered when it is "within reach", i.e. in your play area, at your location, etc. If not, then you would be activating all kinds of "bold arrow" from another location - using the special supply in FA, or investigating the Man in Mask in PtC, which is obivously not a good thing if this is valid.
  12. CSerpent has already talked about it, but also the card says "Return" it to your play area - which means other people cannot activate it - the key didn't come from their play area after all, and thus cannot be returned to their area.
  13. Gosh, I am loving that new Rogue card - really clears a lot of blunders and struggles for my kind of Rogue deck. (Using this with Lockpick and all those succeed by 2 cards is gonna be superb!) The Mists upgrade is a good to have, though.. I was hoping it would give a bit more perk than just +3 will.. >.< Are you guys hyped for the Mythos?
  14. I hope the next cycle is the Cthulhu-cycle! Guardian: Lily Chen Seeker: Amanda Sharpe Mystic: Patrice Hathaway Survivor: Silas Marsh Rogue: Trish Scarborough* / Tony Morgan But I am also hoping for a Dreamlands-cycle... >.< Guardian: Carolyn Fern Seeker: Kate Winthrop Mystic: Luke Robinson Survivor: Jacqueline Fine* Rogue: Preston Fairmont* *Guesstimates, leaning slightly to personal desire. XD
  15. I am so glad this thread exists! I was just wondering why I couldn't find the forum for the novellas. **minor spoiler alert** I recently bought and read Ire of the Void and I really liked it. Of course, the basic flaw still exists: It being a story with a "Lovecraft-ish" background, with somewhat happy ending (kind of have to be, since.. well, we play them as investigators XD). But I think the book really lets you explore Norman's background. I felt like I was watching the story unfold (like a prologue in a game) and then I can take control of the character (when I play as him in the game). Of course, the story also provides reasons for his signature cards - which I assume all the other books do, too. I have not read the rests yet, but I do plan to get them 1 by 1 (Hour of the Huntress is still on the boat... ) But I am looking forward to to the books!
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