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  1. In general it is better to use Assault Concussion Missiles on ships with high damage potential and Assault Proton Torpedoes on ships with lower damage potential. Since you can only do one crit if you can overload the shields in that one shot you can still do a crit. On ships that have an arc that do allot of damage like the MC30, Victory I or some such then ACM is a good choice, decent choice on a Gladiator. APT is obviously still a solid choice on a Gladiator as they are on MC30 and so on.
  2. There are other advantages with the difference of quality versus quantity. One big advantage with quantity in squadrons are positioning and how you can manipulate and set up traps and engagements in favorable ways. Aces might be more predictable and consistent but it will come at a price at actually being predictable and less dynamic. This is the same argument as if you have one Tie-fighter and a Tie-bomber or a Tie-defender. They have similar capabilities but the first two are way more dynamic and tactically flexible where the defender are more consistent in whatever task it does. Deployment advantage can often win games of Armada so should never be underestimated as a very strong argument as to the strength of more squadrons. I'm pretty light on aces but feel they are important, but I like the tactical flexibility of basic squadrons, deployment advantage is a very important reason too.
  3. I have used two Gladiator II as basic escort ships with just Flight Commander and Veteran Gunners, sometimes with Fighter Coordination teams as well. This ship works really well as a multi-purpose platform.
  4. The fact that Sloane force the opponent to deal with her Tie squadrons should not be underestimated as one of her strengths. The fact that you have not used the effect of her abilities does not mean the threat of them positioned you in a tactical advantage to win the game. My experience with Sloane is that you are not suppose to rely on the Tie to do actual damage or strip tokens, they are a support tool the opponent need to deal with. I do think she is as good as other similar commanders in her price range just requires a bit more tactical thinking to use properly. Not all commanders are equally easy to use, does not mean they are inherently worse when actually used properly.
  5. Pretty much any experienced player that play a fleet that is not built for first player specifically can beat it. I don't believe you need any specific build to beat it.
  6. I feel that both Tarkin and Leia comes to their own in bigger fleets, more than 400p. In 400p I generally want commander that are as cheap as possible, at least below 30p. Tarking is great for versatility and multipurpose ships, Leia is great for specialized ships and in general for smaller ships with less command value.
  7. I do understand if there are some confusion if you think there are some hidden intent with Sloanes ability but the rules are quite clear to me. 1. Defense tokens per the "Defense Tokens" section clearly state that the effect of a defense token only happen when it is spent by the defender. Say so in the first paragraph. 2. Only the first four bullet points are token effects, they are even highlighted to differentiate them from the bottom five. 3. Each bullet point clearly state if they refer to the defender in regards to the point it is making. Anything else are mainly you the reader trying to interpret something which is not specifically written. It might be that the intent is something else but how can we tell that and where else in the rules is this also true for if that is the case here? In my opinion the more powerful nature of Sloanes ability per the rules seem appropriate... she is difficult to use as it is. Diminish her power and she becomes completely useless. I have used here several times and she is not as powerful as people make her credit for. I have won all my games with her but never felt her ability was key in any of those victories, not more than any other commander of similar ability such as Motti.
  8. I agree... to me there seem to be many ways to play the game and if you are experienced and careful when you play you can probably make pretty much anything work. I do believe though that you will need at least some rudimentary squadron screening group or it will be hard but probably not impossible to win consistently.
  9. As everything else it is more about the person pushing the squadrons and ships than anything else. If you bring a decent defense against fighters you can probably do OK with what you bring. I usually just don't like to over do it too much on either side to give myself options. If all that the opponent have is six squadron aces they will not be able to do THAT much damage against ships, if you can trap them in ship flak and jump them there with your light squadron screen you might perhaps kill half of them in a turn or two before your screen is gone. Now there are only three left in turn three or four and they can do very limited damage after that against ships. There are many options and not everyone need to be about destroying all the opposing squadrons.
  10. Exactly my experience as well. If I go full carrier fleet with Sloane I take bombers as well as a slightly larger contingent of Tie-fighters. Or just take a slightly over sized medium screen at 80-100p in a none full carrier fleet. Medium screen example... 1xLambda, Howlrunner, Valen Rudor, 2-3xTie-fighters, 2xTie-Interceptor (82-90p) Full carrier wing example... 1xLambda, 1xJump Master, Howlrunner, 4xTie-fighters, 1xTie-Interceptor, Saber Squadron, Gamma Squadron, 4xTie Bombers (134p) Or some such...
  11. I don't think this can be emphasized enough... positioning is key in Armada as much as being able to estimate where ships are going to be in one or two turns. The fact that you can premeasure distances makes the squadron game very tactical and I have seen many people just completely fail to realize this. Placing squadron where they are guaranteed to be shot at for no good reasons and so on, very frustrating and things I point out to inexperienced opponents for learning purposes.
  12. To be hones I would prefer Motti in charge of this fleet rather than Sloane, just my two cents worth of advice... The problem with this tactic are that a good player will make sure the Avenger kill something much less expensive than itself and then the Avenger is exposed and killed... will happen quite often. It also rely too heavily on being first player and that is something I don't personally like. I also wonder how Quad Battery Turrets operates with a ship that wants to close fast with the opponent?
  13. Tie-fighters are not (in my opinion) reliable enough to spend tokens and too fragile to AA to work well for performing that as their primary duty. Spending token should mainly be regarded as a secondary bonus after they dealt with enemy fighters. The overload pulse on a Raider seem like a more viable option than relying on Sloane for the Avenger if you are not using the ISD I with Boarding troops. The problem with the ISD I tactic is that is relies heavily on being first player and that will never be a guarantee. I also personally never rely on being either first or second player, that is not my style. The problem that I think players will figure out with Sloane is that you should not take more than 80-100p worth of squadrons tied to her ability. You need enough reliable ship destroying capacity for her to be effective. I have used her several time even before she was released, that is my conclusion.
  14. Yes... scatter aces are reliably good against flak, Flechette torpedoes is also a thing. That is why you should generally rely on both flak and fighters. Z95 and E-Wings can work good together. The Z95 protects the ships being cheap and potential for damage is decent. E-Wings act as strategic reserve and Bombers depending on what you need them to do.
  15. A Demolisher/Gladiator II can be pretty good in any circumstance not just against Sloan, in my opinion. Anyone who relies heavily on squadrons will have to respect that ship. I have mostly liked the more versatile GSD II anyway.
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